Jul. 31st, 2010


[Late July 23rd] In The Shadow of Death, I Will Forever Fear You (Silent Hill 4 - Walter/Eileen)

Title: In The Shadow of Death, I Will Forever Fear You
Fandom: Silent Hill 4
Pairings: Walter/Eileen and Henry/Eileen
Prompt: July 23 - Silent Hill 4, Walter/Eileen: possession - "And God said, thou must return to the wellspring of sin... "
Rating: R-ish
Genre/Warnings: Hurt/comfort, Dark!fic, Angst, Religious tones
Word Count: 817 (sans the quote at the beginning)
Summary: Eileen can never forget what Walter almost did to her.
A/N: Again, sorry for the late entry! I really got into this one. Put it off until the want to write this drove me crazy. I even researched bible verses for it (and I'm not all that religious). All verses come from the New International Bible (via biblegateway.com).

In the meantime, Walter Sullivan would revel in the sins of his victims. )

Jul. 28th, 2010


[Late July 20th] Is It Dark Out Where You Are? (Silent Hill movie - Cybil/Rose)

Title: Is It Dark Out Where You Are?
Fandom: Silent Hill (movie)
Pairing: Cybil/Rose
Prompt: July 20 - Silent Hill Movie, Cybil/Rose: comfort – Don’t let go of me
Rating: PG
Warnings: Femslash, angst, dark, minor movie spoiler, mild AU.
Word Count: 836
Summary: Rose wanders outside the church, wondering where her daughter is.
A/N: Sorry for the late fic! Just a little Cybil/Rose interaction where the mood is serious but light and not sweet but not completely angsty. xD I was going for depth, I think.

This isn't hell as described by the bible, but its definitely a plausible alternative for the real thing. )

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