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Fic Rec (sort of)

So, pretty much everyone who has filled out the poll in my last entry said that they'd be interested in fic recs. Now, of course I invite anyone here to post recs for favourite fics but, to get us started, may I present to you my To-Read List.

Now, a little explanation. The SGA fandom is prolific, really, really prolific, and I find I'm not actually able to keep up and read all the fics that look interesting that appear on my flist. So, in order not to miss anything, I started a To-Read List. Any fic that I came across that looked interesting but that I didn't have time to read just then I would add the link to my list and a little description of what I thought looked interesting about it. As you'll probably be able to tell once you look at the list, quite a few of the little blurbs come from other people, either from the author them self, a person who rec'ed the fic, or else the description posted to a storyfinders comm. Some of them sound pretty wacky, but I love crack fic so there's a lot of that shown on this list.

Also, I read quite a few different pairings, pretty much anything that looks interesing, but I will admit, probably 90% of the 1000+ fic on this list are McShep fics (and there's likely some gen and het thrown in for variety).

Enjoy. :D

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