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re: alternate plans for a hardware fundraiser mentioned in another comment

I know AWS provides a lot of support. If you went with this option instead, would the quality of support be on par? Or would everything fall on you?

I understand people have concerns and appreciate that you want an open dialogue with your customer base, but your customer base has to look at you as the technical expert here. People are concerned that they will lose their writing, their journals, their paid accounts, their icons during the migration. As the technical expert, it is up to you to answer those questions and concerns and not necessarily automatically default to another solution.

Upgrading to new servers doesn't necessarily negate the concerns either. Again, you have to tell us what to expect from that kind of migration. Is upgrading to new servers a cost effective solution if you will need a fundraiser for it? I assume some upkeep will be necessary which will also cost money.

As for the concerns that people will have to move to Dreamwidth to escape Terms of Service, you've already established that DW is already hosted there.

Thank you for pushing progress on IJ. Your transparency is so appreciated.
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