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August 21st, 2014

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Further promotion and explanation of Bring Back The Porn. Any fandom, any medium (fic, icons, podfics, art, etc), any level of porn. Come join us, September 1st! There is also an AO3 collection for past and present BBTP works which I just updated my fics to be included in the collection. You can request fandom tags here.

I decided to buy my commander tag after hearing the new changes anet made about the different colored tags. I'm so broke, but I can pop my tag on my mesmer, and when the patch arrives next month, I'll be able to pop my tag on my guardian. Last night I switched out from my mesmer to my guardian to healbot the zerg. I died a few times, but I lived a bunch and healed like a mofo. I can't wait until I'm level 80 and have the gear to live longer.

I got caught up with the Fairy Tail chapters that I haven't read in months (been trying to save them up). I flew through them and now I'm back to waiting. Now it's time to catch up on Ao no Exorcist chapters. I am so behind on everything.

August 20th, 2014

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I managed to make 100g in Guild Wars 2 which means I can buy that commander tag. And yet, despite having the gold, I am hesitant to buy it just yet because it means I'll be down to 0g (technically 4g right now). I can wait a little longer until the patch!

My alt guardian has now hit level 60 which means I can trait for dodge roll heals. Huzzah! I also ran with a non-guild zerg (my guild was there, but we weren't running it) and survived most of the fights. Take that! I am going to be an awesome healbot once I hit 80. I'm almost tempted to run my guardian as my main, but I do love my mesmer too and there are mesmer skills that are vital and can't be copied by another class.

I haven't seen the last three? Four? Episodes of Teen Wolf. I was busy in the beginning but then I decided to just wait until the finale before watching them all in a row. I know the gist of the episodes and mostly I'm just waiting to see if Jeff Davis will repeat his storylines like he likes to do, as he also does with repeat archetypes of characters. Example: I'm fully expecting Braeden to betray Derek (which I'd be sad about because on one hand, I like the thought of Braeden and who she is. On the other hand, Derek dating someone who kills/hunts for money isn't the brightest idea and we've already seen the last two women he's been with turn out to be murderers, so). While actresses leaving isn't a Jeff Davis thing, I also kind of expect Malia's actress to leave the show and the next character the writers smush Stiles with will also somehow be related/connected to Derek* (I'm going with the cracky theory that she'll be Derek and Kate's daughter somehow aged up. What? Malia randomly being Peter's daughter out of nowhere and having been a coyote the last several years is just as weird). I kind of wish Malia's actress had been the actress for Cora (though I like Cora's actress too!) and the storyline would have continued as it was where Cora took Stiles' virginity. Derek's sister with Stiles and the slow build up there makes so much sense than random Derek's cousin appearing out of nowhere.

Basically, I want to watch the episodes all in a row so it'd be easier to digest than waiting week after week. And if such examples above do happen, I'll be prepared before I watch.

Also, I know Derek/Stiles will never happen, but couldn't the show do Derek/Lydia instead? That's a het ship and they've known each other for awhile instead of random Lydia/Parrish they want to do! Or Lydia/Kira? Lydia/Malia? Malia/Kira? Then again, the show never went with Scott/Allison/Isaac and that would have made so much sense.

*Derek's beta, Erica and Derek's sister, Cora were both slated to have a relationship with Stiles but things changed. Third time is not the charm. Sorry, Malia. If Kira's actress also leaves, I'd also feel the same way about Scott's third girlfriend. I guess I only have it in me to like up to the second version of a character archetype. Then again, I suspect Dylan O'Brien might leave somewhere in/after season 5 for better pastures and the new Stiles version with Malia might work for me? We'll see.

August 19th, 2014

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Free Enough (1102 words) by BridgetMcKennitt
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Nyssa al Ghul/Sara Lance
Additional Tags: Community: fic_promptly, Dirty Dancing, Post-Season/Series 02, Romance, Vacation

They only had until the sun rose and Sara wasn't going to waste another second.

August 18th, 2014

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I do so love Arrow fandom. Every other day, I go to the AO3 page for it and filter for f/f, completed, in English, and over a thousand words. Some days there aren't any new fics, but yesterday, I found three. Woot. I'm hoping when season three comes around, there will be plenty more. Heck, I'm hoping for more fics out of femslashex.

I've added new questions to the AO3 exchange faq for participants and I'll probably continue adding more. There's another question I have on a notepad so I don't forget it and once I write the answer for it, I'll add it into the faq.

August 17th, 2014

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I finished the omega!Derek/omega!Stiles fic for Bring Back the Porn. Editing and header things will come later. Now I'm working on the Nyssa/Sara fic. I'm only 75 words in, but it's a bit of a struggle. What was in my head made more sense than what I'm writing. I'll figure it out.

Anet is doing a Guild Wars 2 patch in September, one of which affects me in that commander tags will be raised from 100g to 300g. Yay that it'll be account bound then, but I don't want to spend 300g for it! I don't even have 100g now. I'm trying to make up the last bit to purchase the tag now so I don't have to do it after the patch. Currently, I am at 92g. Since starting this game, that is the highest amount of gold I've had. I'm going to be broke after this. -_-; And here I thought I was going to be broke because I need to level tailoring to get my mesmer ascended gear.

As I rewatch Bones, the more I think that the interactions between Booth and Bones or Bones and the rest of the cast makes a ton more sense if you think of them in terms of Anne Bishop's Black Jewels series. Bones is a Queen, so is Camille (but Bones is more the Jaenelle version), Booth is a Warlord Prince who belongs to Bones, etc. It makes for an enjoyable watch that way.

August 15th, 2014

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There was a (second) blackout last night that lasted for a few hours and completely threw me off of the things I needed to do. Of course, the lights came back on just when I decided to go to bed. As I turned on my computer and searched through Dropbox for something else entirely, I came across folders upon folders of works in progresses. Many of them only have a couple hundred words written, if that, but some had a few thousand words. Heck, some of these I don't even remember writing at all. I should dig to see if I can either finish or recycle some of those words.

I am currently 1350 words into an omega!Derek helping omega!Stiles out through his heat and getting sucked into his own heat in return fic for Bring Back The Porn. After this, I'll work on my Nyssa/Sara idea with leather gloves for BBTP. Then anything after will be drabbles, I think.

I found some movies on Netflix that look like the language is in Mandarin so I'll watch them and listen to the language (I assume it's Mandarin since Netflix said Chinese for one and Cantonese for another). I figure it's good practice to both procrastinate and get into the mindset when I take my beginner's class. *g*

August 14th, 2014

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Bring Back The Porn is running again this year. "On September 1st, post something porny to your journal or favorite archive. This can be fic, art, icons, meta, your favorite porny recs, a dirty limerick, etc., etc. Then come back here and drop off a link so we can all enjoy the smutty goodness." Rules can be found at the link. All fandoms and medium types are welcome! I'll be helping out with the masterlist again and I have some Teen Wolf and Arrow ideas for BBTP.

I added some nominations for [community profile] femslashex at their tag set. Nominations run until August 21. Still not sure if I'll have time to sign up, but at least if I do, I'll have the pairings I want.

August 10th, 2014

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For the most part, I finished organizing my AO3 bookmarks. What I do is private bookmark interesting fics, read them, mark them with 'save', and at a later date, I save those fics as html files into Dropbox and delete the bookmark. The headers of each fic is saved in a txt file, a txt file for each particular fandom. Each html file is saved in a folder for whatever fandom it's in. Currently, I have 203 fandom folders. I have 2780 fics saved under Teen Wolf, as an example. Can I call myself a fic hoarder? *g*

I've been rewatching Bones as my background noise. I've never been particularly fannish about it, but I do enjoy this show a lot. I love the friendship between Bones and Angela, I love the relationship between Angela and Hodgins, the cases fascinate me, and I love the supporting cast. Good times.

I don't know whether or not I'll be able to sign up for [community profile] femslashex when it happens but I want to. I'll have to see how busy I'll be during the time of its scheduling. If not, I can try for treats.

This fall I'm going to be taking beginning Chinese* in order to have enough credits to be considered full time. While it was something I thought about doing, it didn't really fit into my schedule because I didn't need it for my major, minor, or grad school pre-reqs. But again, needed enough credits and nothing else fit (or was open), so Chinese it is. I think it'd be fun if I began watching Chinese visual canons to get myself immersed in the language. If anyone has any recs for shows or movies or even cartoons, please let me know.

*Mandarin, but the course is called Chinese.
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