Slashing Stargate Atlantis
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Two Fic Recs

 The Courtship of Colonel Sheppard, or, The One with the X-Wing:  by uraneia

McShep, Crack, NC-17

The one where Rodney builds John an X-Wing.

From the story: 

Evan and the Lornettes were doing a shockingly musical number Rodney thought of as We Have An Automated Ancient Cruiser (La La), complete with macarena-like steps, which was cute but not as well choreographed as his own ZPM Tango.

Galaxy of the Living Dead by Karen McFadyyon

McShep, Crack, PG-13, kind of a death fic (but it's not permanent)

Only one of Karen's fics that I've found still online (possibly because someone else posted this for her).  Wonderfully funny.

From the story:
He was never sure later if he was grateful or horrified when the late Dr. Rodney McKay sat bolt upright on the autopsy table and said, "What the hell? Where are my clothes?"


Oh. My. God. I was sold at X-wing even if it's McShep and I'm so glad I read it.

As someone said in the comments, my inner Star Wars geek is *dying* of laughter.

Thank you.

You're welcome. Glad to share the laugh. :)

Oh yes, I have the X-wing one bookmarked already. But the zombie fic was highly amusing, too. Thanks for that :)