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Yaoi fangirl, here to rant and rave - or whinge, anyway... ^^;

Heya! Just introducing myself; I'm Lupi.

I'm not anti-yaoi, though I am rather embarrassed and frustrated by fans on a daily basis. A few other people have said it: I'm anti-stupidity. So, I thought I'd join and vent my frustrations here (I'm hoping what I whine about's allowed), if not, tell me and I'll leave without a muttering.

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Anyway, yes, hello, Lupi, out, sorry for babbling.

記憶したか? [userpic]

Well everyone else did an intro post and I never did even though I've been a member since this place was made. Like a few other people here, I'm not anti-yaoi myself. I enjoy the genre quite a bit, actually... totally have an account on y!gallery... but, as ... that one person who's screenname I can't remember how to spell said I am anti-stupidity.

What I am actually against is shipwar. Shipwars are so stupid. Trying to tell someone who likes a certain pairing that they're stupid because that pairing isn't the one you like is the height of immaturity in any fandom, y/y?

I was on LJ recently and saw someone post on one of the Doctor Who communities about how they hated Rose Tyler and were pissed she's coming back in series 4 (starts Saturday across the pond~!!) and I admit it annoyed me ever-so-slightly. So what if Rose is a chav and she annoys you? Don't shit on the pairings that involve her. Especially on a comm that FORBIDS shipwar.

I highly advocate the DON'T LIKE, DON'T LOOK logic. I mean, really. Don't like a pairing? PRETEND IT DOESN'T EXIST. That's worked for me for who knows how long! I, personally, don't care for Relena in Gundam Wing. So, I slash Heero and Duo together because Duo saved him from the hospital that one time, and they seem to be seen together often in the series. It makes sense. I slash Axel and Roxas because Axel's perseverance in trying to locate the blond leads me to believe there's more between those two than meets the eye. But I am not a yaoi-elitist like some of those "rabid fangirls" that only likes it when it's a sausage fest.

I guess that's because I'm bisexual, too. I just like people for their personalities. So I love pairings Renji/Rukia and Ed/Winry and 10/Rose.

And I have been known to slash guys because lol it's hawt... and yuri (Larxene/Kairi, Tatsuki/Orihime, Hawkeye/Schieska...) and even sometimes I like somewhat ooc het pairings. 10/Tosh would be hot, k...

SO uh. Yeah. Hi everyone. One of the not-so-rabid yaoi fans reporting in. :]

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Hello, hello!

New member here!
As I have a lot of fandoms where the Yaoi-party provids a lot of members (Death Note, xxxHOLiC, Demon Diary...) I'm so annoyed of them. Therefore I'm happy I found this place ^o^

I have one small story to share:
I told a fangirl I'm not into yaoi. Of course she was shocked and offended and asked me whether I'm homophobic. I was like 'WTF?' and told her I'm acutally a lesbian, so it would be stupid to be homophobic.
She turned red, walked away never spoke to me again.
End of story.

Angry Yaoi-Fangirl Here to Protest!

Nah, I'm not angry. XD At all. I think this is a pretty neat little set-up, so I joined. Yaaay. X3

Actually, to be brutally honest, I'm one of those fangirls who slash up guys and girls for no reason other than "omg so hawt". *bows head* Yes, I know that annoys many, and I can understand. But that's all the reasoning I can give you. (well...I might have more reasoning depending on the pairing...) XD

I think it's fine to slash up characters cuz it's cute. =P No harm done....Well, s'long as we're talking about fictional characters.

The line is crossed I suppose when fangirls start ranting about why this pairing is better than this pairing and so on and start shoving it in people's faces. (I'm not opposed to filters on fanart sites and fiction sites etc so that those who just don't want to see it don't have to, either.) ^^; I mean, say I

Say I like *scratches head...* Link/Kafei! From Zelda. (I don't like it too's just an example) See, there's no logical explanation whatsoever for that one. In fact, I am supportive of Kafei's canon love for his wife-to-be Anju. It's just that I like to play around every now and then. ^^b For my own (& friends') amusement. But when you go around trying to bash up Anju and make Link/Kafei seem like the god of all pairings, that's when it gets pretty dumb.

I hate having to sift through places like yaoi_daily and what-not to find good shounen-ai manga or something like that, because usually the majority of the content is just crap. Senseless butt-sex. << It's making me lean towards yuri even more than I already do. XD Err....yeah...

I just wanted to say "I slash 'em cuz it's hot", because, you know....Not everyone who does that is "rabid"...I hope. <<

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Heyy. Name's Nana and I have a really bad hatred for OOC yaoi. And then there are the fangirls of yaoi who tend to overdo it a smidge. I don't see what's so hot about it.. x__x But I do love yuri very very very very much. >_> I also like heterosexual pairs as well.

Don't do stupid pairings like those kids from Arashi or Gackt x HYDE :O It's unattractive. Yep.

Jyuu [userpic]
:Oh Joy, an anti-yaoi community here:

Hello, I'm Hyu. I'm not anti-yaoi, however I am anti-stupidity.. and it seems that mostsome fangirls seem to fit right up there in that catagory.

What I believe:

heterosexual and yuri couples can be JUST as cute as yaoi couples (and in sometimes even cuter)

It's stupid to declare yaoi the 'one pure love'. Buttsecks isn't pure last time I checked, it's very very dirty.

Not -all- females are canon-sues, and I hate how alot of the yaoi fans trash talk on female characters because it gets in the way of 'their ship'

And those same fangirls give the sane fans like me a -very bad name-.

Some of my favorite heterosexual and yuri couples are as follows.

Edge/Rydia (FFIV)
Takumi/Hachi (NANA)
Clow/Yuuko (Tsubasa/XXXHolic)
Shikamaru/Temari (Naruto)
Miki/Juri (Utena) -I know it's not canon, but I hate Shiori with a passion.
Wapourif/Morinas (Simoun)
Byakuya/Rukia (Bleach)

and the Yuri

Sakura/Ino - Naruto (I dislike Sasuke, and I think that Naruto needs to get together with Hinata)
Yoshino/Rei - Maria-sama ga Miteru
Aeru/Nevirlle (Simoun)
Kendappa/Souma (RG Veda)

There are certain females that I don't particularly like.. granted, but that is only because they are -truly- dumb, not because it gets in the way of any ship I have.

I'm glad that this community exists, I really do.

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Hachi ( Bernadette Bocanegra ) [userpic]

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I just found this community and I can't say how happy I am to join a community that is anti-yaoi. I dispise yaoi very much. I hope more people join this community! My name is Hachi. I'm so glad to be here. Latas! *MWAH*

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