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Jyuu [userpic]
:Oh Joy, an anti-yaoi community here:

Hello, I'm Hyu. I'm not anti-yaoi, however I am anti-stupidity.. and it seems that mostsome fangirls seem to fit right up there in that catagory.

What I believe:

heterosexual and yuri couples can be JUST as cute as yaoi couples (and in sometimes even cuter)

It's stupid to declare yaoi the 'one pure love'. Buttsecks isn't pure last time I checked, it's very very dirty.

Not -all- females are canon-sues, and I hate how alot of the yaoi fans trash talk on female characters because it gets in the way of 'their ship'

And those same fangirls give the sane fans like me a -very bad name-.

Some of my favorite heterosexual and yuri couples are as follows.

Edge/Rydia (FFIV)
Takumi/Hachi (NANA)
Clow/Yuuko (Tsubasa/XXXHolic)
Shikamaru/Temari (Naruto)
Miki/Juri (Utena) -I know it's not canon, but I hate Shiori with a passion.
Wapourif/Morinas (Simoun)
Byakuya/Rukia (Bleach)

and the Yuri

Sakura/Ino - Naruto (I dislike Sasuke, and I think that Naruto needs to get together with Hinata)
Yoshino/Rei - Maria-sama ga Miteru
Aeru/Nevirlle (Simoun)
Kendappa/Souma (RG Veda)

There are certain females that I don't particularly like.. granted, but that is only because they are -truly- dumb, not because it gets in the way of any ship I have.

I'm glad that this community exists, I really do.

Current Music: Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending
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