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The official new siteschemes poll

InsaneJournal Announcements

The official new siteschemes poll

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The new siteschemes are officially moving out of beta, and with it we are going to change the default look of the site to one of these great new themes. Please decide which theme you think should greet new users and visitors of the site and vote today. Voting will be open for 1 week.

I want to send out my gratitude to [info]branchandroot and the entire [info]ij_siteschemes volunteer crew! You guys have done an AMAZING job!!!

Poll #2017 Siteschemes
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Which of these siteschemes would you prefer to be the default?

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Dramatic - Dropdown
95 (11.1%)

Dramatic - Sidebar
149 (17.5%)

Worksafe - Dropdown
163 (19.1%)

Worksafe - Sidebar
446 (52.3%)

Also we have uploaded a new alternate sitescheme, it is a black and white theme (sans-tweak and tweak-says for those that don't like him). It is called Monodramatic, it, too, is available in dropdown and sidebar options.

You can select any of the available siteschemes at
  • Designer here. Okay, I'm looking around in the css and not seeing immediately what might be causing this problem. Could you tell me what platform (Windows, Mac, etc.) and what browser (FF3, Safari, IE7, etc.) you're using? This may be a failure in the browser-detecting script.
    • macbook, and i primarily use flock but i also tested the layout in safari to see if it was just the flock browser.
      • *frowns* Verdana shouldn't be showing up that large in Mac, and the style sheets themselves don't have a font-size defined. Very puzzling.

        Is it at all possible that your browsers or your computer itself have had their default font size altered somehow? Can you take a quick look at your font settings and let me know what they are? It's possible that Verdana, in particular, is set for a large display. If not... then I'm at a bit of a loss, but I'll keep looking around to see if I can find out what's happening.
        • here, i took two screen caps for you. one of how large the font of insanejournal looks for me and the other of my font settings in flock. i've never messed with the font settings and on other pages like myspace/etc they all work normally but for some reason ij is just large! what the text looks like on ij's main page and font settings in flock
          • That helps a lot, thanks!

            *frowns some more* Bugger. It really is just the way Verdana is displaying.

            Okay, I'm going to recommend taking out all the font definitions. That would get you your browser default, which should be smaller.
            • i'm a complete idiot and this is probably common sense to everyone but me, but how do i go about that?
              • *waves hands* Oh, no, no! I'm sorry, I meant, I'll recommend to Squeaky that we change the font definitions on the style sheets! Nothing you need to do at all.
                • For some reason, my font is really big too, and I'm just using Firefox in Windows.

                  Other than that, those new site schemes are fantastic.
                  • Okay, this should be fixed. Clear your cache and reload a site page and have a look. If it's still too big, or not the font you like best, you can change it by going into your browser Preferences/Options, and looking under the Content tab. That pane will let you pick the default font that suits you best.
                • if it's too much work for you guys, don't worry about it!
                  • Not a problem at all. This should be fixed now; all font definitions are stripped out. Clear your cache and reload a site page, and take a look. If it's still larger than you like, you can adjust it by going into your browser Preferences/Options and changing the default font to whatever suits you best. That will at the bottom of your Content button.
    • i'm seeing the same problem with large font size, too. exactly as shown in the screencaps by draco.

      my font settings are also for default=Times 16, with fixed width=courier 13.

      i use Mac Safari 2.0.4.

      iirc, this large font also happened when i've tried the worksafe layout on a PC using IE6 (or 7). (it's a work computer, i can get the specs later if you need them, just let me know.)

      thanks for working on it! hope it's an easy fix.
    • I'm getting the same kind of font hugeness on two different computers:

      #1: Windows XP, Firefox, Monodramatic Sidebar
      #2: Windows Vista, Firefox, Monodramatic Sidebar

      The actual content of a post is fine, the actual content of comments (and the username/time) is fine, but anything in a table (whether it's on the site, such as the comment boxes that pop up with Javascript, or in a personal entry of mine -- er, I would be happy to link you to one, but the only ones I've got are kind of NSFW!) has its size dialed up a notch. Also, my userinfo page displays huge fonts!
      • Okay, this should be fixed; all font definitions are stripped out. Clear your cache and reload a site page, and take a look. If it's still larger than you like, you can adjust it by going into your browser Preferences/Settings and changing the default font to whatever suits you best.
    • hi again!

      elaborating on my earlier reply, during which I wasn't sure what OS and browser versions we have at work.

      large font for sidebar Monodramatic (and sidebar Worksafe) also seen with Win2KPro using IE6, and IE7.

      This is on two different computers, of course.

      Looking forward to seeing the font downsized! :)

    • side by side browser view screencaps

      hi branchandroot---

      in case it helps, here are screen images:
      side-by-side comparison of Sidebar-worksafe screencap from the OP/poll, and what I actuallly get when I choose this view, #1
      ditto, for the other half of the screen
      how IJ default dropdown homepage appears when i am logged out, i.e., it's scaled correctly.

      as you can see, it's not just that the sidebar view option has large font. the whole layout is scaled up. font might (or might not) remain proportional.... i'll leave that to the designers to figure out.

      good luck!
      • Re: side by side browser view screencaps

        Hi! This issue should be fixed now. There are no longer any font definitions in the site style sheets, so what you see now should be your browser default font.

        If that is still larger than you prefer, you can change it to whatever suits you best by going into the menus under Safari > Preferences > Appearance and resetting your default fonts. Resetting that will cause the entire site sizing to scale down, because the layout widths are all defined proportional to whatever font is in use.

        Changing your default font will also cause any other websites that do not have a font defined to display in your preferred font and size, so that's an extra bonus.
      • Re: side by side browser view screencaps

        Strike the previous reply. Squeaky hasn't loaded the new sheets yet. Hopefully that will happen today.
      • Re: side by side browser view screencaps

        Okay. Now try how your site pages look.
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