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New fic: One Good Man by MrsHamill

Jeden Dobrý Člověk
by MrsHamill (

Pairing: Sheppard/McKay (past); Radek/OFC
Rating: G
Spoilers: none
Summary: Na světě nelze najít jemnější a vzdělanější lidi než jsou Češi".
Disclaimer: Please enter standard useless boilerplate disclaimer of all intent to damage here.
Warning: This is a sequel or continuation of my story Speaker for the Dead so let that guide you. This story would make more sense if you've read that one.
Notes: Holy cow, too many to thank here! [info]laitosto and [info]pantherrrrea for massive help with Czech; [info]gblvr for encouragement and help with HTML; [info]facetofcathy for advice I should have figured out before-hand (and [info]mecurtin for reiterating it!); [info]kathgrr and [info]ladyholder for more cheerleading and handholding, [info]runriggers for beta help and Sandgnat for batting clean-up, always a nasty job. I might have left out somebody, if so, apologies. My love to you all, you make me a better writer.
EXTRA NOTE: Hover your mouse over the words in Czech, you'll see an English translation (I hope!).

Story is on my website here.

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