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November 24th, 2014

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Fandom Stocking sign ups are up and open. Here is a introduction post this year with timeline and guidelines. Fandom Stocking is very low key, you don't have to fill anything if you don't want to, doesn't have fandom or character/ship restrictions, and allows for non-fannish requests.

November 18th, 2014

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Selfie is canceled and I'm sad because John Cho can never get a show past season 1 (technically Sleepy Hollow because they're in season 2, but I don't really count that since he wasn't in the main cast). Mindy and Danny are adorable together on the The Mindy Project and I'm enjoying the rest of the cast. Gotham is interesting, and I am loving the women characters, but every time I watch it, I think "So when's Batman showing up?" because Batman is still baby Bruce and Gordon will never put the city to rights before Batman ever gets on the scene. My regular shows are still on the roster, but I am slowing down my watching of Arrow so I have a few episodes gathered up because I'm still upset at what they did in their season 3 premiere. VIVA LA LAZARUS PITS!

Pinterest is my jam. I like to scroll through the various categories and pin things I like, whether it's food, clothes, funny things, or exercises. Someday I'll have the money to live the Pinterest life *g* Or at least fake it. I have tried recipes I got from Pinterest and they were yummy.

I want it to be December already. For one reason, winter break, but secondly, I'll have time to do stuff like write treats. I still only have one treat under my belt so far when I usually have a lot more by this time. It makes sense because this semester is consuming my soul, but I like writing treats and used to write them while I was taking a break/procrastinating. I wanna get back into the groove.

November 12th, 2014

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1. The staycation hotel has been booked and I'm so excited. I can't wait to relax after finals next month. The hotel offered me upgrades on my hotel room, but I looked at those and decided against it. It's only going to be me in that room for 2 nights, 3 days, and those upgrades are huge! Heck, the room I booked is huge (all the rooms in this hotel are suites) for just little ole me.

2. I'm halfway through crocheting a scarf for myself. It's thin and navy blue so I want to make it extra long. I had to replace the yarn while working on it and while they're both navy blue in color, they're not exactly the same shade of navy blue. Ah well. It's mine anyway lol. I might crochet scarves for my family if I have time, and maybe start crocheting hats for the women's shelter near here if I have time (though for the latter, I doubt I will so that will be a project delivered for next year).

3. I finished my first Yuletide treat (barring editing and header information since the fic needs to percolate). Now I'm looking through my bookmarked letters to write another treat.

4. I have been a busy bee organizing Not Prime Time's new event, Prime Time Desserts, as well as the the regular 2015 round. I have to because I will be taking four science courses for my spring semester as well as math and more science courses for my summer terms. I can't afford to not be organized now. I'm really excited though because I love NPT and the fics that come out of it, even if I don't know those fandoms.
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