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new character: kinah guthrie(-jalili) [14 Apr 2015|09:20pm]
Hi! Kait here!

First, a mod thing: the character limit has been abolished, because the activity rules we have in place make sure people can handle their character loads so we're leaving that up to people's discretion.

Oooooon that note, the rule change is completely my fault. (Stop laughing, Sands)

This is Kinah Guthrie, and I attempted to bring her in when the game first opened last year but there were some kerfuffles and the player playing her brother got busy and never apped. BUT now that Sands is playing Kareem (hi Kareem!) it seems fit to bring her back. Also, we... need a doctor!

Kinah just turned 31, and she's an exeliphysiologist, which is a made-up term for medicine involving mutants and metahumans. She's been working at a hospital in Dubai with an exeliphysiology program, where she met her husband. However, this kind of hospital drew the ire of conservative extremists, and in the fall of last year the hospital was bombed. Kinah was unharmed, but her husband was killed. She's been trying to continue work there, but she misses her family and her country, so she's come home to work at New Avalon Academy as your resident physician!

She's only been out of the country for the past couple of years, so a lot of characters are likely to know her. She's Kareem's big sister, she's friends with Pella, and she seriously dated Ellis Van Dyne while they were students at Brown. She's a quiet kind of know-it-all, she doesn't like to raise her voice, but she definitely likes to be right. She's a... team mom religious pacifist bookworm, so she'll spend a lot of time in the library (hi Charlie!). Profile is at [info]maidofthemists. :)

♥ kait

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