Sep. 20th, 2020


Dragon's dogma

Dragon's dogma #01-#07 (finale):

A dragon attacked Ethan's village, killed his wife and ripped his heart from him before departing. A woman calling herself as pawn, called ethan arisen, saved him and vowed to be his protector. Ethan named her hannah. On their journey to find the dragon, they saw darkness of humanity. After Ethan finally faced and killed the dragon, the dragon revealed he used to be an ex arisen. When an arisen killed a dragon out of personal vengeance, he would turn into dragon to destroy humanity. Ethan tried to get hannah to kill him but she could not bear to do it. He turned into a dragon and asked hannah to protect humans from him before flying off.

Sep. 13th, 2020


Animes watched

one piece #941:

Shinobu told others how ebisu town people were affected by side effect of failed smile fruit that was disposed by orochi. Hearding orochi's laughter, zoro was angered. Toko rushed to her dead father hoping to revive him. Hiyori tried to call toko back. Orochi tried to shoot toko but zoro and sanji defected the bullets.

maou gakuin no futekigousha #11:

Anos team faced off the hero academy team. As anons team won, they heard voice of deep hatred for anons. One of the kanon candidate went out of control but anons heard voice of the hero guide and called misha to go shrine to stop the candidate but she was stabbed by the Hero academy teacher. Anons arrived in time to interrogate him. The teacher turned into monster form and brainwashed his students to attack the demon academy students but failed. Anons destroyed the teacher. He and misha reached the area where the guide student was. She told them that she was source of magic.

Sep. 12th, 2020


Animes watched

gibiate #09:

Ayame and the ninja returned to base to find the monk unconscious with dead gibiate around him. They also freed Kathleen who wept to the monk who was actually dead. They also found Kathleen's mom's corpse. Kathleen was devastated. Sensui gave the monk final farewell. Other place, ayame's father's gang sought refuge to a suspicious place as their van broke down. They were attacked by gibiate but managed to kill them. Ayame's father still thought of ayame's words. Other place, the ninja kenrouku was thinking of his old friend in the past who died for him when ayame made everyone shields. Kathleen also thought of her mother and the monk.

deca dence #10:

Kaburagi told natsume the truth of the world and she collapsed. The cyber world was in panic. Kaburagi and natsume left the base. Kaburagi told natsume that her father had been killed because he got close to the truth. Natsume lost her trust to kaburagi. Back to his room, kaburagi saw a letter. Natsume meanwhile skipped the celebrations. Kaburagi was alert of system police who was tracking natsume. In dark place, a cyborg was infected and killed by a gadoll. In cyber world, jill and kaburagi with others tried to avoid the police and escaped. Natsume found a letter left by kaburagi. Kaburagi logged in to warn natsume who was targeted. He ran into natsume who decided to trust in him. He was suddenly stabbed by the police and ejected. Kaburagi and other cyborg were attacked by the evolved gadoll.

no gun life s2 #10:

Kronen - the exiled director fought the terrorist. He saw a glance of juzo before he vanished. Tetsuro wanted to help juzo. Juzo engaged battle with seven. Kronen took tetsurou to aid juzo. Tetsuro activated harmony on juzo and saw juzo's past when he was forced to slaughter other gun slave units.