Slashing Stargate Atlantis
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More SGA recs

The Atlantis fandom has so many incredible writers -- that's what won me over even before I ever watched the show -- so picking my favourites is really hard. I'm lucky that [info]telesilla's recommendations included Kaneko's "Intersections", as that's definitely up there at the top.

Another favourite is Shalott's "Transcendental". Once Elizabeth's out of commission, John and Rodney have to learn to work together. And the smut is smokin' hot -- you'll never look at Elizabeth's desk in the same way again.

I also have to sneak in two recs for those old chestnuts in the SGA fandom. In the "Ancient tech gone wrong" category we have Speranza's "The Wheel, Atlantis, Wars and So On", which is just about the sweetest story I've ever read. And in the "aliens made them do it" is Resonant's "Advantage", a slave-fic that begins with McKay's "Listen, before you say anything, it wasn't my idea and it wasn't my fault." So you know it's going to be good.

Bonus rec: I'm just reading this now: "Aegis" by Leah and Springwolf. The story accompanies the series up through "Runner" in season 2, but the 'verse is one in which humans (including many of the Atlantis expedition) are "gifted" in different ways, a little like "Heroes." It's a long one and I'm not even halfway through, but it's already worth reccing.

OK, seems so far all the recs have been McShep. Nothing wrong with that, and more recs are definitely welcome, but surely somebody's got some Lorne love? Or what about the big guy and the doctor? Or what about the women of Atlantis? Remember, any slash pairings are welcome here.

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