Artist Challenge

Feb. 9th, 2008


08:40 pm - Scribbler

I StumbleUpon'd this site called Scribbler. Basically, you draw whatever you want, fool around with the settings and then the website "scribbles" it. Let's make some scribbles.

Just Print Screen and upload it, then post.

ETA: My Scribbles.

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Feb. 1st, 2008


02:14 am - Untitled work

My first attempt at oil painting. It's only one layer. I'm thinking next week I'll work a bit harder.
The deal with this is that our professor had each of us sketch sixty sketches for the total of an hour, then pass our favorite onto our neighbor to paint.

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Dec. 31st, 2007


06:53 pm

Well, there hasn't been any art posts, so there hasn't been any challenge winners. I know it's the holidays and all and people get busy. Just so that everybody knows, you can post whatever art, whenever. The community isn't just for challenges.

Anyway, I'm an art student. I do fairly well, but I am very hard on myself. My favorite mediums are pencil, pastels, ink and acrylic paint. I'm going to take oil painting next semester, gods willing. I'll post some oldies.

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Happy New Year! :)

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Dec. 12th, 2007


04:25 pm

Hey artists!
Don't forget that you can post your 30 minute sketches today(or any day, for that matter.) Still working out a few kinks in the community structure, but everything is pretty solid. I hope that everyone finds this an enjoyable community.

If anyone has any ideas they would like to run by [info]goss or me to improve the community, please let us know. :)

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07:13 am - Challenge for December 26th

In honor of blogging, the challenge topic will be:

safe space

Submissions must be posted by December 26th, midnight, EST. Please use cut tags if you embed and NSFW warnings if neccesary. Thanks.

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