Feb. 20th, 2010


...And They Watch Over Us All (Breath of Fire IV, The Abbess)

Title: ...And They Watch Over Us All
Author: [info]dogemperor
Rating: 13+ at worst, PG-ish
Warnings: None save a brief, canonical mention of war. The fic is pretty much as innocent as kittens.
Word Count: 745
Prompt: Breath of Fire IV, the Abbess: mysticism - a hundred years of solitude
Summary: She seems to be relatively alone, but she'd argue quite differently.
A/N: I have in part based my view of the Abbess on that of traditional medicine women, particularly mansin (Korean shaman women; the shamanic traditions do tend to be sometimes wedded with Buddhism, similarly to how Voudon is a continuation of Yoruban faith systems in semi-Catholic drag). I hope I got her down right, anyways. :3

Things weren't terribly lonely in Chek, to be honest. It depended on how you saw things though )

Feb. 17th, 2010


Fic: A Raging Emperor's Banquet (Breath of Fire IV, Fou-lu)

Title: A Raging Emperor's Banquet
Author: [info]dogemperor
Rating: 15+ at least in the US. Possibly 18+ in Commonwealth countries due to violence.
Warnings: Yes: God-emperor who has completely lost faith in humanity (and in part lost his mind) and is now in full kill-em-all/"CHARLIE'S IN THE TREES" PTSD mode. Description of the death of a significant other via Carronade. Description of what it's like when the vestigial empire calling you buggers up the summoning, with descriptions of genuine Nightmare Fuel involving Deis' and the Dragonslayer's respective botched summonings. Depictions of being run through with a sword and consequences including the violent beheading of a usurper. YE BUTCHEREDE OLDE ENGLISHE BY THE HOGSHEAD because this is the first time I'm attempting to write extended stretches of the pseudo-Elizabethan English that Fou-lu speaks in in-game.
Word Count: 3445, not counting author's notes
Prompt: Breath of Fire IV, Fou-lu: disillusionment - examples of the folly of mortals
Summary: For potentially the first and last time in his life, the royal court chronicler proves useful to the God-Emperor.
A/N: This is meant as a semi-sequel to A Little After The Dream. As with that fic (and damn near every attempt I have ever made to write any fic involving Fou-lu) historical and full author's notes are in an appendix due to potential spoilers. Be forewarned that THIS IS NOT A HAPPY FIC and that we are about to explore a very dark teatime of a certain god-emperor's soul.

I rather hope this was close to what was intended--Fou-lu's sentiments regarding humanity by this point, I fear, go rather beyond mere disillusionment. :P

It was the job of the court chroniclers to record every moment of the lives of the monarchs of the Fou Empire. Even their worst moments )

Feb. 12th, 2010


Family Traditions, Breath of Fire IV (Marlok)

Title: Family Traditions
Author: [info]dogemperor
Rating: PG/T
Warnings: Potential squick warning for mentions of human trafficking, definite squick warning re a certain canonical incident involving a Manillo being massaged by a Wyndian princess
Word Count: 365
Prompt: double dealing - follow the money
Summary: War profiteering could be VERY profitable sometimes...
A/N: Yes, rather a bit more of a drabble, then again, this is writing exercise. Besides, Marlok is kinda fascinating, if sleazy.

Marlok is the very model of a modern Manillo salesman )

Feb. 27th, 2009


A Little After The Dream (Breath of Fire IV, Fou-Lu/Mami)

Title: A Little After The Dream
Author/Artist: [info]dogemperor
Rating: 15+
Warnings: Hints of dragonsecks (not explicit), (canonical) character death, (canonical) major mental breakage of char, flashback-fic, potentially major plot spoilers, songfic, writer is new re this fic thing so pls to be forgiving of teh suck :p
Word count: 3580 *not* including afterword
Prompt: Fou-Lu/Mami: living together - forget the war and live a peaceful life
Summary: Even the Endless dream...and even their hearts break when those dreams are dashed.
A/N: This is actually a plot bunny I've had in my mind for...gods, almost the better part of seven years (and my inner Yorae Dragon refused to shut up when we saw this prompt). I *hope* this is a semblance of what the requester wanted; at any rate, I hope people enjoy. This *is* ultimately a sad story, but it's about the only way I can write this and remain "true to the little god-emperor in my head"; Fou-lu's story *is* an incredibly tragic one.

Due to some of the author's notes being potential spoilers re the story, there is a separate appendix at the end.

What do the Unfading Ones dream of--and what happens when they are torn from those dreams? )

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