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The official new siteschemes poll

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The official new siteschemes poll

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The new siteschemes are officially moving out of beta, and with it we are going to change the default look of the site to one of these great new themes. Please decide which theme you think should greet new users and visitors of the site and vote today. Voting will be open for 1 week.

I want to send out my gratitude to [info]branchandroot and the entire [info]ij_siteschemes volunteer crew! You guys have done an AMAZING job!!!

Poll #2017 Siteschemes
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Which of these siteschemes would you prefer to be the default?

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Dramatic - Dropdown
95 (11.1%)

Dramatic - Sidebar
149 (17.5%)

Worksafe - Dropdown
163 (19.1%)

Worksafe - Sidebar
446 (52.3%)

Also we have uploaded a new alternate sitescheme, it is a black and white theme (sans-tweak and tweak-says for those that don't like him). It is called Monodramatic, it, too, is available in dropdown and sidebar options.

You can select any of the available siteschemes at
  • side by side browser view screencaps

    hi branchandroot---

    in case it helps, here are screen images:
    side-by-side comparison of Sidebar-worksafe screencap from the OP/poll, and what I actuallly get when I choose this view, #1
    ditto, for the other half of the screen
    how IJ default dropdown homepage appears when i am logged out, i.e., it's scaled correctly.

    as you can see, it's not just that the sidebar view option has large font. the whole layout is scaled up. font might (or might not) remain proportional.... i'll leave that to the designers to figure out.

    good luck!
    • Re: side by side browser view screencaps

      Hi! This issue should be fixed now. There are no longer any font definitions in the site style sheets, so what you see now should be your browser default font.

      If that is still larger than you prefer, you can change it to whatever suits you best by going into the menus under Safari > Preferences > Appearance and resetting your default fonts. Resetting that will cause the entire site sizing to scale down, because the layout widths are all defined proportional to whatever font is in use.

      Changing your default font will also cause any other websites that do not have a font defined to display in your preferred font and size, so that's an extra bonus.
    • Re: side by side browser view screencaps

      Strike the previous reply. Squeaky hasn't loaded the new sheets yet. Hopefully that will happen today.
    • Re: side by side browser view screencaps

      Okay. Now try how your site pages look.
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