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For example, a perma account would be counterproductive. why? Buy six months paid time instead for a character account. Reup in six months, so the site gets support again. Or buy 12 months.

You may play the same character over and over again, which is why you only need 1-2 journals for said character, buying perma accounts for both? Fucks things over for the site itself. I know not everyone can afford to buy accounts but if you're spending money on stupid shit or feel it's a shitty hand being dealt that you need to help so the site can stay open, then I don't know, you love it so much, why are you here?

If I can get users to understand why I was causing trouble the way I was online, then I'll be doing the six months thing. I want to help and might help any damn way, even if I Don't get to play.

Blaaaaah, this is shit I've wanted to say for years. Like 'Squeak. No Perma accounts, even though I really want one for something.' Or 'Don't lower your prices too damn much. You're not making it for the site or yourself.' I understand business, more than most people want to believe. He's basically saying: I love you guys soooo much and want to stay open, so damn it, here's a sale.

I'm probably wrong, but I'm over analytical and usually know what I'm talking about. Whoop. I'll shush now. I just want y'all to think about why he can't have sales all the time and you should buy at regular place. It's worth it in the end. Honestly, the prices are already sale prices in the first place. Doop Doop.
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