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The official new siteschemes poll

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The official new siteschemes poll

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The new siteschemes are officially moving out of beta, and with it we are going to change the default look of the site to one of these great new themes. Please decide which theme you think should greet new users and visitors of the site and vote today. Voting will be open for 1 week.

I want to send out my gratitude to [info]branchandroot and the entire [info]ij_siteschemes volunteer crew! You guys have done an AMAZING job!!!

Poll #2017 Siteschemes
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Which of these siteschemes would you prefer to be the default?

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Dramatic - Dropdown
95 (11.1%)

Dramatic - Sidebar
149 (17.5%)

Worksafe - Dropdown
163 (19.1%)

Worksafe - Sidebar
446 (52.3%)

Also we have uploaded a new alternate sitescheme, it is a black and white theme (sans-tweak and tweak-says for those that don't like him). It is called Monodramatic, it, too, is available in dropdown and sidebar options.

You can select any of the available siteschemes at
  • Also, while I've been armed for some time with the information to try fixing the scheme I use myself, it sill randomly annoys me that the scheme I use has broken dates so that none of the comments I post have days visible: they're just "dayordJuly 2008".

    I mentioned this last time there were "improvements" to the site that didn't include fixing old schemes and didn't include a means of switching off Tweaky, and got told (thanks to all who did) how in principle to tweak schemes in use. But I still think it would be neat to have schemes that just worked normally without needing to be individually tweaked, especially over something basic like the display date.
  • Oooh! I like the black and white sidebar alternate scheme sans Tweak. I like Tweak; I just wish he were 'cuter'. :)
  • I have a question that's sort of a suggestion, too. Is there any way that the vertical ads on the layouts with sidebars could be put at the bottom of the sidebar (after the links) instead of next to it? I love the Dramatic layout with sidebar, but the ads next to it distort my entries and that's kind of a let down.

    Just wondering if it's possible, is all. Thanks for all the effort you put into the site, [info]squeaky
  • great for once my fav is in the lead ;) I love Worksafe sidebar ... many thanks two whom ever worked on it. It's awesome, even better than dystopia!
  • it's unfortunate you're getting rid of the current default theme because that's the only one i can view properly when on ij from my phone. everything else doesn't function properly at all.
  • I really, really like Monodramatic--apart from the glaring yellow bars on the comments page. It's not really black and white, and I can't see a reason for the icon bars to alternate bright and less-bright yellow.

    The colour scheme you used for Worksafe is wonderful: is there any chance you could come up with a version of Worksafe minus Tweak?

    It would be exactly, exactly, exactly what I've been hoping for.
  • Worksafe - Sidebar is my favorite. I've been using it for a while now. =)
  • I just wanted to say that Monochromatic is REALLY nice. The colors are very easy on the eyes. I'm not against tweak personally, but him not being in there does make it look a bit better, albeit a little empty in the spot where he used to be.

    I was kind of meaning to suggest this for awhile, maybe we could redesign tweak? I think he's cute, but I think some people around here could really do some good on him with their photoshop skills. I think we're totally capable of making tweak look way more fucking kickass than he is right now. Just my opinion anyway.
  • I voted for Worksafe with Sidebar, but then I found Monodramatic with Sidebar and no Tweak. < < < < < It looks so beautiful and professional and awesome (though I am still having some issues with font sizes, which I mentioned to [info]branchandroot in another thread). I would be even happier with grey comment bars instead of orange, but this is WONDERFUL. (And Tweak always did kind of freak me out XD)
  • I'm finding with any of the new schemes that have a sidebar it totally screws up the layout when trying to view anything (diagnosis page, etc.) because of the ads on the left side and top of the page. I understand if I didn't have a free account I wouldn't have this issue, but alas I don't. Anyway, that leaves me with the question of would these spacing issues be taken care of before the new siteschemes are officially launched?
  • Damn, I really wanted to try the Monodramatic dropdown option, but I'll have to go back to the Worksafe dropdown, as the 'dropdowns' on the Monodramatic appear to have dark lettering on a dark grey background, and I can't actually read them. (The headings - View, Journal, Account, etc, are white on black, but the dropdowns from those is what's unreadable.) (Using Opera on Windows XP, by the way)

    Also, is there any way of setting the font size on entries when they have comments? I've remarked on it on an earlier thread, but thought it wise to put it here as well.

    What happens is that a post, even under a cut-tag, WITHOUT comments, is in the basic (I think Verdana) font, at a readable size, about 10 point. As soon as it receives comments, it goes down to about 8 point (maybe 7?), which is almost unreadable sometimes. However, the comments themselves stay in 10 point! This happens both in Opera on the PC, and when I use the MacBook in Firefox.

  • I personally love orange, but on my laptop (on battery power) low contrast schemes (such as white text on an orange background) are difficult to read.

    For the greatest compatibility and legibility, I voted for worksafe sidebar. It's the scheme I've been using for months.

    I like the suggestions to offer the dramatic scheme (both dropdown and sidebar) in different colors, starting with the basics: green, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow.
  • I'm getting this message "This part of the database is temporarily down for maintenance. Try again in a few minutes." on the following page:
  • I'm one of the many voters for work safe side bar, but I have to agree that it'd be ideal with a regular font size. It's always been large, but it seems even larger now.
  • i stopped getting email notifications after the site came back up earlier. i use gmail
  • Yeah, just stopped by to let you know I haven't been receiving any notifications for a couple of hours and I also use gmail.
  • i'm on yahoo and i'm not getting notifications either.
  • Thank you so much for all of these options, especially the Monodramatic one. I voted for Worksafe Sidebar, because drop-down menus are just plain painful to use if you read in very large print, as I do.
  • along with the email notifications not working, i don't think that the recently posted in communities on the front page is updating either
  • I'm not getting email notifs on gmail since the site came back up.
  • I'm also not getting any notifs, and I use gmail.
  • I'm one of the many who stopped getting notifications when the site came back up (on this or any of my other accounts - all use yahoo).
  • If the Worksafe - Sidebar color scheme could be blue, I'd be very happy. Though, I'll admit that making it blue would make it look more like LJ and may not fit with InsaneJournal's logo.
  • Hey I love worksafe sidebar but I thought I would let you know that in addition to the massive font there also seems to be some misalignment on the icon upload page. Here's a screencap of mine.
  • Disabling quickreply and comments rot

    * Why am I still unable to disable quickreply on my communities?

    * has comment rot been fixed?
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