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InsaneJournal Holiday Sale is Live!!

InsaneJournal Announcements

InsaneJournal Holiday Sale is Live!!

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Our Holiday doorbuster sale is live from now until Friday the 29th the following prices are in effect.

Permanently Insane account - $25 (regular price $50)
Permanent Extra Userpics - $15 (regular price $30)

Paid account 12 Months $15 - (regular price $25)
Paid account 6 Months $10 - (regular price $15)
Paid account 1 Months $2 - (regular price $5)

Extra Userpics 12 Months $10 - (regular price $20)
Extra Userpics 6 Months $5 - (regular price $10)

Rename tokens - $4 (regular price $5)
Rename tokens (5 pack) - $15 (regular price $20)

Insane Userpics (5000 total user pics) - $100 (regular price $150)

Please note that Insane Userpics may take several hours to activate as it is a manual process.

Just head over to The InsaneJournal Store to buy and help keep InsaneJournal running! This sale is our most important sale of the year.
  • When I try adding insane userpics to my cart it just says no items in cart and nothing gets added.
    • Give me about 20 minutes and I’ll fix that.
    • Ok this issue is fixed.
      • Thanks for this sale and for getting on this issue so quickly, Squeaky! Have you made similar progress with the journal security issue from July? I haven't heard anything on the subject in quite some time.

        Also, I sent three private emails to you between June and October regarding your refusal to accommodate my disability on the site despite having the ability to do so but haven't heard back. I just wanted to make sure you were receiving them, and that your contact info hasn't changed since you denied my initial request!

        Have a great day!
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