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June 29th, 2020

FIC: Shoot Twixt Wind and Water, NC-17, Severus/Petunia

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Reveals went up yesterday for [community profile] daily_deviant's Banging Birthday (you can check out the whole ML here) and this was my contribution, created for the fantastic, [personal profile] mywitch!

Title: Shoot Twixt Wind and Water
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/Petunia Evans
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Virgins
Other Warnings/Content: First time, magic kink, set between Snape's 6th and 7th year
Word Count: ~1100
Summary/Description: Petunia can't help but be attracted to magic, and Severus can't help but be attracted by opportunity...
Author's Notes: Thank you to B for beta reading. Hope the prompter enjoys! Title comes from this marvellous article.

Shoot Twixt Wind and Water )

I recognize that face!

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(a rough draft of our latest adventure in Kalet.)

Ah, table top role play gaming. Of the Dragonquest variety in our case.
Our party returned from our mission, successfully, and went to turn in our report to the Parksmen *the “Law Enforcement” organization for which we are employed.

Our Supervisor is confused by this, as we had already turned in our report earlier that day, signed by our party leader, Chester. The handwriting certainly looks like his,,,
Puzzled, we continue on to the boarding house where we have rented rooms, only to be met by a delivery of 4 barrels of gunpowder, ordered, presumably, by Chester. This is very odd, as we have been gone from the city for several weeks on our mission, and certainly have not ordered any gunpowder.

However, gunpowder can be very useful, and we take delivery of it (fortunately my character, Damaha, has sufficient funds, being the copper-pinching Half-Elf she is.

We no sooner settle the bill, than another delivery arrives; this one a barrel of urine, ordered, supposedly, by Damaha, who redirects it to an ice house, where it may be used for making of ice – in retrospect, she should have sent it to a tannery.

(Her name is actually “Grey Crow Red Cap Damaha”, Damaha being her forename, Red Cap being her family name, and Grey Crow being her Clan. The party usually calls her Red Cap, and she is a Half-Elf/Half-Goblin Shadow Weaver (her magical college) and Martial Artist.)

We check our rooms, and the Landlady tells us she’s surprised to see us back so soon, and we had just left a little while ago. We go check our rooms, and they appear to have been used very recently, things moved, sign of people sleeping in the beds, and someone even used Damaha’s shampoo! As she keeps most of her head shaved, this is a specially compounded formula, and she is not amused. Damaha summons a shadlow-aligned being, and a crow appears, which thenn takes on the appearance of an Elf, and they converse. The crow has seen “us” in the place several times recently – a Centaur (Chester), a Dwarf (Grudana), Martlett (a human), Darmok (a Goblin) and myself. We’ve actually been gone from town for a few weeks

We decide to get something to eat, and as we enter the establishment, we her screaming coming from the women’s lavatory. Being LEP’s we respond to the scene, and find a woman, staring a Grudana, one of our party, and saying “I won’t tell anyone what I saw, just let me go, you don’t have to kill me.”
She has quite obviously confused someone else for our Dwarf.

With the help of a couple of spells to make her calm down, we learn that she witnessed someone who looked like Grudana attack and kill a woman. The body appears to have had the leg long bones removed from it. None of us can figure out why. the imposter/doppelganger had run out of the area “going to get the authorities” just before we walked in …

After this, we regroup and decide to stake out our rooms, and hide in them. A note slides under the door of Marlett’s room, he picks it up and reads “Well, this is inconvenient. You’re supposed to be dead.”

Yanking the door open, he finds our landlady, startled by the sudden appearance, who says “I didn’t see you come back in! You had a note, I put it under the door. Upon questioning, she says it was left by a uniformed courier, and she manages to find him nearby. He accepts a return message and goes to deliver it.

We follow to a laundromat, and enter it to ask about things. As we are discussing whther to just ask at the main desk/counter, or to also check the workers in the back, the front window explodes inward, and Grudana and Damaha are hit by crossbow bolts. Battle ensure.
Being relatively confident that none of our foes are Light-aligned, Damaha casts a Web of Starlight spell, managing to ensure one of the assailants, but two other possible targets managed to get out of the way. While holding this spell, she is attacked by her doppleganger, which she manages to not react, despite significant damage to herself. We are each in battle with ourselves – our dopplegangers.

At another blow, Damaha loses concentration, letting go of her active spell. This does, however, provide her means and opportunity to join the fray and directly confront her assailant. The battle does not go wel for her, and she rapidly goes down, only to be stuck critically against again, while collapsed at the feet of her doppleganger.

A few moments later, combat is over, the surviving dopplegangers are rendered immoblile and silent.

Which is where we had to stop for the evening, due to multiple telephone issues with our group call and the GM’s phone.

This post is the early draft of my log for this session, It will be revised in the future.

Ash, The Weregamer

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June 28th, 2020


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Ugh, I woke up this morning with a headache from hell. It's definitely trying to be one of those "It'll get better before it gets worse" kind of headaches, it seems. I did do my temperature when I got up (97.1°F) and just a few minutes ago (98.2°F). I generally don't get any higher than 97.7°F so I'm going to be keeping an eye on that, especially when it's combined with a sore throat and the occasional cough. I'm probably being paranoid, but people here just really started wearing masks when the city mandated it last week and my immune system has never been the best anyway.

And yeah, that's about all I've got to say for myself for today. I did do some writing, and in fact, I managed 666 words before I passed out. I got a lot of amusement out of that one. But that's really the most I've got to say for today.
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The Trumpian lie . . . is the power lie, or the bully lie. It is the lie of the bigger kid who took your hat and is wearing it—while denying that he took it. There is no defense against this lie because the point of the lie is to assert power, to show “I can say what I want when I want to.” The power lie conjures a different reality and demands that you choose between your experience and the bully’s demands: Are you going to insist that you are wet from the rain or give in and say that the sun is shining? . . .

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Gessen, Masha. Surviving Autocracy (pp. 106 - 11). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. This entry was originally posted at

Fic Alert!

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Holy crap, y'all. This is the first time I've written a full-on fic in... well, I'm not even willing to say how long it's been. I was so out of practice that I had basically forgotten how to write. And for some inexplicable reason, I apparently thought this would be a swell time to pick up a prompt that was way outside my usual realm. (Or what used to be my usual realm, at any rate. It's been so long that I don't even have a realm anymore!) Ha. Hahahaha.

But! I pulled it off somehow! All things considered, I'm sure this isn't exactly the greatest thing I've ever written. But it's a FIC and it's DONE and I AM THRILLED! *\o/*

Title: Nothing So Sordid as a Dalliance
Author: [info]r_grayjoy
Characters/Pairings: Albus/Minerva
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes/Content: UST -> RST, cross-gen/age disparity (Minerva is 18 here)
Word Count: 3,100
Summary/Description: Albus Dumbledore is the only man Minerva has ever truly wanted. And she's waited for him long enough.
Author's Notes: Written for [info]purplefluffycat in [community profile] daily_deviant's Banging Birthday! Enormous thanks to [info]ragdoll and [info]eeyore9990 for the last-minute assistance and the hand-holding.

Nothing So Sordid as a Dalliance on daily_deviant DreamWidth

Fic: Die andere Art von Idioten

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Titel: Die andere Art von Idioten
Beta: meine Mutter
Fandom: Tatort Stuttgart
Charaktere: Sebastian Bootz, Thorsten Lannert
Pairing: Thorsten Lannert/Sebastian Bootz
Kategorie: Slash
Rating: G
Warnung: None
Spoiler: None
Sprache: deutsch
Wörter: 3032
Disclaimer: Mir gehört nichts, außer der Fehler.
"Maja, du weißt aber schon, dass Thorsten und ich nicht zusammen sind?“
Das sind die Worte, die Maja beschäftigen. Stimmt das? Und wenn ja, was lässt sich dagegen unternehmen? (Sequel zu "Von Kleidern und Idioten)

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*knock knock*

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Is anyone else having an issue with their friends page here? I was unable to skip back 20 entries starting a few weeks ago and now there's only about 5 entries. The fuck? Is there a bug or a mass abandonment happening??

BAUplan - floral office

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current chapter word count: 9295 (on 21 A4 pages of which 12 are consecutive text already)
scene(s) currently written: communication shenanigans (done), calling Omi (done), budgeting challenge (done), Tachibana (mostly integrated)
scene(s) to be written next: impressive tachibana (written, but needs to be adapted), No wharf for Omi, We're missing something (about the wharf)
character pissing off both of his superiors: Motohiro
character entertained by his unexpectedly frangrant office: Seishiro
character atypically ignoring a "do not enter": Subaru
research of the day: holiday surcharges

quote of the day:
"The reserves are for tackling the unforeseen," Seishiro replied, "unforeseen as the required restructuring of Japan's spiritual defense to accommodate the Dao, but that is beside the point." He put his cup down, leaned forward, and studied his CFO inquisitively before asking mildly, "Since when do you believe you have the authority to cancel my orders?" [A mirrored Dreamwidth post | read comment count unavailable comment(s) at DW | post a comment at DW | How to use OpenID ]

June 27th, 2020


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Let's see if I can come up with an accounting for today. I feel like a lot of the day was spent feeling like crap with a headache, a cough, and a sore throat. I spent a lot of time on the phone with Mum discussing Grandmother and getting her a newer Kindle that would be able to play audiobooks and what all that would entail getting her in addition. I use the Audible app on my iPhone for audiobooks and I use MP3 AudioBook Player for podfics, so I don't really know.

(But guess which one I have more of: audiobooks or podfics? A hint would be to say that I listened to [profile] mist_marauder read me stories most of the drive to Louisiana a couple of years ago. It's also my antidote for spending too much together time with family. I love 'em, but sometimes it's hard, given how different we can all be. I'm not always mentally well after a long visit.)

And yeah, that's all I've got. I'm going to check my temperature and then the fuck to bed.
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Busy day today. I had my COVID-19 test. That was a funky experience, but everyone was really nice yet professional. I ran into one of my old library coworkers and mentioned how [personal profile] katsuko was job shopping and had worked in the FSU library system before. I finished all but one of those POs. Of course, it's the one that I can't find a tutorial for, so I'm having to make it up as I go. But I don't want it kicked back since it's for our copier, so I emailed some folks to try to get some answers about how to do this particular PO. No answer yet, so hopefully I'll get one and be able to do it on Monday... because of course, that's the last possible day to do it. If I haven't heard anything by lunch on Monday, I'll try contacting Christy to see if she knows how it was done last year.

And that's really all I've got to go on about today.
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Quick Post

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Thank you everyone who sent me well wishes for last week -- I'll reply individually later today. *hugs* ♥

I'm mostly feeling better. I think I've just hit a new regular pain level. We'll see how my cycle is in a week.

Nothing much going on; just collecting my CSA veg and enjoying more variety at the farmers market. Grandma is driving me crazy because she's been going out here and there for just a few items -_- Work continues to be awful. I'm starting to just. Zone out. Either because I can't handle having so little to do or because I can't handle the work load of the managerial stuff; sometimes both. *shrug* But I have plants and fresh veg each week! And books enough to keep me company (and literally our store manager has seen us reading and we've made sure to keep an eye out for customers so our review numbers should be good so it's fine. It's all fine.)

Just a few photos of the plants today -- mushrooms that were growing out of the drain holes in my tomato plant (and I emailed my state's extension group and they confirmed it likely isn't anything I'm doing and that the mushroom spores came with the soil); one from my indoor garden; our first pea pod that was ready for eating; and a spider whom I startled this morning and he let me know it. Poor guy. I felt bad.

I've put it behind the cut for the spider.

Plants! )
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