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Gday [Sep. 8th, 2007|01:36 pm]

By way of an introductory post, I thought I would ask if this community was also going to be somewhere that graphics could be posted - ie, things produced on Photoshop or PSP for use on journals/websites? I had intended to start one such community myself, but if yours does that, there would be no need. Also perhaps in interests you could list Paint Shop Pro as well as Photoshop, since I use both progs.

Anyway, to keep the post graphically oriented, I've included a header graphic I created using PSP.

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First Post [Aug. 16th, 2007|03:33 am]
I suppose this is the first official post, du'h. I'm the only person here at the moment!

Welcome to Artist Corner, a little corner in the blogging world for anyone whose an artist and wants to share their work.

The rules are in the profile page but it's nothing that will make your head turn.

If you're looking at this message, please join and help this community grow.

I hope to see this place filled with many works of writings, music, lyrics, art, drawings, paintings, etc. and I especially look forward to getting to meet any and all who want a place to post their works and make some friends.
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