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queenbarwench [userpic]
Fic rec x3, AU, NC-17

I've been off work with evil head-cold of evilness since Thursday. This has conveniently given me time to read through a series of mad epic!fics. I present to you Xanthe's stories General & Dr Sheppard, Coming Home and Hiding in Plain Sight, the last of which is a crossover with NCIS.

I strongly recommend you read the author's notes first; the concept for this AU is cracked (and won't be to everyone's taste) but the stories are still a lot of fun. They follow the romance formula of denial, angst, danger and happy-ever-after which makes them perfect comfort-fic for a cold winter or sick-leave.

I should also warn you that the third fic is seriously colouring my view of NCIS... but kind in a good way ;)

Let me know if you like these stories, and don't forget to leave comments for [info]xanthestories.

seleneheart [userpic]
Fanfic Rec

Rebuilding Babel by the_drifter.

This fic is an unusual premise . . . that Rodney's brain is damaged by a toxin, to the point that he can no longer speak coherently. Imagine Rodney unable to talk!! His salvation turns out to be Sheppard, who's the one who can best understand him.

It has Ronon snorting mashed potatoes, alien religious rituals, an overloading ZPM, and Charlie Chaplin movies as a way of communicating.

(Personally, there's so many fics in this 'verse, that I could never read all the ones that pop up on my flist each day. So recs are very important to me. Hope they're valuable for you, too.)

telesilla [userpic]
Rec/Review: Intersections by Kaneko

Intersections, SGA slash (John/Rodney) by Kaneko

I'd gone ahead and written up a review of this fic for another comm before I realized they did things a little differently. I'd also promised a while back to rec/review some fic for this comm. I know someone already did some John/Rodney stuff and I will do some other pairings, but since I had this already written out, I thought I might as well post it here.

Intersections and why you should read it )

Lilith [userpic]
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

OK, no lions or bears, but Lady Ra's Wraith Killers is a wonderful read about a kitten that Sheppard brings home to McKay, and that turns out to be lots more than they bargained for. Jack and Daniel play a big part too, and Ronon is fantastic. Go! Read! Now!

seleneheart [userpic]
Another Rec

Read this fic, now. Written by the Victors

It is long, I'll warn you, but it is amazing . . . a love story between John and Rodney, a political analysis, a historical record. It has brilliant glimpses of SG1 doing what they do best, it has Wraiths, and Pegasus natives, and a living Atlantis that loves Shep dearly, and I could go on and on. It's fucking brilliant and makes me jealous. It made me laugh and cry and want to cheer.

I've stayed up reading it because I couldn't turn away from it.

Lilith [userpic]
More SGA recs

The Atlantis fandom has so many incredible writers -- that's what won me over even before I ever watched the show -- so picking my favourites is really hard. I'm lucky that [info]telesilla's recommendations included Kaneko's "Intersections", as that's definitely up there at the top.

Another favourite is Shalott's "Transcendental". Once Elizabeth's out of commission, John and Rodney have to learn to work together. And the smut is smokin' hot -- you'll never look at Elizabeth's desk in the same way again.

I also have to sneak in two recs for those old chestnuts in the SGA fandom. In the "Ancient tech gone wrong" category we have Speranza's "The Wheel, Atlantis, Wars and So On", which is just about the sweetest story I've ever read. And in the "aliens made them do it" is Resonant's "Advantage", a slave-fic that begins with McKay's "Listen, before you say anything, it wasn't my idea and it wasn't my fault." So you know it's going to be good.

Bonus rec: I'm just reading this now: "Aegis" by Leah and Springwolf. The story accompanies the series up through "Runner" in season 2, but the 'verse is one in which humans (including many of the Atlantis expedition) are "gifted" in different ways, a little like "Heroes." It's a long one and I'm not even halfway through, but it's already worth reccing.

OK, seems so far all the recs have been McShep. Nothing wrong with that, and more recs are definitely welcome, but surely somebody's got some Lorne love? Or what about the big guy and the doctor? Or what about the women of Atlantis? Remember, any slash pairings are welcome here.

seleneheart [userpic]
My Atlantis Recs

The main problem doing this is wading through the sheer volume of fic out there. There's AU's, episode tags, character studies, mission fic, and the ton of fic that reads like crack but isn't because this fandom is so completely mental. (In a very good way).

I have two:

The first is an AU with a slightly different Atlantis, in a society where everyone is divided into Tops and subs. It's very kinky and very hot, but yet, the characterizations are dead on. It's one of those brilliant stories that might not be suitable for someone new to the fandom, who wouldn't get all the interactions. But . . . teh sex. Whoa.
Coming Home by Xanthe

It has a sequel here: General and Dr. Sheppard

My second rec is easier for people new to the fandom, and although it's a Season One fic (Ford is present), it's brilliant. There's the relentless pursuit of coffee, there's weird alien sex practices, there's John with butterflies, mystical links, and all sorts of goodies.
The Machinery of Heaven.

Hope you enjoy 'em!

Lilith [userpic]
Welcome to AtlantisSlash!

Well, despite already having a fic posted, this is the introductory welcome post from your mods here at [info]atlantisslash. We're so happy you've joined IJ's own little slashy corner of the Pegasus Galaxy.

Whether you draw original art or make manips and icons, write drabbles or 80-page novellas, make fanvids or fanmixes, or even just watch and comment, we hope you'll participate and help make this an active community where everyone feels welcome. We'd love your feedback about what you'd like to see here.

To kick things off, we have an impossible question to answer:

What's your single most favourite fan-created SGA slash piece? Why?

Hard, we know, especially when this fandom has some of the most creative people we've ever seen. But if you could just use one piece to win somebody over to Lantean love, what would you pick? (BTW, don't be shy to rec something you've written!)

Now we don't know whether to hope you guys pick all our faves to narrow down our own choices or to give us lots of new goodies to explore...

Have fun!
[info]seleneheart & [info]lilithilien

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