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    Saturday, February 4th, 2006
    7:54 am

    What do you expect from someone who thinks that he is supposed to live and die by the hatchet?

    Honestly, the juggalo way to kill anyone who opposes what you say.

    Here is what is great. There are now juggalos hiding this loser. There are juggalos who are now supporting what he did, just based on the sole fact that he wears facepaint and says mothafacko

    Anyone who is for this kid is showing how depraved you are. He attacked innocent people, for no reason. With a hatchet.

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    Sunday, January 30th, 2005
    7:47 pm
    Hi. My name is Nikki and I joined this asylum because I have the same views as you do. I dont like the music at all..I think its really pointless to watch clowns and others rap about killing people. Juggalos are basically any great big fan who listens not only to ICP but just psychopathic records. Every single "band" that is in psychopathic records sings about eating babies and killing motheres then fucking the dead. Doesnt dig my fancy.

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    6:02 am
    More of the losers
    Just in case you think you know better.

    I heard of ICP many years ago. I didn't think anything of it, why would anyone listen to rapping clowns?

    Then juggalos sprouted up once in a blue moon. I had no idea what they were, but they sure made it known that they didn't like you and that they were better than you. Which didn't make any sense to me.

    So eventually, the internet made it easier of ICP to spread that message of losership. I still didn't get it. So I researched it.

    I read fan sites. I read thier site. I read music reviews.

    I know too much about them. I'm waiting for them to get tax exemption.

    But what I do know, that only if you are a complete and total loser, ICP will apeal to you.

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    Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
    2:08 pm
    I would love to know
    What in the world makes a juggalo family?

    Repeating song lyrics does not constitute family.

    Being a fan of the same band does not constitute family.

    Calling yourself a word that ICP admits to saying accidentily does not make you family, even if they make a song on it later.

    Face painting yourself does not make you family.

    Believing in a fake religion (the dark tent) does not make you family.

    Please, let's see some intelligent responses to this.

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