Slashing Stargate Atlantis
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SGA/SG1 FIC: 21 Days ~ John/Cam ~ Adult

Title: 21 Days
Author: [info]florida_minxie
Beta/Pre-reader(s): [info]leela_cat and [info]stageira
Fandom: Pairing: SGA/SG1: Sheppard/Mitchell + passing mention of canon pairings
Rating: Adult
Word Count: ~ 6,000
Highlight for Warnings and Spoiler Information: *D/s dynamics, mild kink, possible spoilers for all of SGA*
Disclaimer: Not mineā€¦I just play with them and make them happier for it. Well, I at least make me happier for it.
Excerpt: Cam knows that for all that John hates to talk, once he gets started, once the first crack in the dam is made, it trickles out of him in fits and spurts until he gets to the real issue and then the floodgates break open.

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