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New crack!fic: Even the Queen by MrsHamill

Even the Queen
by MrsHamill (

Pairing: Kinda gen-ish
Rating: F for Females only; I really don't want men reading this, just in case
Spoilers: Takes place after the events of Sunday in the third season
Summary: It's... that time...
Disclaimer: Please enter standard useless boilerplate disclaimer of all intent to damage here.
Warning: Never say 'bite me' to a cat.
Notes: Just a little crackfic that came out of some idle speculation. Inspired by Connie Willis' story of the same name. As Liz pointed out in her quickie beta, this is something of a biological improbability, but it's still amusing to poke fun at the Poor, Clueless Guys of Atlantis.

* * *

It's here...

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