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05:25pm 28/09/2011
dani_meows posting in Procrastination Station: helping you avoid work
Welcome to Procrastination Station!

What's our purpose? Well to talk about things that we do to waste our time, to post realistic to do lists aka this is what I need to do but instead I'm going to sit on the couch and watch TV lists, to babbling about anything.

In short if it's something you are doing while not tackling your to do list, come on in and talk about it.

What sort of posts might show up here: Lists of TV/Movie Shows to watch, discussion on tv/movie shows, links to graphic communities, links to fanfiction, fanfiction recs, and pretty much anything else fun.

What are the rules?

Thou shall not be an asshat. That means no flame wars, no getting mad at someone for liking something you don't...
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