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August 25th, 2009

I'm back!

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Hey guys!

Just so you know, I'm back from vacation and ready to roll!

~ Emily

August 9th, 2009

Hey guys!

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Hey everyone!

It's been pretty quiet around here lately, but I figured I'd let everyone know that I'm not going to be here for about a week starting on Friday, August 14 and hopefully I'll be getting back Sunday, August 23 (perhaps a little before if I'm lucky). Anyway, I was hoping to resolve as many of Calvin and/or Jessica's lines ASAP before I go away, but I totally understand if that's not possible. Hope to see you all soon!


August 3rd, 2009


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I'm sorry I dragged it out this long. I'm afraid I have to drop my character because with the start of school, things have been harder to manage. :\ I'm really really sorry, you guys. I'm a horrible flake. I hope to play with this group at another time.

-- alma.

July 29th, 2009

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to first apologise for my absence. I never thought it would be so long but with a new job at work and my sister getting married, it's just been chaotic. But I'm ready to get back into things and play.

So if you have any lines or such, and/or want to play with Sebastian, I'm all ears. He needs friends and enemies, acquaintances, crushes and love interests, so yeah *G*

Thanks!!! :)

July 22nd, 2009

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iHola mis amigos!

I'm finally back from my hiatus! Thank God!

First I want to say Welcome to any new players out there I didn't get to welcome while I was away. :)

As far as characters go Vittoria and Adalene are up for anything needed!

Thread wise I know I have to finsh Vittoria/Rachel and then do Vittoria's narrative for the assinment. So question for Adalene's first thread as Victoria...what is going on with that? As far as Adalene as Roselyn is concerned I'll tag it back soon. :)

Any plottage would be epic! Hit me up on AIM at Adanesne2 or PM me at my personal journal of the same name.

Can't wait to get back in with you all!


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Hi everyone!

I'm Alison and I'm new. I'll be playing Cassie Carter, a 17 year old hero who calls herself Firefly, and has light manipulation type powers, mainly bioluminescence (her skin glows like a firefly's butt, only much brighter) and photon blasts. She's gotten much better with controlling the bioluminescence, but she has awful aim with her photon blasts and is always accidentally hitting things she doesn't mean to. She's also got some karate training, but she's tiny, only 5'3", so her hits aren't that powerful and if you hit her hard, she's going down. For the most part she's happy and adorable though.

As for any storylines... She'd love to team up with any more established heroes for a mentor.. or the other teen heroes to create some sort of disastrous team. She'll be dealing with her parents eventually figuring out her identity and balancing being a normal high school student with being a hero as well. I'm open to just about anything else too though.

If you want to hit me up for plotting or other purposes you can email me (allucinari @ gmail.com) or find me on AIM (allucinari315).

Take two!

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Hello again everyone!

I'm just posting yet again to let everyone know that I've just apped yet another character: Jessica Hastings! This one does have ties to the game already: she's Richard Hastings' big sister and she's married to Sophia Redford, so hopefully she'll add a little spice around here. She's a mundane, but I think things are going to get interesting if and when she finds out that the two people she loves the most are Supers. If anyone else has ties to Jessica, please let me know!

I'm bringing her into the game in a thread (or several threads) that document her triumphant and long-awaited return from Brazil, where she was doing research for a weird strain of disease. But now her three months of time away from home is up, and she's back in Axis City, ready to stir things up.

As usual, to contact me for plotline ideas etc. my IM is catsong500 and my email (which I now check obessively) is glassrosesmusic@gmail.com

~ Emily

'ello ^_^

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Hi I'm Taylor and my character is a hero named Peter Monroe, he has pyrokinesis/pyrogenesis. Peter is a high school senior with a guilt complex the size of Texas. He blames himself for his parents deaths and became a hero in a effort to make up for that. He is a very emotionally driven person which can be good because it gives him good empathy towards others but it also leads him to act first and think later. Peter doesn't have any connects currently in the hero world (or that many in the normal one either) but I'd love for him to make some. In normal life he is reserved, and shy where as as Phoenix (his hero name) he acts incredibly confident, almost cocky.

I look forward to RPing with everybody here. ^_^ You can get a hold of me through email: lives.on.her.laptop@gmail.com or aim: GeekOfNeverland

July 21st, 2009

Hello all!

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Hi everyone!

My name's Emily and I just a new super, Cal Ryan. He's a Seer, so I'm hoping he'll become a useful little plot point sometime in the future and I'm really excited to try to come up with some cool storylines for him. He currently doesn't have any ties to anyone else in the game, but hopefully I can fix that ASAP! He doesn't have a great degree of control over his powers yet, and it might be interesting to see what happens if the wrong sort of people manage to get ahold of him...

Please contact me if you want to work out any sort of story ideas - I'm really excited to get going! My email is glassrosesmusic@gmail.com and my AIM is catsong500.

I look forward to playing with all of you!

~ Emily

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Apologies for being AWOL of late; am in quarantine with the swine flu. Fun, right? But I have internet and am not feeling as bad as I was the last few days, so I'll try to be a bit more active. When I'm not doing my best impression of the living dead ;).

July 19th, 2009

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Hey! I apologize for my absence lately, but RL and my mum have been kicking my butt. (Not literally for either, of course XD) With some health issues in the way, my home life has been under some serious revamping and I've had to categorize some priorities, so needless to say, I've been trying to keep my head above water this past week. I reaallly -really- don't want to drop Audrey so I'll try really hard to get my act together by tomorrow!


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Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't been around too much, I've jsut started my second job and last Wednesday was also my graduation from University, so I've been rather rushed! However I'll be online more next week and for the rest of summer, and really want to pick up again. So any plot ideas involving my boys, throw them this way!



July 16th, 2009

Olá queridos :)

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Hi there... again. I, Maíra, present my third character, Katherine Williams. Yes, I know, I may be getting closer to the acceptable, but I just can't help myself.

Katherine is 25, and known to most people as a socialite. Her family has more money than they can spend and she has a very precise instincts when it comes to finances, and handles her share of the fortune rather well. What most people don't know is that she also works as The Gossip Columnist for ACDN.

She is a super villain known as Spectre, with the power to turn invisible - and also anything she wants, by touching it. She robs people and banks just because she can, and doesn't want to choose sides in this divided town. She's very independent, single, and her PB is the lovely Blake Lively.

Well, y'all know that plotting = love. Affairs, acquaintances, allies, friends, romantic interests, and blackmail, lots of blackmailing. Just drop a word or shoot me at xannexporterx, if you wish to discuss any of my characters (Rachel and Sophia are also game! Plotting = love to all.).

July 15th, 2009

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Hey guys, sorry to do this, but I'm afraid I must withdraw my character. My work has been insane lately, and it doesn't seem like it's going to slow down anytime soon. Instead of having an inactive character, I think it's better for me to leave for now and come back when I have more time to devote. :)

You're all lovely, and I'm so sorry!


July 14th, 2009

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Hi all. This is Jean, Dustin & Stephen's mun.

I keep using this excuse, but since it WON'T go away, I can't help it. I LOVE the game and think you're all fantastic writers with lovely characters, and I love my two boys - but I can't manage to get online for more than an hour at a time with the storms, power outages, and my internet connection going south. And the comm is so nicely active and everyone is on AIM but I can't manage to get any time on, and I don't want to hold up anyone else's storylines or be an inactive jerk. Being MIA on AIM and slow is fine for PSL's, but it's lousy in a comm, and I don't want to frustrate anyone!

So it's with great regret that I withdraw. I hope you all have a blast and that the game thrives! I wish I could stay, but it'd be unfair. Thank you to the mods for letting me play at all. Hopefully when the weather settles I come across some of you again.

I'm very sorry for any inconvenience, and I wish I could have played out some of the storylines discussed!

- Jean

July 13th, 2009

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Hello there, lovelies!

I'm passing by to say that I'm one of the chairs of a UN simulation that starts tomorrow - and simulations are the type of events that take your whole existence. So, from Monday to Friday (the 13 to the 17th) I won't be around much, and all the threads I'm involved will become very slow.

That counts for Sophia Redford ([info]ittakestwo), Rachel Doyle ([info]mindpowers) and the newly created Katherine Williams ([info]seeingthrough). Sorry about that; RL does get in the way a lot.

- Maíra

PS: I hope to have the chance to introduce you Katherine as soon as possible! :)

July 11th, 2009


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Hi Everyone!

It's Roz, and I'd like you to all know that currently I'm having some computer difficulties, i.e. I don't have one of my own for the time being as my laptop is away to be fixed. I'll be online as much as I can be, but this will be spasmodically, so please be patient and understand my replies may be a little delayed and I will not be avaliable on AIM very often.

This effects the replies of Aiden Adams ([info]paraphrase), Madison Blake ([info]lost_direction, Police Chief Weaver ([info]policechief) and also Megan Stacy ([info]_mimic) for the time being.

Threads To Watch

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Threads featured in the "Threads To Watch" posts either advance the plot, sub-plots or are threads which effect all characters in the community. The feature will hopefully help everyone keep up to date with what's going on.

Stanley May has returned from his travels and revealed to Alexander Moretti that he was the cause of the explosion at Moretti Labs, making the mistake of revealing the extent of his knowledge.

In an Interview with Alistair Lane, Police Chief Weaver lays out her plans for the police department; working the the Supers to fight crime and drag Axis City out of it's crime wave kicking and screaming if necessary.

Richard Hastings, on behalf of the Axis City Research Trust, announces that they plan to examine the source of Super Powers in an effort not only to understand Supers, but in order to be able transfer aspects of their powers, such as regeneration and healing, to non-Super humans, and in order to remove the powers from dangerous Super Villains.

July 9th, 2009

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Hello everybody! First off my name is Jessica and this lovely lady is Sadie Stone. She's the daughter to Dylan and Roseland. We changed her age a little to 22 so that someone could bring in her little sister.

She recently just moved back home from college out of state where she's taking a "break" to help her mother and father take care of her baby brother. Although there is a secret she is keeping from her family from that matter.

As personality goes, Sadie is very easy going, she likes to hang out with her friends. She has no super power but she doesn't agree with her father's veiws either. She believes everyone should be given a fair chance and not be abused because of something they can not control. A thought she has had every since she was young. She does stand up for what she believes in, (which we'll learn later on, is what got her kicked out of college).

Storyline ideas at the moment, I only got two. A best friend line either from home or from college, OR BOTH! and a love interest line, someone she has to hide from her father because they have super powers. Other than that...anything. Not really sure if I want her working just yet, but once her secret comes out, she'll have to find a place to live. So maybe a roommate? Or a boss? She's very good with talking to people and has a good handle on mutlitasking.

And now that I feel like I've filled out a work application. I bring you Sadie Stone.


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Hello, I'm Mab and new to the game. I bring in Max Ichiro, Simone's foster child. He's 15 years old and is using the face of Boo Boo Stewart. Max hasn't had a great life, but he's not too emo about it, all things considered.

His super ability is the ability to manipulate air. He's also trained in gymnastics and mixed martial arts, which makes him a decent fighter. He is also gay, but very much in the closet about that and his super abilities.

I'd love for him to hook up with some super heroes, though he'll have to prove himself because of his age and size (kid's just over 5'5''). Maybe people he knew a few years ago when he was living on the streets. And someone villain like to get him injured in a fight so Simone can figure out he's a super...And anything and everything else in between.

you can get me on aim: awfrellme, or email me: 3lbsponge[at]gmail.com.
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