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felaries65 [userpic]
"JASON BOURNE" (2016) Photo Gallery

Below is a gallery featuring images from "JASON BOURNE", the fifth entry in the BOURNE movie franchise. Directed by Paul Greengrass, the movie stars Matt Damon: Read more... )

~Hisokaomi~ [userpic]
Animes watched

strike the blood II #04 - #08 (finale):

Kojou and nagisa's father - gojou turned up and took nagisa to mainland. On new year eve, kojou received image message from nagisa and yukina recognised it as magic circle. After cctv footage hacked by asagi and running into kiriha, kojou and yukina realised the lion king organisation was hiding something from them. While asagi managed to get out of the island with her fellow hacker's help, kojou got help from kanon, yukina and kiriha from mitsuki who tried to stop kojou from leaving the island.

Meanwhile gojou and nagisa had been ambushed and nagisa's physical body with fragmented soul of kojou's late master was sent as sacrifice to seal a relic of holy massacre faction but it backfired. A dragon of knowledge in form of a girl - grenda appeared. When kojou and yukina saved her and yukina's comrade - yuri from terrorists, grenda offered her blood to kojou who fell into enemy's attack. Kojou, with support from others, defeated the terrorists who had initially tried to make use of the lion king organisation to revive the terror. Asagi who reached the scene learned of kojou's true identity. Nagisa, gojou and kojou's grandmother who was one of the mastermind for initial planning of the sealing of relic all made it through safely.

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typographer [userpic]
Celestial fruits on earthly ground, or a queer ex-evangelical looks at christianist thoughts on ‘cho

Previously I wrote about several aspects of the contradictory attitudes that many evangelical Christians have toward the Jewish state and the Jewish people. Since I try to limit the length of my blog posts to digestible chunks, I didn’t go into every aspect of those attitudes in depth, my focus being primarily about how that particular subset of christianists proclaim their constant support for Israel and its people, while also acting (and sometimes talking) in very anti-Semitic ways. There are other ways these contradictions manifest to influences policies, political debate, and social interactions...

(The rest of this post is at FontFolly.Net.)

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Konstantin Boyandin [userpic]
"Не куй мне тёмного!"

Звучит как пример омерзительного уголовного жаргона - которым и без того пропитана современная речь. Однако это - один из вариантов перевода латинской идиомы.

Слово "tenebrae" (тьма; обман; и т.д. - слово о многих значениях) вообще богато производными. Видно, нелегка была жизнь простого люда в Городе и Мире, раз породила столько затейливых идиом, очень созвучных нашей современности.

Скажем, "alicui tenebras cudere", дословно (молотить/ковать темноту кому-либо) - в значении одурачивать, морочить голову. Т.е., "noli mihi tenebras cudere!" - "не смей ковать мне темноту" - "голову мне не морочь!"

Определённо, стоит хотя бы раз в своей жизни написать художественный текст на латыни. Тем, кому в принципе интересен этот язык в современности - см. новостной портал "Ephemeris: Nuntii Latini universi".

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felaries65 [userpic]
"HIDDEN FIGURES" (2016) Review

"HIDDEN FIGURES" (2016) Review

In all my years of reading about the men and women who worked at NASA, whether in the air or on the ground, I have only come across two people who people of color. And both were astronauts. Not once did those articles ever reveal the numerous African-Americans who worked at NASA - including those women who worked as mathematicians (Human Computers) for NASA during the Space Race between the 1950s and 1970s. Read more... )

felaries65 [userpic]
"POLDARK" Series Two (2016) Episodes One to Four


Following my viewing of the 1975 series, "POLDARK" and its adaptation of Winston Graham's 1950 novel, "Jeremy Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall, 1790-1791", I decided to view Debbie Horsfield's recent adaptation of the same novel, spread out in four episodes during its second series. Needless to say, my experience with this adaptation of "Jeremy Poldark" proved to be a different kettle of fish. Read more... )

digitalwave [userpic]
Now that my hands are doing better...

I have to get serious in getting things sold to help pay medical bills. That means I'll be posting more things to sell. It also means that I need to start going through my comics and fannish collections, too. I've got tons of Marvel and DC comics boxed and in beautiful condition. I can't watch our debt keep growing while I try and hang on to things. If it'll help us, they have to go.

In that light, I got a beautiful Turquoise Ring with matching earrings as a gift for Christmas from my sister and brother in law, they've never been worn. The ring is a size 7.5, the earrings are pierced, I've just posted them for sale at auction on eBay. Sis knows that I'm trying to sell them and she understands and is fine with it, thank goodness.

If you guys could help me spread the word about them that would be wonderful. Here's the link to the auction and a couple of pictures to let you know what they look like:

Turquoise Ring & Earring Set

Kristy Titus Ring ser-1

Kristy Titus Ring set-2

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.


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digitalwave [userpic]
Now that my hands are doing better...

I have to get serious in getting things sold to help pay medical bills. That means I'll be posting more things to sell. It also means that I need to start going through my comics and fannish collections, too. I've got tons of Marvel and DC comics boxed and in beautiful condition. I can't watch our debt keep growing while I try and hang on to things. If it'll help us, they have to go.

In that light, I got a beautiful Turquoise Ring with matching earrings as a gift for Christmas from my sister and brother in law, they've never been worn. I've just posted them for sale at auction on eBay. Sis knows that I'm trying to sell them and she understands and is fine with it, thank goodness.

If you guys could help me spread the word about them that would be wonderful. Here's the link to the auction and a couple of pictures to let you know what they look like:

Turqouise Ring & Earring Set

Kristy Titus Ring ser-1

Kristy Titus Ring set-2

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.


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~Hisokaomi~ [userpic]
Animes watched

gyakuten saiban sono shinjitsu #18 - #21:

Reiji went to the murder site and next day faced off mei who covered the role of prosecutor as the original one - gadot was absent. They adjourned the trial due to inconsistencies. Naruhodo and gadot took over in the next trial and the missing mayoi was also suspected of murder as her name was found written in blood in the real murder scene. Ayane who was twin sister of chinami had taken over will of their imprisoned mother (also mother of harumi) to summon soul of chinami. The deceased was also found to be mayoi's missing mother.

karakuri circus #18 - #21:

Masaru was forced to continue seeing his adopted grandfather - shoji's past, on how shirogane - eleonore was born. Guy and francine became attached in taking care of her. Eleonore's mother - Angelina knew the soft stone was transferred into her infant daughter during the pregnancy. One night, someone sent puppets after the soft stone. Angelina died in the battle and francine learned how to make real smile when comforting eleonore during the escape. Francine sacrificed herself protecting the baby. To protect eleonore, shoji entrusted guy to take her away into shirogane organisation to train her and to hide truth that the soft stone was inside her. Eventually, shoji learned that the mastermind behind the attack was his son, dean. Dean plotted to be reborn using young boys and his target was to download his memory into his illegitimate son - masaru who would be protected by eleonore. Shoji tried to delay his plan by destroying the device but dean survived and delayed eleonore 's meeting with masaru so he could rebuild his equipment.

Back to present, masauru tried to escape to prove he was not dean and ran into eleonore who was looking for him. Masaru fell down the cliff and brought back to mansion by guy who was about to kill him when a man revealed himself to be dean aka the late faceless whose real identity was bai jin- the creator of francine . He was about to injure masaru who defied him but eleonore took the blow and was abducted by bai jin. Shoji was fatally injured by bai jin and passed away in masaru's arms. Bai jin released a puppet to spread the virus in the air. Masauru and one arriving circus member went after bai jin while guy faced off one bai jin's subordinate- cupid.

Narumi arrived in time to save guy. He and guy went to an institution to protect a machine - harry that would cure the virus. Ming xia and a boy ran into a murdering puppet which challenged her to gambling. On a flying ship, three francine's main puppets were repaired and humiliated by bai jin. They were ordered to pass food to eleonore whom they found was exact appearance of francine.

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felaries65 [userpic]
"LOVE AND WAR" (1984) Book Review


LOVE AND WAR (1984) Book Review

I have stumbled across my share of "Best Civil War Novels" lists on the Internet. I have yet to come across a list that includes John Jakes' 1984 novel, "LOVE AND WAR". Read more... )

rogue53 [userpic]
Ion ficlet for Sunhawk16

This wouldn't leave me alone, so here I am, posting in the middle of the night to get it out of my head. And it's probably going to be the only time I ever try to write something ala Sunhawk16, it's harder than it looks to keep the conversation flow going!


‘Out on the porch.’

‘Ah, so you already heard?’

‘Yeah, everyone is pretty upset. No one was expecting this, you know.’

‘No, it was pretty much a surprise to everyone.’

‘Wish we could have, you know, done something, or at least said goodbye.’

‘Some people are private like that. We know after the fact, and she told us the way she wanted.’

‘Doesn’t make it any easier. Lots of sad people out there tonight.’

‘Yes, but…’

‘At least we had a good run with her. Even if she put us through some angst.’

‘True, but look where we ended up. A nice house with a great porch swing, you painting your way to fame and glory and me helping to keep the bad guys down.’

‘And Quatre making money hand over fist, and funding all sorts of good works.’

‘Wufei and Sally getting closer every day. And Trowa keeping Quat from burning out.'

‘So, looks like we just get a quiet ending, then. I can’t say that I’m too unhappy about that.’

‘No, keeping you out of trouble has been interesting at times…’

‘Me! Heero, what about…’

‘Nope, it’s mostly been all about you. Let’s face it, she put you first in just about everything she did.’

‘Yeah, she did at that. But, now it’s pretty much over, and it’s pretty peaceful here. I think I can live with this.’

‘Yes, me too.’

‘The sun starting to set, guess we should go in and…’

‘Duo, do you see that?’

‘Oh, wow.’

‘ “And bright the hawk’s flight across the dark sky.” ’

‘Another author’s words to pay tribute?’

‘Seems fitting, don’t you think?’

‘Yeah. Very fitting.’


In loving memory of Sunhawk16.

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kati: holy motherforking shirtballs [userpic]

Dear Lord the sun is out finally and I feel alive again. After a month of being sick (cold, another cold, sinus infection, bad cramps) I’m really enjoying no longer being sick and the vitamin D and I feel like I’m coming out of a funk I didn’t know I was in.

Not too much going on for me on the RP front, but I’m trying to write small stuff here and there. One-off logs, psl stuff, etc. I’m iconning again too, & have a few sets promised and then I’ll be going on the cap hunt again. I’m not really ~missing~ having a game though. I’ve been filling my time up with:

- sewing
- spring cleaning (my room makes me so happy now I can’t even)
- Overwatch League
- starting to exercise again yay
- college basketball
- weekly trivia
- various board gaming
- finally starting to finish Black sails
- cooking regularly
- and I’m thinking about learning to knit

I do miss writing though so here is a meme!

Comment with one of our pairings and a color and I'll write a short drabble inspired by the color.

rogue53 [userpic]
Sunhawk16 has passed away and I am heartbroken

Sunny was one of the reasons that I got involved in the Gundum Wing fandom, and why I have written anything at all.

She was always encouraging and a total joy to be around.

And as I sit here crying (for myself, her friends and her family), I know that she is in a better place and pain free.

Wind to thy wings, brave heart, wind to thy wings.

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Classified [userpic]
Feeling halfway between blergh and okay

Oh hey let's do a personal update. It's a weird one kids so beware before you click that link.

Last_Night )

beatrice_otter [userpic]
Signal Boost: EU Copyright

[ profile] ao3_news_feed posted: Recent Entries

Copyright lawmaking efforts continue in the EU, and we want to keep you informed. Our last post on this topic contained some good news. Our news this time is less good--the European Parliament is now considering a revised version of Article 13 that still contains fan-unfriendly provisions. This proposal only applies to for-profit sites, so the AO3 is still safe, but sites like YouTube and Tumblr are not--and there is still time to fight. Here's what the proposal means and what you can do!
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~Hisokaomi~ [userpic]
Animes watched

fukigen na mononokean tsuzuki #08 - #11:

With help from ashiya, obeno and zenko, the girl youkai got to attend the festival and returned to underworld satisfied. Obeno suddenly collapsed. Ashiya later knew on next day job that obeno had taken a task from executive that day and had exhausted himself. He told obeno to let him know if he had taken other jobs so he could back him up.

Ashiya learned his mother was hospitalised and asked obeno sent him to hospital via mononokean. He learned and removed the youkai that caused the problem from his mother's back and was told his missing father had such ability. He later confirmed from his returning elder sister how his father was like and suspected his father was a former employee of mononokean. Obeno offered to check for him.

It was Halloween celebration in school. Ashiya and obeno were going around in costume to promote his class cafe when they ran into zenko who told them fox youkai yahiko had broke away from her in school. They found yahiko causing trouble and obeno brought him out with promise of game. Upon his request, yahiko transformed into ashiya's father's look to show obeno.

Obeno and ashiya took up a job to send the 5 youkai birds to underworld after they were matured under care of a youkai who had been entrusted by the former mononokean master. Before four of the birds were sent back, the youkai told obeno that there was a former mononokean employee who used to kill or capture youkai. Later, the legislator suggested to obeno to search the underworld prison library for information on ashiya's father.

strike the blood ova valkyria no oukoku #01 - #02:

La folio and her royal parents went to the City for a peace treaty. The terrorist manipulated kojou to kidnap la folio and yukina for a terrorist attack and to ruin a peace treaty. La folio and others managed to get kojou back to normal and to resolve the situation.

strike the blood II #01 - #03:

Kojou, yukina, nagisa and asagi were invited by yaze to a resort opening but kojou and asagi ended up having to work part time to cover expenses. Meanwhile, sayaka was caught by sword shaman shadows- kihari when she got night witch yume to escape. Yume sought refuge in kojou and others' resort but next day, her other personality ruri took over and she returned to kihari who worked for other national organisation that plotted to take down priestess of cain along with the island. Sayaka fought and defeat kihari while kojou and yukina managed to stop and persuade yume from killing herself and destroying the island. Yume used her power to stop her manipulated sea monster from attacking the island.

one piece #876:

Jimbei stayed behind to support his former subordinates who aided in clearing path for sunny ship escape. Luffy made jimbei promise to return alive in wano island.

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typographer [userpic]
Weekend Update 3/16/2019: Liars, bigots, and fakes

Another in my occasional posts of either news that broke after I finished the Friday Five post for the week, or with more information about news stories which I’ve linked to in the past...

(The rest of this post is at FontFolly.Net.)

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felaries65 [userpic]
"THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS" (2017) Photo Gallery

Below are images from "THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS", the eighth installment in the FAST AND FURIOUS movie franchise. Directed by F. Gary Gray, the movie stars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwyane Johnson and Charlize Theron: Read more... )

~Hisokaomi~ [userpic]
Animes watched

dororo #07 - #10:

A spider monster escaped from hyakkimaru's attack and sought refuge in a miner's house. There was cases of miners disappearing and the miner helped the monster whom he named her ohagi to leave the village. Apparently, the miner had been helping miners who could not stand the harsh working environment to escape from the village. When hyakkimaru could not sense the menace in the monster, he let the monster escaped with the miner.

A centipede monster had been devouring villagers. A boy - Saru accepted dororo's offer to eliminate the monster as it had swallowed his adopted elder sister. With direction from dororo, hyakkimaru killed the monster and Sara's sister was released from its body, alive. Hyakkimaru regained his sense of smell.

While on journey, dororo went down with fever and hykkimaru brought him to a nun who healed him. While there, dorito told the nun (with the concealed hykkimaru listening) of his past when his bandit parents were betrayed by one of the subordinate and eventually his father and mother died eventually due to hardship of war.

The young lord - tahomaru was upset when his father refused to tell him why he was pursuing a baby missing 16 years ago. He and his followers came across one of their village that was terrorised by a crab monster. They aided to kill it. While leaving the monster corpse, tahomaru caught glance of hykkimaru looking at the monster remains.

grimms notes the animation #10:

Ex and others entered the story zone of Jeanne where the villains instead of England took over the role of attacking France. While Jeanne was kidnapped by chaos teller who put curse attack on ex, Reina, tao and Shane went after the chaos teller. While they were away, curly - the priestess of chaos tried to persuade ex to join her side but was rejected. She took away his curse so he could rejoin Reina and others to defeat the chaos teller. They won and Reina put the story back to normal.

one piece #874 - #875:

While the Gemma helped luffy and others, jimbei's former subordinates also helped open path for luffy and others. Bege sacrificed his ship after delivering the wedding cake to an island. Big mom swelled with happiness as she ate the cake.

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Barbara [userpic]

Ich heisse Barbara - darum hab ich mir damals auch barbara@insanejournal geschnappt, als der Name noch frei war... wobei das hier mehr ein Archiv wurde für Kunst und Krempel aus meinem Sammelsurium und weniger ein aktives Journal.
Kein Wunder also, bin ich in der Zwischenzeit gelegentlich darauf angesprochen bzw. angeschrieben worden, ob ich mich nicht von dem Namen trennen könnte... allerdings hänge ich doch noch daran, also nein danke.

Jedoch bin ich darum letzthin daran erinnert worden, dass es anscheinend doch noch mehr oder weniger berühmte Barbaras gibt, von denen ich bislang noch nie gehört habe.

Darum will ich in Zukunft den tag "Barbara" nebst der Heiligen Barbara noch um ein paar weitere Barbaras erweitern, die mir vielleicht so unterkommen.

sorry, I want to keep barbara@insanejournal, no sale planned!

~Hisokaomi~ [userpic]
Animes watched

kakegurui season 2 #06 - #09:

Yumeko lost hope when competing the Hollywood idol but yumeko's sacastism and her fans' encouragement woke her up and she pushed for winning so she could move on to explore further. She and yumeko won the Hollywood idol.

Yumeko approached Terano for a challenge and terano agreed as she wanted to reduce kirari's winning chance. Meanwhile, sumeragi and the demoralised manyuda were approached to join the greater good gambling game. Manyuda deduced sumeragi and mirai as traitors in the game as sumeragi manipulated mirai into putting her coins into personal bank vote. Mirai deducted sumeragi had done it to increase manyuda's winning chance as mirai was voted out. Sumeragi also had 3rd party vote on manyuda's winning chance with terano and lost with satisfaction.

During the election candidates interview, sayada challenged yumeko in gambling as she was proved to be a threat to kirari. Kirari brought them to tower of doors as their stage of competition where they were to find the doors that would lead them to the ground level first.

radiant #20 - #21 (finale):

While captain dragrov and his men were hunting for food supplies, seth tried to help doc getting coffee to save devi but ended up incurring more debts. General torque summoned dragrov for what happened in rumbling town.

Seth had nightmares of his uncontrollable power and learned of other place where he could learn from the sorcerer knights of radiant. During his attempt to save melie from a nemesis, seth was dragged under water and lost control of his power again. Afar, Grimm was watching. Not wanting to trouble melie and doc, seth took on ride with alma out of the sorcerer island to the new land where the inquisitors were also going. He left melie with a new broom before he left.

yakusoku no Neverland #10:

Norman told Emma and ray how the situation beyond the wall was like before he was shipped out. Ray and Emma appeared depressed for weeks. Isabelle proposed recommending Emma for route to take up test as next sister or mom but was rejected. On the night before ray would be shipped out, ray saw through that Emma had no intention to give up yet.

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beatrice_otter [userpic]
Signal Boost: Advanced AO3 Search Tips

[Bad username: [ profile] melannen] posted: Advanced AO3 Search Tips

AO3 has a really amazing tagging system. It's so good that it blows all previous methods of finding fanworks out of the water.

But that means that when it fails - when there's something it doesn't work for - it can be really really frustrating and you end up wanting to burn the entire thing to the ground.

But. There are other methods! And some of them still work even when tag search doesn't.

So here are my top 10 tips for ways to find what you need when AO3's tagging system has failed you. With real-life examples!

Several of these I already knew, but many are new, and they will be SO USEFUL!
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enjoying wreaking myself all over [userpic]
Now there is a new Stargate discord server

[personal profile] fairyglass just created one:

This is her about-the-server notes:

It's a Stargate fan server, primarily geared towards fanfic writers looking to promote, recommend and workshop their projects. It will serve SG-1, Atlantis, Universe, Origins and most genres -- ff, mm, het, slash, poly, otp, ot3, gem, team as family, fluffs, h/c, AU, crossovers, etc, etc, etc.

I only ask we not participate in Real Person Fiction (RPF), which I have some VERY strong feelings against and can go into upon request if you really want. I also ask we not character bash. You don't have to like a character without yucking out on someone else's yum.

If you have questions, ask her on Discord or at her post:

This entry has been cross-posted to Dreamwidth (comment count unavailable comments). Comments are welcome on either post.

AzureHart [userpic]
Today was a day

I hurt my shoulder/mangled my elbow IN MY SLEEP 2 weeks ago. I finally got to see a doctor this morning which means missing work.  The doctor ordered X-rays and I go back on the 8th to my regular doctor to find out what the hell, but the doctor thinks maybe arthritis aggravated by fibro. 

I decided afterward that since I had to drive to the next town over for the doctor I'd go shopping. I get to the bookstore, get a call from my Mother and find out my uncle is being rushed to the hospital out of the county because they have the best cardiac unit.  It's not a heart attack but they're keeping him overnight at the least.

During my drives to and from the doctor's office and various errands I said the following:

Azure:  "Hey asshole, I'm driving over here!" (to someone that almost swerved into me)

Azure:  "Yo, Sloth Boy, move your ass before I run over it!"  (to world's slowest sports car)

Azure:  "I had the right of way you inbred small-dicked bastard"  (to a guy driving what was obviously a dick compensation car)

Azure:  "Oh my sweet Lord! Who taught you to drive the fucking Amish????"   (Sloth Boy has a sister it would seem)

Azure:  "The 55 speed limit is not a math problem!  I could run home faster than you and this is not a jogging body!"

Azure:  "Don't run out in the road! Don't... -slams on breaks- Motherfucker it's not my fault your family tree does not fork. Don't just stand there, run Forest run!"

Azure:  "I'm driving a big ass white truck, how do you not see me? I'm going to have to pick your VW Bug out of my grill if you don't haul ass!"

Feeling : bitchy bitchy
typographer [userpic]
Friday Five (another white supremacist edition)

It's Friday! We're already up to the third Friday in March!?

My husband informs me that he saw rain mixed with snow one morning this week (he leaves for work three hours before my alarm goes off on weekdays), but we've had daytime temperatures that have almost reached typical for this time of year. Enough of them that the pollen count has shot up high enough to trigger my first really awful hay fever day of the year. So I had to use some sick time this week. Given how much I was whining about the colder than usual temperatures, I guess I can't complain.

Anyway, welcome to the Friday Five. This week I bring you: a few stories that each need a category all to themself, the top five (IMHO) stories of the week, five stories about science, top five stories of interest to my queer kindred, five stories about resisting the fascist regime, five stories about deplorable people, and five videos (plus notable obituaries).

Sad Story of the Week:

Fantasy's Widow: The Fight Over The Legacy Of Dungeons & Dragons.

Local Sports Story of the Week:

And Now It's Time to Say Goodbye to Some Former Seahawks.

Evil F-ers Who Make Me Question Humanity:

Massacre at the mosques - gunmen kill multiple people, Christchurch under siege.

Stories of the Week:

On web’s 30th birthday, its inventor says we need to stop its ‘downward plunge’.

Metalheads with kazoos drown out Westboro Baptist Church at Capitol.

The findings speak to a bigger problem in the development of automated systems: algorithmic bias.

US Surgeon General visits Washington as measles outbreak spreads.

The College Admissions Scandal Should Remind Grads Of Color We Were Always Good Enough.

Queer stories of the Week:

Nancy Pelosi and David Cicilline: The Equality Act Is Just the Beginning.

Why wasn’t anti-LGBTQ bias mentioned in the Congressional resolution denouncing bigotry?

Beefed-up hate crimes bill passes Utah House and appears headed for final approval after years of frustration and failure.

GERMANY: Compensation Payments Approved For Gay Men Persecuted Under Nazi Law After End Of WWII.

Massachusetts House Votes 147-8 to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors.

This Week in Setbacks for Fascists:

Senate Spectacularly Rebukes Trump’s ‘National Emergency’ as Republicans Join Democrats to Block Wall Funds.

The House Just Voted to Demand DOJ Publicly Release Mueller Report – No Democrat or Republican Voted Against It.

Court allows defamation suit against Trump to proceed.

CONNECTICUT: State Supreme Court Clears Way For Sandy Hook Parents To Sue Gun Maker And Sellers.

George Conway Calls Trump A “Pathological Liar” And Calls For “Serious Inquiry” Into His Mental Condition.

Awful, Deplorable People:

Jacob Wohl Faked Death Threats Against Himself - One came from a phony account the wingnut provocateur created and ran just before he was banned from Twitter.

Proud Boys Cite Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Attack Antifa.

How the Far Right Perverts Ancient History—And Why It Matters.

Instead of New Press Chief, What If Trump Tries Fewer Crimes.

House Committee on Oversight and Reform Chair Elijah Cummings COMING For Election Brian Kemp Stole From Stacey Abrams.

In Memoriam:

Former Indiana Sen. Birch Bayh dies at 91.

Jan-Michael Vincent Dead: ‘Airwolf’ Star Dies at 73.

Stanley Donen Dead: ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ Co-Director Was 94.

How Director Stanley Donen Made Stars Like Gene Kelly and Audrey Hepburn Shine Their Brightest.

RIP, Superstar Wrecking Crew Session Drummer Hal Blaine, Who Played on 150 Top 10 Songs.


Is Tucker Carlson a White Supremacist? | Full Frontal on TBS:

(If embedding doesn't work, click here.)

Robocalls: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO):

(If embedding doesn't work, click here.)

Fake Melania, Tim Apple & Trump’s Six Degrees of Corruption | The Daily Show:

(If embedding doesn't work, click here.)


(If embedding doesn't work, click here.)

Gay Church Janitor Stuns ‘American Idol’ Judges with Original Song About Whether Heaven Has a Place for Him:

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