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I see that we have a bunch of new users and a lot of people checking us out. I do welcome all of you. I want to point out to you, that although this site is based in the LiveJournal engine, we are not affiliated or associated with LiveJournal in any way. We are an independently run site.

We understand why a lot of you are coming over here, and we do not believe in censorship beyond the letter of the law. We will not remove any content from the site unless we receive an official DMCA take down notice or are contacted by an offical legal agency notifying us of illegal activity.

That said, we welcome all of you and if you have any issues, please feel free to visit our support area.
  • Thanks for the welcome!

    Squeaky, you've got a great site here, and I think I'll be one of the migrants. Your very clear welcoming statement and sensible TOS are definite bonuses! I also really like that you seem to be using a very recent build of the LJ code, so all the features I love about LJ are here.

    One thing that does worry me a bit is the low sale price of permanent accounts. Quite honestly, I'd rather buy an annual account so I can help your ongoing revenue stream for the purchase of servers and bandwidth. I'm less likely to remember to donate every year!

    Honestly, if fandom comes here to you, I think you'll need an ongoing source of cash to buy those things we want - reliability, speed, capacity, and you'll probably need help running the site as it grows, so that means paid help.

    I deliberately haven't bought a permanent account just yet so I can talk with you about this. If you're going with only free and permanent accounts, I'll try and set up a reminder system for myself so that I can give you money each year.

    Let me know? And thanks again!
    • Re: Thanks for the welcome!

      I keep the overhead on the site very very low. So I don't really need a recurring stream of revenue. This site is not my sole source of income, just supplemental. So as long as it covers the cost of itself i'm happy.

      We did annual accounts for a long time and I just found that it didn't work for me.

      So you're welcome to help the site any way you see fit. I'm just glad to have so many new users here.
      • Re: Thanks for the welcome!

        Thanks for such a quick response. I'm very impressed! I'll go and buy a journal now, and I'll set up a reminder system and hope that works.

        It's a pleasure to be here!
      • Re: Thanks for the welcome!

        I honestly felt the same way and blogged a bit on this in my first post here. I'm going to do the same thing and set up myself reminders to donate each year as well.

        I'm sure some handy website will set up reminder on that. Good to know that it'd work out for you by having perma accounts.
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