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It's that time of year again, the InsaneJournal Holiday sale is live. Here are the prices we will be selling our upgraded accounts and rename tokens at.

Permanently Insane account - $30 (regular price $50)
Permanent Extra Userpics - $15 (regular price $30)

Paid account 12 Months $15 - (regular price $25)
Paid account 6 Months $10 - (regular price $15)
Paid account 1 Months $2 - (regular price $5)

Extra Userpics 12 Months $10 - (regular price $20)
Extra Userpics 6 Months $5 - (regular price $10)

Rename tokens - $4 (regular price $5)
Rename tokens (5 pack) - $15 (regular price $20)

Insane Userpics (5000 total user pics) - $100 (regular price $150)

These prices will remain in effect until November 26th at 9am Eastern Standard Time (GMT -0500)

Then, for the rest of November and the entire Month of December we will be selling Permanently Insane accounts for a discounted price of $40 (regular price $50)
  • I've always been a little confused about this. If I purchase a permanent account, what does adding permanent extra userpics do, if anything, in addition?
  • Hi Squeaky,

    I tried to add the Insane Userpics to my cart for this journal. It just refreshes the page. I was able to put other items in my cart but that one will not go in there. I logged into a journal I have that is not a paid, and I had the same issue - they won't go into the cart.
    • Give me a couple of minutes to look into this
      • No worries. I can wait til tomorrow! I was also curious, because this is a Perm with the Extra User Pics... in previous years when I went from that status to Insane Userpics on an account, it usually gave me a $15 discount in upgrading once again, I guess to offset the extra icons I had paid for previously. Does that still apply? Thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving!
    • Please give it another shot.
      • It lets me put it in the cart now! Thanks!
  • i get a 404 error with the message below when i try to add an item to the cart.

    "The requested URL /modify.bml was not found on this server.
    Additionally, a 302 Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."
    • real talk. is a permanent account worth it? i've been wanting one for ages and i have the extra cash but i've only just come back to insanejournal so i'm trying to decide if it's worth it or not.
  • email notifs on new comments in certain posts aren't coming through for me and a few others.
  • Looks like as of Nov. 26 at 12 CST, the sale prices have reverted back to normal prices.
    • Youre right, that was a typo on my part. If anyone wants a partial
      Refund. I will happily grant it. Just open a support request.
  • i was actually going to buy a perm code for $30 tonight to save for later because it said til the 27th at 9am eastern :|
  • just seconding the person the said that some comments just do not get emailed. it's usually the initial comment made, making it extremely inconvenient. is this something you could possibly look into? it's been happening to me for at least 3 months now.
    • sorry me and several people i know*
  • Hoping you will put up the insane Userpics again. I missed it last month! *fingers crossed*
  • if i have a permanent account and rename it to a different journal, does my permanent status transfer to the new journal or do i lose it?
    • The permanent status follows the account not the name. So the account that has all the posts and comments will stay permanent even if it is renamed.

      If you look at your user info page there is a number next to your account. That is what the permanent account is attached to. Even if you rename that number stays the same.
      • I completely missed the perm account sale because of the holidays! Do you guys plan on having another one sometime in the near future? Fingers crossed. I wanted to do it for 2 of my accounts.
  • Hi Squeaky! Thanks for all of your hard work on this site!

    I renamed this journal last night to ~ignited, which had previously been purged, however when I try to get to the journal with the link it is still showing as deleted/purged. How long does this usually take to remedy?

    Thank you again!
    • You probably just need to hold shift and reload, or clear the browser's cache. You are probably getting a cached version of the page.
  • This is kinda a long question/comment BUT...

    There are LOADS of people who it says are mutual friends on my profile page but when I go to their journal it says "You list so-and-so" as a friend. The first person I noticed, I didn't think much of it, but then I poked around some more and just clicking on people I know are regularly active, I found 2 people who were mutual friends but about 5 I just "list as a friend". People I have been friends with for years. I asked a couple friends to check and sure enough they couldn't access my locked posts.

    One of the biggest issues with this is that if people are posting locked entries, they don't show up on my flist. It makes things look slower here on IJ than they actually are because right now I only see the same handful of people posting because the others aren't my friends apparently.

    Someone I mentioned it to suggested that when there was that big crash a year or so ago that messed up comm access and people's filters, this might have been an effect that wasn't apparent immediately. You sort of need to seek out the info to see it.

    Anyway, just thought I'd mention it. Not sure what can be done, if anything.
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