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Welcome [21 January @ 12:59am]

Before you join this community, please read the following.

What this site is
This an eating disorder support community. We're here to listen, support, care and all the things in between. Feeling down? Post and let us know. We'll try and cheer you up. Need advice on asking for help? We're always here for you.

What this site is not
A proanorexic community. Almost all proanorexic sites should be shut down because they harm, hurt and encourage others to self-destruct. You'll find no tips or tricks here, we wont tell you how to develop an eating disorder (partially because there are no instructions) nor will we tell you how to hide anything from your family. You won't find any nudes/semi-nudes here either; anyone posting pictures to count their bones will be banned.

Posting here is done at your own risk. Remember that this is the internet and you are never anonymous. Always ask yourself: "would I like my mom or grand mother to see what I'm posting?".

Anorexia as a lifestyle?
Don't have an eating disorder but want to join? Sure thing, you can do that by clicking the "x" in the corner of your browser. Thanks, don't come again!

Any offensive comments will be removed and anyone insulting others will be banned. Although, everyone here is really lovely and gets along well so there should be no problems.


Feel like this is the place for you? Just create an account then you can go here to join.


You can contact me via private message at any time should you need to do so.


If you are on this page because you have found it and are concerned about a loved one, please do not act harshly. Confronting the person in a negative manner will upset them and cause them to do more damage to themselves. A hug from you could save their life.

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