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June 29th, 2015

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Now with Legends of Tomorrow in the Arrow/Flash universe, and thus Sara alive again, I'm pleased with the world again. Also the actresses behind Sara and Nyssa are adorable and totally ship their characters as evident here with Nyssa's actress and here with their actresses posing in an almost kiss. Two actors totally okay with their characters in a canon gay/lesbian relationship (especially since that's not canon in the comics) and the world's not ending? Amazing!

I'm tired of some shows, so I'm pretty much going to drop them from my queue. It always amazes me how people can stay fannish to one fandom for years, if not decades. Definitely major props to the HP writers on my flists! Open canon is a major hurdle because things change, but not always for the better and rewriting around certain aspects of ongoing canon is just a pain after awhile. Also major props to fic writers in fandoms that, while are usually closed, are nowhere near mega or large (no matter how old or new the canon source is), like Yuletide fandoms. Writing in one of those for years, I can do that, but the problem would lie in not having new material (except your own) to read. I think I'm just in a rut.

I haven't written many NPT treats because I've been so busy with real life and I keep thinking that if I have to step up and write pinch hits, I want to have the time and focus to do that. Because it might definitely happen that I'll need to pinch hit. I don't think next year, when I will be in graduate school, will be any better either. Heck, the students in the first and second years have told us repeatedly that you can't even handle a part time job (or a full) while going to this graduate school. Fun times.

June 27th, 2015

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There is a week left until the NPT deadline rolls around. The main collection opens July 11th and the madness collection opens July 12th. All NPT requests are now visible, either on AO3 (where you can sort by fandom, prompter, or date) or a txt file organized by fandom (ctrl + f to find the fandom requests you want). Treats are always welcomed at NPT, so if a request jumps out at you, go for it. You can always write to NPT_Producer as well.

I'm taking a break from some of my writing projects in order to write a Charlie Brown: Blockhead's Revenge fic. I chose a prompt from fic promptly and it somehow morphed into an Omegaverse coffee shop AU for Peppermint Patty/Marcie. I'm at 718 words and I'm enjoying writing it so far. Let the wacky tropes in my tiny, 3 minute fandom, begin! Heh.

A new patch came out this week for Guild Wars 2 this week and traits and builds are all up in the air. New meta has to be created and I'm already sure it has. I've found something I liked for my mesmer, a shatter glamour support build. I haven't logged onto my guardian yet, but I'm waiting on my guildies to come up with something for that. Shatter is amazing. Even as support, the damage is nice. And I've traited it so when I shatter, I spread torment, confusion, and blindness among enemies. It makes pvping in the Courtyard a lot of fun.

June 21st, 2015

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Today is father's day and I've been weepy all day because this is the first father's day since my papa passed away in January of this year. Just seeing the words makes me tear up.

I'm watching Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey on Netflix with Neil Degrasse Tyson while I do my physics work because I feel that's appropriate. It's so beautiful and awe inspiring, though I know astrophysics is so far beyond me because the math is beyond me. That's okay though! My field lies in the health care field.

There are two new pinch hits for NPT. If you can write for either of them, please comment on the post with your AO3 username. That would be fantastic.

June 20th, 2015

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Physics, man. Physics. Also biomechanics research. I knew months ago how much this summer was going to be a pain in my ass, and I was right. Nothing to be done about it though since it has to be done.

My car now has ac in it, but that was a side effect of me taking my car in for an oil change and low coolant, and finding out just how jacked up the coolant system was (I suspected, but didn't know just how bad it was). To fix it, it cost me over a thousand dollars and took over 5 hours, but now the water pump isn't leaking, among other things, and the side bonus is now my ac works. Huzzah for silver linings.

Jhene Aiko is a fantastic singer with a smooth, sexy voice that makes everything so much better. My Mine on youtube is a favorite song of mine from Jhene. There's also Bed Peace from her album Sail Out. Here's her full album so you can hear all of her songs from her Sailing Soul(s) album.
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