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    Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
    1:32 am
    Another webcomic share
    I've taken up readiing better days. So I'd thought I'd share. Better days follows twins and thier mother through daily life. I sometimes grapple with the beliveablility of the charaters and timeline but I eventually got into it and I'm trying to clean up the backdated issues. Here's a link: <a href=""> Better days</a>
    Monday, December 22nd, 2008
    1:14 am
    A not for you deviant art users: DA has a chatroom made by one tailsrulez for general topic chat which is fur friendly (sounds familliar dosent it?) You can visit it here
    Thursday, December 11th, 2008
    12:59 am
    ood cheese >> A romance based in highschool about highschool before the spring prom. It's shorter than most comics I've found and not really my prefered genera but it was intresting enough for me to see it through to the end. It's nicely drawn as well. It's not collored but I don't feel it was necessacary The charaters were beliveable and it made me think aobut my hichschool days.
    Good Cheese

    Two kinds>> A fantasy based comic about a former hunter falling in love with those he's hunted after loosing his memory. Although this is my prefed type of read the comic seems to have a problem with mood sometimes. Sometimes being serious and dramatic and then trying next issue to be silly and light hearted. This also happens in the same issue sometimes. Dispite the mood swings the comic has some good hooks that will keep you reading. This comic is fully drawn and colored (most of the time)  It ends friday
    Two kinds

    Sbrina online>> Well I will just cut to the chase here. I loved this comic enough to read a back log spanning several years (over 10 years worth in 4 days) just to catch up and wait for the updates still coming each month. The story is about a graphic designer (and all around computer nerd) who gets a job at a company only to get fired when they replace her with a clipart CD. Bummed out she finds another job as a graphics designer and web guru for what turns out to be an adult film studio owned by a skunk (with siberian tiger in her liniage) named Zig Zag and hilarity ensues. The storyline follows other charaters as well including her roomate and husband, love intrest, Zig zag and even her toys on occasion. The comic is drawn in balck and white and on special occasions there are colored strips.
    Sabrina online

    Feel free to share others i may not be aware of
    Saturday, December 6th, 2008
    12:50 am
    Welcome to Anthros united
    Well welcome once again to anthros united I'm 2 tailed tech the manager of this little padded room full of furries. Before posting or even joining us I ask that you please read our very easy rules.
    After that just introduce yourself and have fun.

    As for the first community wide question I'll pose to you is this:

    What kind of anthro are you? Or more specifically what species?
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