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March 27th, 2015

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So charities through Goodsearch receive a check from the organization every November of the money people earned for them throughout the year. This is good because it gives me a deadline. The last time I donated to the charity I'm currently supporting on Goodsearch, I donated $25. I definitely want to search enough to earn them $25 through Goodsearch. I am under a dollar raised so far.

Bryan Singer announced that Jubilee is going to join the cast of characters for X-Men: Apocalypse. Her character has had cameos in previous X-Men movies, so I'm thrilled she may potentially have a bigger role in this movie.

Three Weeks for Dreamwidth is gearing up. It'll start around April 25th, but you can start planning or gathering ideas now. There are plenty of DW comms that could always use more content and discussion. What comms are people thinking of posting in?

Speaking of April, nominations for Not Prime Time begins April 5th until April 15th. Medium-sized fandom eligibility requirements can be found in this post and many Yuletide eligible fandoms are also available for NPT. If you have any questions on whether a particular fandom is eligible, let me know.

March 25th, 2015

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So I had heard about Goodsearch awhile back and I'm now getting back into it. Basically, it's a search engine that, for every search you do, the charity you're supporting gets a penny. There are other ways to earn more money for your charity like playing games and whatnot, but it's a nice and easy way to support a charity (or several! But you can only do one at a time, so search a little for one charity, then switch charities and search a little for the second one). There's local and national charities that you can support and there's a whole directory listing them. Right now my searches are going towards a women's shelter here in town that I've donated money to before, but do not currently have the funds to do so again so I figured search engine money will be a way I can help out.

I decided to try out [personal profile] rydra_wong's advice she gave me on the [community profile] gardening post I made and grow baby greens. This way I can harvest the baby lettuce more than once instead of replanting over and over again like I would with microgreens. It does mean though that the harvest will take longer than when I'd harvest microgreens, but I'm willing to test it out. This is the article she linked me.

So a professor a couple of weeks ago had a brilliant idea about my university's search engine, in that I should be downloading all the peer review articles from it. She said it's free for us because we're students, but once we graduate, it'll cost money. I've downloaded about 20 pdf files on a bunch of things, but I feel like I don't know what topics or subjects to download because everything's so broad. Even things in my future career field, it's hard to narrow things down. If anyone has any subjects to suggest that I should download articles on, or even specific article titles, please let me know. I definitely want to be a pokemon trainer about this and gotta collect em all.

March 22nd, 2015

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This Friday, my headphone with mic decided to hate me and whenever I spoke on teamspeak with my GW2 guildies, there was an echo. I didn't realize it until we started rallying for the wvw reset and I spent most of the night trying to fix it, thinking it was something up with my computer. I pretty much rage quitted the game because I couldn't fix it and I didn't know what was wrong. The next day, I went to purchase a new headphone with mic and it worked out perfectly fine. Argh! If only I had just gone out and bought it in the first place, my Friday night wouldn't have been as frustrating as it was.

It's been about one week since I purchase my basil starter plant. I'm debating when and how I should pinch the basil leaves on it. I mean, there are obvious choices (pinch the leaves on top) but there are some baby leaves above the big ones at the top, so I don't know whether or not to wait until they're a little bigger or do it now.

I was organizing my AO3 private bookmarks the other day (still organizing it, in fact) and I realized I had bookmarked a bunch of exchange fics from months ago, including fics from the most recent Yuletide that I haven't read yet. I've been so busy with a lot of things that I just haven't had the time. I should really get on it though. My bookmarks are only getting larger and I want to shrink that pile of unread fics.

March 20th, 2015

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So I went looking for gardening comms on DW and didn't really found what I was looking for. When I looked under the interest of 'gardening' I found a comm that the last post was 5 weeks ago called [community profile] growstuff. The bio reads "Growstuff is a community of food gardeners working together to build an open source platform to track, share, and discuss edible gardens and sustainable lifestyles. You can join us right now and be part of growing our website, from seed to harvest. We welcome you regardless of your experience, and invite you to be part of our development process." which sounds great, but looking at the posts, it doesn't seem to be that at all. The first post that's not the sticky talks about an advisory board for Growstuff. The sticky talks about a blog for Growstuff that seems to post the same thing that it did in the DW comm. Less of a community and more of a newsletter, me thinks. Then I saw [community profile] gardening which was last posted in 35 weeks ago, and that post in 2014 was the only post in 2014, so pretty dead. I think I may post in [community profile] gardening and see if anyone comments to my post, or posts after mine once they realize there are people there.

I bought a plant light at Home Depot today (found in the light bulb aisle, not in the garden section. I talked to 2 employees and neither of them knew where it was) for under $5 so I bought two and installed one by my basil. I am hoping my basil enjoys it.

Speaking of DW comms, I joined [community profile] onedeadplotbunny not too long ago. "Basically, this is a support community for authors (or other fanwork creators/creative folks) with too many ideas, too many obligations, too much of pretty much anything, really..." Whenever I remember to check in and there's a check in post, I check in with what I'm doing. A lot of times I'm vague, but I like knowing that I accomplished something and someone responds to my comment to cheer me on.

March 19th, 2015

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I just finished season 2 of House of Cards and I was starting the first episode of season 3 when I decided not to. It looks like the stacks are even higher in season 3 and while I'm not sure if House of Cards has been renewed for season 4, but I don't see why not, that means I'll be waiting an entire year to watch what happens next. Since I'd have to wait a whole year either way, I'll wait on season 3 until I get season 4, then watch them together.

I want to grow microgreens along with my basil. It looks like it only takes 10 days for the microgreens to grow, then I can harvest, eat, and start anew with another batch of seeds. It's not a full salad, thus microgreens, but hey, I can totally make it work since salads are expensive. I suppose I should check to see if there are any gardening comms on DW. It'd be fun to talk more green with people.

March 16th, 2015

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It's been about two months since papa passed away and one month since his memorial service. It still hurts, I still cry randomly or when something reminds me of him (and a lot of things do unfortunately). I just want things to be normal again and my emotions not so out of whack.

While I was out doing errands today, I stopped by a Home Depot because they were having a garden sale. Lately, I've been looking on pinterest for container gardens, particularly vegetable and herbs since I'd like to have an edible indoor garden in a couple of years when I move. Since it's moving into spring here, there were plenty of starter plants, but I was only interested in the vegetable and herb ones. I finally bought a basil starter plant, a pot for it, and a huge bag of soil (that was sadly the smallest bag of soil they had, but it was cheap). Now my basil is sitting by my lamp. If I do well with this one, I can justify trying something harder, like a vegetable.

I've been slowly catching up to the shows I have on my Hulu queue. I've also recently, as of last week, started watching House of Cards US on Netflix. I am addicted.

NPT voting is over and 7 megafandoms were voted into eligibility for the 2015 round. Those fandoms are The Avengers, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, Vampire Diaries, and The X-Files. I'm pretty pleased with the mix of megafandoms that were voted on and made it to the final seven. The 2015 nomination period for Not Prime Time begins April 5 and runs until April 15.

Prime Time Desserts' March prompts are still available for writing. The prompts are threesomes/moresomes, worldbuilding, crossover/fusion, and minor characters.
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