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Marius in Epping Forest

Dollshe Hound V.2

Dollshe Hound V.2

Dollshe Hound V.2

Dollshe Hound V.2

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Arkadian Dreams eBay sales

Candy Raver
Top for slim MSD BJDs (MNF/DZ/DoC) (model is Neph, DoC Hoo). Starting price: £5; BIN £6.50

Pink Skulls
Top for slim MSD BJDs (MNF/DZ/DoC) (model is Miyobi, RML K-02 head on DZ 1/4 body). Starting price: £5; BIN £6.50

Crossed Skulls
Top for slim MSD BJDs (MNF/DZ/DoC) (model is Xavier, CP MNF Shiwoo). Starting price: £5; BIN £6.50

UK P&P £1.20, International £5.00; combined shipping available - 50p per additional item.

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Eric spam

Spammage of my favourite boy - just because. :-)

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Tha Swordswoman

Oh dear. Matresca now has a sword.

As if she needed to make herself any scarier...!

The Swordswoman )

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Matresca looks good in black leather - I think this outfit really needs a black PVC bustier to set it off though.

Black leather )

These two together spell trouble for someone....

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Matresca in the garden

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Matresca complete

Matresca's body finally arrived!

First thoughts: the AOD whiteskin is a very good match for Cerberus Project Beauty White. AOD bodies are strung incredibly tightly, and I can forsee restringing in Matresca's future; for the time being her headcap is held on by a doubled-over elastic band. The AOD 1/3 girl body is taller than the CP girl bodies by a couple of centimetres.

The AOD resin is good quality; smooth and even, with no casting flaws that I could discern. Posability is good, and she's pretty stable when standing. I'm quietly amused by the pink floral one-piece swimsuit the body came dressed in!

So, on the whole, AOD bodies seem to be a good, economical option for those without the funds to splash out on a CP body, though the shipping time could leave something to be desired - when you've paid $33 for EMS, you don't expect the doll to take over a week to reach you! However, that aside, I have no quibbles with AOD or seller RenaissanceFashion's service.Would I buy again from them? Very probably, though only for BW doll bodies - as I understand it, the AOD normal skin is not that good a match for CP Normal, and I'm not that struck by the AOD head molds on offer.

So, now onto pics!

More pictures to follow later!

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Matresca update

The Parcelforce site finally updated this evening; Matresca's AOD body landed at Coventry earlier this evening, and cleared Customs without incident. It's currently at the Romford depot and should be delivered tomorrow, when hopefully I should have photos of Matresca completed!

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Matresca and future plans at Arkadian Dreams

I finished Matresca's face-up last night; she's the VDES head I bought from Kazzii on DoA back in April. I opened her eyes up and gave her a face-up. The effect I was going for was "Ice Princess", which I think I've achieved:

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Her BW Angel Of Dream 1/3 girl body was ordered from RenaissanceFashion (AOD's Singapore agent) on Friday, taking advantage of a special offer to get the body for 25% less than the usual price. I'm glad I bought the body when I did, as the special opening offer seems to have ended. Lysande's body will have to wait until I've got a few doll dress sales under my belt and a healthy balance in my PayPal account! I received notification today that Matresca's body has been shipped so it should arrive (hopefully) around the end of this week.

At which point, out will come the sewing machine to start making dresses for eBay! The Arkadian Dreams label will cover clothes in sizes to fit SD and mini sizes, covering (in SD sizes) CP Delfs (boy and mature girl bodies), AOD/DZ 1/3 girls, SoulDoll 60cm boys, Dollfie Dream and Obitsu 60cm, and (in mini sizes) CP Kid Delf andMinifee boys, DZ 1/4 girls, DoC boys, Volks MSDs and Liebchens. There will eventually be a DollShe 70cm range as well. Initially we'll be concentrating on building up stock to open an eBay shop, but eventually items will be available to buy from the Arkadian Dreams website and I hope to be able to take on commissions in a few months' time. I am being joined in this venture by RedCountess, who is hoping to produce a line of crocheted items for the shop - look out for photos of a sample of her work on this journal soon!

There are also plans for an Arkadian Dreams line of doll jewellery at some point, including silver "birthstone" rings, which will preview here in this community first. All in all, some exciting things will be happening here at Arkadian Dreams in the next few months!

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All 4 kids

And finally, a shot of all the minis together!

L to R: Alaric, Xavier, Miyobi and Neph

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Lysande in the garden

Lysande got a bit of camera time today; it was his birthday last Monday:

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Click here for Lysande's gallery!

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Xavier's New Top

Xavier models the new top I made for him yesterday:

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Click here for Xavier's gallery!

The top was made for a dollmeet at JapanEx that unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to. Ah well, maybe next time....

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Arkadian Update!

Infuriatingly, I broke my right index finger recently - which means I have had to wait to try out my new Black & Decker dremel! There's a BW VDES head sitting on my shelf waiting to have her eyes opened, and I've been unable to pay her proper attention with my finger strapped up.

However, the bandages have come off today and the finger seems functional... so hopefully soon I'll be able to introduce the newest member of the tribe - Matresca the elven vampiress. She's about to make life very interesting for the residents here!

At the end of this month Matresca will be getting her own body - a BW Angel of Dream 1/3 body. There will be plenty of pictures - both here, and on the new Photo Gallery.

And I have plans to start seriously making dresses for sale on eBay, starting with a 1/3 gown based on this:

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