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The official new siteschemes poll

InsaneJournal Announcements

The official new siteschemes poll

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The new siteschemes are officially moving out of beta, and with it we are going to change the default look of the site to one of these great new themes. Please decide which theme you think should greet new users and visitors of the site and vote today. Voting will be open for 1 week.

I want to send out my gratitude to [info]branchandroot and the entire [info]ij_siteschemes volunteer crew! You guys have done an AMAZING job!!!

Poll #2017 Siteschemes
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Which of these siteschemes would you prefer to be the default?

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Dramatic - Dropdown
95 (11.1%)

Dramatic - Sidebar
149 (17.5%)

Worksafe - Dropdown
163 (19.1%)

Worksafe - Sidebar
446 (52.3%)

Also we have uploaded a new alternate sitescheme, it is a black and white theme (sans-tweak and tweak-says for those that don't like him). It is called Monodramatic, it, too, is available in dropdown and sidebar options.

You can select any of the available siteschemes at
  • That helps a lot, thanks!

    *frowns some more* Bugger. It really is just the way Verdana is displaying.

    Okay, I'm going to recommend taking out all the font definitions. That would get you your browser default, which should be smaller.
    • i'm a complete idiot and this is probably common sense to everyone but me, but how do i go about that?
      • *waves hands* Oh, no, no! I'm sorry, I meant, I'll recommend to Squeaky that we change the font definitions on the style sheets! Nothing you need to do at all.
        • For some reason, my font is really big too, and I'm just using Firefox in Windows.

          Other than that, those new site schemes are fantastic.
          • Okay, this should be fixed. Clear your cache and reload a site page and have a look. If it's still too big, or not the font you like best, you can change it by going into your browser Preferences/Options, and looking under the Content tab. That pane will let you pick the default font that suits you best.
        • if it's too much work for you guys, don't worry about it!
          • Not a problem at all. This should be fixed now; all font definitions are stripped out. Clear your cache and reload a site page, and take a look. If it's still larger than you like, you can adjust it by going into your browser Preferences/Options and changing the default font to whatever suits you best. That will at the bottom of your Content button.
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