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Admin: Poll Time

Hi Everyone,
So I meant to do this a while back, but well, my RL went a little crazy. Anyways, I wanted to know what it is people want from this group, so to that end, a poll:

Poll #2477 What would you like from this group
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Please check off all the things you'd like to see (more of) on this group.

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Fic Recs
10 (83.3%)

Vid Recs
8 (66.7%)

Art Recs
7 (58.3%)

More Rare Pairings
3 (25.0%)

1 (8.3%)

8 (66.7%)

Episode Discussion
6 (50.0%)

Meta Discussion
6 (50.0%)

Other (I'll explain in the comments)
1 (8.3%)


Well fic recs is looking good. I have quite a few that I'm ready to rec, so hopefully that can generate some talk. Actually, I'm thinking of making my To-Read List public, there are over 1000 fics on that list, that should keep people busy if they choose to check it out :P

Also, I've totally been in a vid watching mood lately so will enjoy getting a rec list for that together. :)

I ticked 'episode discussion', but I would put a caveat of 'under a cut in case of spoilers' with that. I'm a Brit, so I won't get to see season 5 until next august when it gets released on dvd. Avoiding spoilers in fic headings is hard enough!

Oh yes, spoiler space is very important. Also, I have no idea how you manage to wait until the DVD release, I would go nuts, I can't stand spoilers but I find, in the SGA fandom especially, that people can be super careless about spoilers so it can be really hard to avoid them.

Yeah, I pretty much knew about all of the major plot points of Season 4 before I watched it. Am being extra-careful about S5, though, and I don't think I know too much yet.

I used 'other' as a generic and unhelpful 'all of the above'.

Also, question. How slashy is slashy enough for this com? 'Cause I got these pile of fics...