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In order to support a site, there shouldn't always be a sale. Spoiled users should indeed buy regardless. You don't have to do much, just 1-2 accounts would suffice per user or extra userpics.

Buying perma accounts kinda fucks everything up, unless they're personal or cdj. Why? Because in order for a small site like insanejournal to thrive, it needs monetary support from users. People act like if he doesn't put up a sale, he's being unfair. He's not. Because he's constantly running the site, it's hard for him to have a normal job, which he might have.

Point is, I understand, you want a sale, but please stop assuming there will be one unless it's holiday time.

You know what sucks? I bought a shitton of journals and didn't even get to use them. I supported the site, and others did too. But some of you aren't, which is ...well, up to you. A lot of users were lost, it's not thriving except over on pbads which are all the same bored users as always with different journals.

Sorry, man. We need more users, safer and kinder people who don't want to kick everyone off for speaking the heck up and let them stay here despite what they want to play.

Sorry Squeaky, just trying to help. I'm sure you get frustrated when people assume you'll have a sale when you're struggling. That's what makes some businesses take a hit, and this is a journal site/blog site. You can't sell until everything goes, it's counterproductive.
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