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May 28th, 2016

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I purchased a TV stand and a side table from IKEA yesterday and I put them together. The TV stand took hours and additional tools, but I finished it. Twisting in the legs of both pieces of furniture though took its toll on my wrists and my arms as I woke up repeatedly through the night from delayed pain.

I just checked the weather for this week and it'll be in the 90s all week. D: I do not approve! I plan to stay indoors and write Not Prime Time fics. So many Not Prime time fics.

I finally finished posting my recs. The last time I posted recs was 2 years ago (and before that, 1 year ago). Oops? It took 2 days to post all of them because the first day, when I was almost done, there was a power outage that lasted for a few seconds, so I decided to break the task into two days after starting over again. I shall try to be better about rec posting.

May 26th, 2016


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Recs page updated 5/26/16
Please click here for my recs page (with more information about the works than what is listed below).

Hikaru no Go, Seraph of the End, Teen Wolf (TV), Teen Wolf (TV) RPF, Yowamushi Pedal )

May 24th, 2016


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Recs page updated 5/24/16
Please click here for my recs page (with more information about the works than what is listed below).

Agents of SHIELD, Arrow (TV 2012), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Captain America (Movies), Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, Haikyuu!! )

May 20th, 2016

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Crunchyroll does not have Hikaru no Go. D: After finding out that the money made off of ads when watching anime goes to the makers of the specific anime I watch, I began adding anime that I've already seen to my queue so I could play them and thus send money in the direction of the producers of said anime. I love rewatching Haikyuu, so I've been doing that, and I was going to do that for a few others, except there's no Hikaru no Go! Bah.

I have a bunch of Legends of Tomorrow episodes saved up to binge on the weekend. I watched the last two episodes of Elementary and I enjoyed it. Can't wait until the next season.

Non-participants can drop a comment at [community profile] femmeremix for the possibility of getting a woman-centric fic of theirs remixed/treated.

Requests are visible at Not Prime Time. You can view them either on AO3 (where you can sort by fandom, prompter, or date) or a txt file organized by fandom (ctrl + f to find the fandom requests you want).

I got a huge scholarship for grad school! \o/

May 18th, 2016

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My best friend arrived a few days ago for her vacation/celebrating my graduation. Of course, because best friend is best friend, she injured herself the week before, so flew in with crutches. Fortunately, because I plan to be specific health care professional, I already had a wheelchair (and a walker, but she said no to that one), so I used it to wheel her around the place. It was pretty hilarious. We drank, we shopped, we ate a ton of food, and I am so glad she flew in even with an injury.

[community profile] femmeremix has treating! Here is the opted-in treat post. I plan to look at who opted into treats so I can see what I could potentially remix. That's third of the battle. The other thirds would be plotting how to remix and writing the remix.

I also have a bunch of potential treats that I want to write for Not Prime Time. I'm almost finished with writing my assignments and I'm going to let them percolate awhile before I begin editing. I want to write all the things and I'll have some time before my trip to the Philippines next month. Heck, even during the trip because I plan to write in a notebook while I'm there (and then type it up when I get back home).

I recently got a comment on a femslash drabble in the Beauty and the Beast (TV) fandom that was This is so gross. Two good friends do not have to go that route. This is so far off. Mind you, drabble and it was rated general audiences. I laughed and for a moment, I thought about replying back with "Cool story, bro" before I ultimately deleted the comment altogether.
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