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Welcome!! [29 Jun 2008|07:43pm]

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to check out the community. I know its not much but the more members there are; the more interesting and lively this community will be.

I'd like to start off with introductions. After you've joined just post an entry about yourself. It doesn't have to be under cut and it can be as simple or in depth as you want it to be.

My Intro::
My name is Andrea, I am 18. I live in NC with my husband Adam and 11 month old daughter, Eden. Adam joined the army and was scheduled for training in October. He wanted to leave sooner so they scheduled him for August 25th/26th & he will be going to Fort Benning for Basic Training and Fort Gordon for AIT.

I've been debating if I should leave my hometown behind and move onto his stationed base with him after training. Originally, I thought the army was a bad idea & truthfully I'm still iffy about it but I'm putting my trust into Adam and supporting him the way I should be.

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