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July 9th, 2009

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Hey hey! Charlie again, seems I couldn't get in enough trouble with Stanley..so I bring you my next character. Deputy-Mayor Lawrence T. Haven. He's an out-and-out human, as well as being one of the less savory characters in Axis City and one of the few examples of not needing super powers to cause some trouble. He'll be the one passing the legislation that's a thorn in the side to everyone who has powers, as well as being just a sour individual.

A couple things involving him will be his growing influence in the police department, corrupting a good portion of them to serve him personally. He might also start trying to recruit supers (despite his plans to persecute them) to hedge his bets in the city, as well as probably trying to shift some alliances in the camps around him.

Look forward to writing some more with all of you!

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Hey! Kate again (Danny), I have my second character here; Leo Kennedy. (pb: Skeet Ulrich)

Leo has the, rather limited ability, to see what will happen in the immediate future. He can see maybe the next movements or the next 30 secs in a situation. Never enough time to do anything about it. He's a little numbed to violence and doesn't believe in 'fighting the good fight' because he can't see how it's any different to the other option.

Leo grew up in New Orleans and witnessed his brother murdered which also affected him deeply and how he views death as an inevitability rather than a tragedy.

Considering the futility of his ability and his own tainted view on life, when he was seventeen and offered a means to support himself he took it easily; $500 to kill a man. He used a 9mm and walked away, lost in a crowd. He'd known which way the man would turn and any other factors involved because of his gift.

Killing's easy, made easier by his proficiency with firearms - almost anything you give him to shoot he will be a dead-shot. He only kills for money - assassin, hit-man, contract killer. Whatever description; Leo doesn't care about motive it's just about getting paid.

So excited with this character so any and all lines eagerly anticipated.

Some basic ideas I had:
-Getting hired for a hit.
-Would like to explore things with his sister or father.
-Possibly him finding sympathy for one of his mark's.
-Picking a side on the villain v. hero debate.
-Humanising himself through someone he meets in Axis.

So yeah, Pure Charlie on AIM or ideas here I don't mind :)

July 6th, 2009

Lists Updated!

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Again, both the Friends Button and the Contact Details List have been updated with the new characters.

July 5th, 2009

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I am Patrick the craziness behind Dylan. Dylan is the charming smooth talking District Attorney who made a career out of taking on violent gangster’s rapists, child molesters and mass murderers. He is not scared of getting his hands dirty and will l readily protect and defend those he sees as innocent victims. He works closely with the police chief taking the fight right to the mobsters and villains. He is married to his college sweetheart with three kids a 22 year old who gives Dylan fits and is dating a super but of course is to scared to tell Dylan, His 18 year old girl is a dream and his 10 year old son is the one sick with leukemia and causing the large stack of bills which is causing Dylan to take bribes from Mortetti I have muns from his oldest daughter and wife coming but I could use a super for his daughter boyfriend and a 18 year old girl. Plus I could always use more lawyers in his office some can be crooked and some can be honest. Well throw me lines already!

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Hey guys Alej here with my second charie!

Adalene Rios is a Shapeshifter. Not many people know her as Adalene Rios (PB Michelle Rodriguez). She'd probably be most known as Roselyn Milon (PB Olivia Wilde) the reporter or Veronica Tatou (PB Taylor Momsen) the owner of Le Sang Rouge--a bar that anyone and everyone can hang out at without fear of getting cuaght. She has a major chip on her shoulder since her parents were killed forcing her on the street and still questioning how she could have ended up with abilities when she never went near the technology. (*cough* her mom was a genetist for the people that created the techonlogy and did tests on her daughter and one other man--though the story of Orion is more if anyone picks him up *crosses fingers*)

Vittoria is still up for any plot you can think of. :)

Hit me up on AIM at Adanesne2 whenever.


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Hello, everybody.

I'm Charlie, the guy behind Stanley May. Hopefully he'll be as fun to play opposite as he was to make. It's been awhile since I've had the chance to write, but the urge has hit me and I think I found the place to do it. I've found all the characters engaging and a storyline that has all the potential in the world.

Stanley was a former whiz-kid at the University and was on-site for the explosion at Moretti Labs that gave him and his fiance at the time their powers. Actually, he DID cause it and hurt a lot of people doing so..all for the greater good in his mind. Wonder how the people affected by it will take it? A minor local celebrity for his advances in chemistry and performances as a stand-out on the University's baseball team, his disappearance and assumed death warranted only two or three articles around town.

His power happens to be super speed, both physically and mentally, with a few cool tricks he's learned by applying that speed in different ways. But he also tends to explode if he uses too much of his power, literally. A concussive blast that can level buildings kinda mess. Electricity also tends to act as a dampener to his powers, enough of it rendering him inert for a time (not to mention it hurts).

As for me, I'm 22 and live in Nashville (well, that's the closest city you'll know about). I train in Muay Thai and Submission Grappling, so if I'm not on here..I'm at the gym. Other than that, I think I'm a nice enough guy and feel free to give me a shout. I'm always looking for a chance to write. Hope to see you soon!


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Both the Friends Button (HERE) and the Contact Details (HERE) pages have been updated with the new characters and players.

Please can you ensure your details are correct, and if not, please contact one of the mods.

Happy camping threading!


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Hi All!
I'm Jay and I bring you Lilian Dawes - she's got powers but she's undecided (for now), can be clumsy but she's got a brain. She's probably the sweetest person you'll ever meet, she helps her parents out in "Ye Olde Grocery Shoppe" which has been around for years. Recently she's been itching to get out there and do something worthwhile with her life but is scared to do so. Her brother/best friend Angus is off travelling the world and she misses him like crazy - he's left her bored and unhappy and with the rise of superheroes etc she's been watching and waiting in the wings.

Her aforementioned powers are telekinesis and she's recently developed a knack for energy bursts when she's scared or hyped up on adrenaline and can't control herself. She doesn't know how she developed them but they most likely occurred when her mother owned her experimental aromatherapy store a few years ago....

As for me I'm 22 and have no life. LOL. I'm on smokeynotabandit on AIM.

Excited to be here! Plots/thoughts/enemies/frenemies/whatever!

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Hi, I'm Quin, and this is Amanda. She's a rather naive teenage superhero who has no clue that her powers come from a failed drug trial that killed a bunch of people, including her biological mom. Or that her adoptive father designed the drug. No I didn't create her backstory just so villains could screw around with her, why do you ask? Anyhow, she has limited shapeshifting (limbs into anything she can imagine, including weapons, but no full-bodied shifting) and a pretty much complete immunity to any toxin or disease.

In general, Amanda's a pretty happy kid, if a little shy. She might off as a little fangirlish to other heroes, especially anyone who's shown up in the media a lot; she still feels a little overwhelmed by the superheroing thing most days.

If you want to reach me, my AIM's epitomal but I'm not on too much, so a PM or an email at quin.gaming(at)gmail(dot)com is a better bet.

July 4th, 2009

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I'm SC, and this is my first character here - King. He's a baddie, and he sees very little wrong with slowly torturing someone to death given the proper reasons...which, erm, would generally make him a very bad baddie in any sense of the word.

Besides that, on the surface he is huge in charities, is one of the most wealthy and most eligible bachelors/businessmen in the city. Looking for plot, of course - particularly around the fact that he has a huge chip on his shoulder in regards to pictures being taken of him/interviews about him.

See ya soon hopefully,

Police Chief Seeks Dark, Brooding Hero for Clandestine Crime Fighting

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Right, I swear this is my last character but she's needed for plot so I hope you'll forgive me.

This is Simone Weaver, she's 41 and the Axis City Chief of Police. Simone is dedicated to her work, to the point of having ignored her personal life, and has recently obtained the position of Chief - the first woman in the departments history to do so. Her hold on her job is shaky and though she wants the Supers' help, she's more than aware that they aren't a popular solution to crime.

Simone has also recently begun fostering a teenager in an attempt to make up for lost time, although she has no idea the kid she's hoping to adopt has Super-powers. (Yes, I know...I just love Commissioner Gordon.)

She doesn't trust Moretti or any of his organisations and has been trying for years to find some way to prosecute him for the underhanded things he does, but for some reason the DA's office won't move against him or the evidence just disappears.

My AIM is rab4dolph and email roz.morgan@gmail.com if you want to chat about any lines. Simone needs enemies, friends, backstabbers and uneasy alliances with Supers. Is willing to stand on roof-tops next to big lamps for you. Own cape required.

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Hi all. This is Jean again, Dustin's player, with my second. First, off, I'd like to apologize for being a bit slow - holiday weekend and constant storms have been cutting into my online time, but I will be around more this week, and am eager to play or plot so feel free to poke me for either of my kids.

Anyway, this is Stephen Neil, AKA The Doctor, a villain. He's Alexander Moretti's Henchman, his go-to guy. Officially he works as a security consultant, and is very well paid. He's a former military man, and his power is biokinesis - basically he can control the biological systems of anyone living, including his own. He's manipulated his body to more or less not age beyond where he is now, and is invulnerable - for the most part - and can heal himself and others. Or cause others to die, suffer pain, rashes, orgasms, athlete's foot - whatever. :) There's more about him in his bio, up on his journal. Friends, enemies, flirtations, exes, co-workers, etc - all welcome.

And Jon, if anything in his bio doesn't gel with what you have in mind for Moretti, just let me know and I can fuss with it to bring it in line!

As always, you can grab me on AIM at allgoodtruants, if I'm online, or via email at justwordless(at)gmail(dot)com

July 1st, 2009

Contact List

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Dear All-

As was suggested, we know have a contacts list which details everyone's characters, AIM screen-name and a contact email address. If you want to check it out, it is a friends-locked post HERE.

As of yet, we do not have complete details for everyone, so if there is something missing from your section, such as your timezone, please comment to that post and we will update it. Comments are screened on the Contact List post, just so you know.

Please continue to make suggestions, they are all valued!


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Hi all! My name is Natasha and I’m bringing in Emery Hanford. I’ll give a brief intro of him here, but given that I’m not the best at these things you can read more about him at his profile.

Emery is coming in as Moretti’s ‘The Project.’ He has the ability of magnetism manipulation (think Magneto sans awesome helmet) and is extremely powerful with it, though he has yet to realize this. Emery fails to appreciate his ability simply because it’s manifested within the past year and he was released from the program that gave him his powers after he was designated a failed experiment. He’s been living on the streets ever since.

Personality wise, Emery is a fairly guarded individual. Outwardly he appears exceedingly confident. His behavior shifts depending on who he speaking with, and he can play the too-confident youth just as well as he can play the helpless kid that needs a buck ‘for the bus.’ He can also be slightly mischievous on occasion…if ‘mischievous’ is the best word to describe the stunts he pulls to get the necessities of life for free. However, inwardly he’s a much more withdrawn individual than he lets on. Growing up in a laboratory setting hasn’t left him with a wealth of experience in the ways of the world. He realizes that watching movies doesn’t quite cut it for information, and thus it’s simply easier for Emery to hide any naiveté or fear through an easy, mimicked confidence. Finally, he tends to be quite an avid learner on his own, and can spend hours looking over books and any movies that might give a glimpse into other areas of life.

So for storylines, really anything works. At the moment he works as a busboy in a diner in a seedier part of town, so there are all sorts of possibilities for random encounters. Connections to people associated with Moretti will work in the future, once the two come across each other. Maybe random people he’s stolen from? He’s not big on relationships, but some same sex awkwardness could work. Friends he doesn’t quite trust. Really anything and everything!

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Dear All,

As Axis City is growing so quickly (yay!) we've made a Friends Add Button so new characters can add everyone in-game quickly, and those of us that have been here longer aren't missing out.

You can find it HERE on the [info]axis_citymods journal.

As I'm sure you are all aware, you just type in your character's journal name and click the button, wait for the confirmation screen. You can then click the back button or navigate elsewhere.

Every time it is updated, we will inform you here so you can quickly and easily add new characters.


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Hello there! This is Maíra, once again. The truth is I have more than one favorite actress, and just having Kate Walsh wasn't enough: I needed to have Jennifer Beals as my supervillain! :D

They have the same powers, with the difference that Rachel Doyle hasn't struggled all her life to block them: on the contrary, she did her best to develop her abilities. She's a lawyer, the head of Alexander Moretti's team, and his second in command. As anyone can realise, she chose a career which she could use her abilities as much as possible: telepaths should be forbidden to go to Law School! hahaha.

She's single, was married twice and inherited great fortunes when her husbands "committed suicide". On the streets she's known as The Mind, and have been gathering political strengh and stealing to pay her supporters. She doesn't want to be Moretti's second in command for long!

As you know, shoot me at my AIM, xannexporterx, to chat, plot or anything. Or just PM me, it's up to you. Remember always that plot = love :) A possible affair, rival, supporters, whatever the human mind can think of.

June 30th, 2009

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iHola mis amigos!

Newbie here...*waves awkwardly like the noob I am*

I'm Alej and I bring you Vittoria. She is a villain with the ability of Pyrokinesis. She's a proffessional theif and will take any job just for the hell of it. She's kinda crazy and out there with a smartmouth to go with it.

As for me I'm 18 and gonna be a sophmore at college come fall majoring in english and history. Just as a warning ahead of time tagbacks from me may be a little slow since I have two jobs. I tend to tag late at night or on days off (like today) :) so please don't get mad.

Plot = love! My AIM is Adanesne2 so hit me up for it whenever. I'm pretty open to ideas. I can't wait to get playing with all of you!

so please add [info]insidexout to your friend list.

(and thank you to the mods for accepting me)


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Jon here! I am sorry, really sorry, but I keep having ideas and Roz only encourages me and it's all her fault really!

This is Hunter Collins, a mundane human who grew up attending various political rallies and protests with his parents during the 80's and 90's. He's something of a vigilante himself, although most people see him as a political activist, and he lost his job not long ago when he accidentally got tangled up in a more militant group planning to stop the construction of a nuclear power plant by any means possible. Hunter would much rather get the causes he cares about into the news, either the paper or onto TV, because he believes that people are good really, and once they are aware of a problem or something threatening their society, will want to help and change things. More often than not he's let down, but he tries not to let that stop him and quickly moves onto the next project.

While he considers that his job, the vast majority of people know him to be janitor of Apartment Block B on the crummy side of town. He lives there rent free on less than minimum wage, keeping the old building from falling apart. Really, he's just delaying the inevitable, but there just isn't the money to do anything more positive. He's re-built the furnace so often now that none of it belongs to the original machine, and every few days he ends up re-painting whatever stretch of corridor Aiden son has scribbled over in crayon. Still, it keeps a roof over his head, and he's learnt to jimmy the coffee machine in the lobby, so all is fair.

He's using whatever spare money he has to put himself through night-school to learn environmental law. His baby brother has just won the hearts of the family by getting into Axis State University, and they've always looked down on Hunter for leaving school when he did. He can often be seen about the campus in early evening, trying to do some last-minute studying, and possibly knows one or two of the students there.

Hunter supports the supers, and is avaliable to fix any gadgets, gizmos and whatsacallits that might possibly go-wrong in some way. He's the height of discretion, and won't tell a soul. You can learn more about him here.

As you all know by now, I can be contracted on AIM via old aedelwulf

June 29th, 2009

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Right, Intro last character (for now – mwhahah!)
This is Madison Blake and he’s not aligned to anyone at the moment but himself. He doesn’t have a past, a social security number and he took his name from a soap opera. What he does know is that he was found wondering around Axis City on November the 3rd suffering from burns and smoke inhalation.

For a while after he checked himself out of the hospital Madison worked as a rent boy to survive, living on the shady side of town but all that changed when he discovered he had a couple of abilities that set him up perfectly for the world of cat burglary. Donning a mask and calling himself Bast (after the Egyptian cat goddess) Madison has been breaking into museums, art galleries and the homes of the rich and selfish for the last year or so. With his enhanced agility and senses he finds it easy to escape detection.

Since he’s been drawing in more money he’s moved into a penthouse apartment on the good side of town and has become something of a socialite, showing up at all the best parties – normally with the intention of working out the security system and how best to rob the place. He’s a very private person though. It wouldn’t do him any good to have people checking too far into his past.

I’m open to any and all storylines with Madison. He’s in pretty tight with the over-all-kill the mayor line that’s opening soon but I’d like some society kids he hangs out with, a superhero to bait when in costume and maybe someone who’s trying to get some pictures to sell to gossip rags who might discover more about Madison than he’d like.

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Finally, IJ! I've been hopping around all day, waiting to make this intro! Yeesh.

Hi! I'm Elle, and I'm bringing in Zanna Zapata! I'm also a Cancer, I like long walks on the beach, and... er, yeah. I'm a little hyper. I'm around a lot late at night, because I work a weird mid-shift that makes me live a nocturnal life. :) So I'm usually hanging about on AIM after midnight EST, and I'm reasonably easy to talk to. Working weird hours requires copious amounts of sugar and caffeine, so feel free to say hi! I'm generally pretty perky.

Incidentally, so is Zanna. She's actually usually the walking personification of perky, a very friendly girl. She's sixteen, resuming the life of a normal high school student come fall and the start of school, and secretly a reality-bending heroine-in-the-making. Her father's a stage magician/illusionist, known but not insanely famous, and Zanna's fairly well-versed in magic and illusion herself. Because her teenage mind can't handle the scope of her super-power, she filters it through something she can understand - 'magic' and illusion. So she's crazy powerful! But strictly limited by her own subconscious, so that most of her effects are fairly small. I think the most interesting thing she's capable of doing on a regular basis is teleporting herself.

But she knows some crazy tricks, and can build amazing card-houses. XD

Anyway! Lines are welcome, etc - and I'm very excited to be involved, so feel free to IM me or drop me a PM/email/whatever. :) You can find me online at TheElleness or leave me an email at ohsodazzling@gmail.com.
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