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May 25th, 2015

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I broke down and bought a total makeover kit and a new outfit on Guild Wars 2 for my Sylvari so she now looks like Poison Ivy. My other character already looks like Wonder Woman. Why so DC oriented, I have no clue, but I have 3 more characters I can dress them up like more characters. :D Possibilities (if I can figure out a way to make their outfits work): Catwoman, (Jean Grey) Phoenix, Chun Li, Black Widow. Agent Melinda May and Agent Bobbi Morse are sadly not quite possibilities because they don't have a definitive outfit on Agents of Shield that people can immediately recognize them. Oh! Black Canary (though White Canary now via Legends of Tomorrow) is also a possibility.

The last two nights I've played group pvp with my guildies on my mesmer. The way I've built my mesmer is to be a zerg busting support character. She can usually last a long time and drops enough condis to make life difficult for a zerg. My clones, when they die, explode condis, I shatter clones all the time for confusion, my feedback and null field cause blindness as well as for what they originally are meant to do, etc. So usually I can stall two, if not three enemies on a point until someone can come to save me. Well, there was one thief during a matchup that wrecked the shit out of me. The hammer warriors stunning me? I was able to stall and live through. One thief? PWNED. Urgh, stupid thieves.

A guildie taught me a trick to get a ton of cotton to level up one of my professions. Unfortunately, I still need the other mats to level up on, which means farming npcs for them in hopes they drop. I really don't want to spend gold on the trading post for those mats. It gets pricey fast.

May 23rd, 2015

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1. The Kitty Cat Dance. Apparently, according to some of the comments, this song/video has been around since before Youtube existed. And yet I've never heard of it until recently when some of my guildies linked me it. It's so addicting!

2. I'm so busy with studying for the GRE, among other things, that while I want to write treats for NPT, it'll have to wait until after May ends. I have plenty of ideas though. All NPT requests are now visible, either on AO3 (where you can sort by fandom, prompter, or date) or a txt file organized by fandom (ctrl + f to find the fandom requests you want). Treats are always welcomed at NPT, so if a request jumps out at you, go for it.

3. I love my new server. We had reset night yesterday and it was amazing. So many bags, so many fights, so many good times were had by all. It's great that we're on a server with people. There were queues on EB all night, so we stayed on an enemy borderland, but that didn't matter because there were plenty of our own people on that borderland as well as plenty of enemies.

4. I finished watching the rest of Arrow and now I'm curious where they'll go with season 4.

May 21st, 2015

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MasterChef is back for another season, this time with a brand new chef to replace Joe Bastianich. The new chef is Christina Tosi and I'm curious how she'll be on the new season. Joe could be meaner than Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot is a sweetheart, so where is she going to fall? I admit, since these are the first two episodes that are picking the potential MasterChefs, I teared up at some of the participants' stories because of how desperate some of them are to change their lives.

The Flash finale is totally setting up Legends of Tomorrow. Just saying. Except I won't find out more until the show(s) come back! I still have 4 episodes left of Arrow to watch.

You know, I'd be thrilled to bits if Tyler Hoechlin ended up either on Agents of Shield, Flash, Arrow, or Legends of Tomorrow. He can be a superhero and/or secret agent!

May 18th, 2015

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Interesting reads brought to my attention by flist feeds:
Helen Cho, Age of Ultron, and Representation Feels: Nicole Soojung Callahan doesn't really care that Avengers: Age of Ultron has a ridiculous plot. What really matters is the character, Dr. Helen Cho, plays a pivotal role without being a geisha or dragon lady or some other Orientalist combo.

How many Asian Hollywood stars can you name? Right, it's not easy: "Now, with all due journalistic objectivity here, John Cho is hot. In 2009, People Magazine voted him sexiest man alive. But in Hollywood, it's still rare to see Asian men cast as confident, leading men. Hollywood hasn't wanted to date them. And that impacts what America thinks of Asian men. And what Asian American men think of themselves."

I can honestly name a bunch of Asian Hollywood actors, but you know, personal interest and all that.

I love GW2. My guild transferred servers and we're loving our new home. Even better is the fact that a bunch of other guilds are transferring/transferred with us. It's great that we're (somewhat) keeping our community while having the coverage of a larger wvw server. The bags are real.

May 16th, 2015

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1. I replied to all my fic comments that I accumulated in a month's time. I should get better at replying to comments as soon as I get them, but busy bees and all that.

2. I watched the first episode of Wayward Pines on season 1. Lots of strangeness abound in the first episode alone, so I'm curious what will happen next. Definitely putting it in my queue.

3. I had more thoughts on Legends of Tomorrow. Spoilers and speculations between this and Arrow )

4. I'm now starting to watch the Fresh Off the Boat pilot. It's the first American show with an Asian-American cast since Margaret Cho's All-American Girl in 1994. And not even halfway into the first episode, white kids made fun of Eddie's food. I feel you, Eddie. Our food smells delicious, not terrible, bad, or stinky. Rawr! Randall Park, the dad, is a funny actor. I first saw him when he played Asian Jim on The Office. He's still funny here, as is the rest of the family, though there are plenty of moments where I'm like "Yup, that was my childhood."

May 15th, 2015

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Finals are done! \o/ Everything else I have to do this summer is only just beginning. -_-;

I enjoyed watching the season finale of Agents of Shield Spoilers below )

Hulu tells me that The Mindy Project is moving to the site with new episodes, so huzzah!

The Arrow/Flash spinoff finally has a name! Legends of Tomorrow and Caity Lotz, the actress of Sara Lance/Canary, is in it as the White Canary. Here's the trailer for it and, I'm totally biased, but I am ready for this new show! *makes grabby hands*

I also saw on Tumblr that a show about Supergirl got picked up. I watched the first look trailer and I'm excited for it. Spoilers )
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