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Patreon Update

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If you go to our Patreon page, you'll see that we are so close to reaching our first milestone (no ADS!!!). Every month that we have over $750 in processed pledges we will drop all ads from the site for that month!

Guys this is HUGE, help us push it over the top!
  • I've pledged $1 a month (all I can afford rn, I'm currently unemployed). But I hope you get more! Even if it doesn't reach the ad-free target, it's all going towards the servers that let us post here after all.
  • off-topic, insecure pages at insanejournal

    hi! i'm sorry to have to post this here. i tried using the support form, and every time i tried to submit my issue, it said an error occurred.

    in my browser, insanejournal pages have a red slash over the lock icon, left of the address bar. this means the page is not secure. there is a message which says, "logins entered on this page could be compromised." the only link i've seen which begins with "https" is the main page url (

    i would like to come back and use insanejournal again, but i don't feel safe here if none of the pages are secure. is this something which will be fixed soon?
    • Re: off-topic, insecure pages at insanejournal

      We are currently awaiting support from our SSL vendor for wildcard certificates which should be coming soon. As soon as that is implemented, we will be doing SSL across the entire site.
  • please consider putting some time and effort into decreasing the spam. i have gotten ten and counting comments today alone.
    • Have you tried changing the comment settings on your journal?
      • yes, i do when i get a second in the workday to fix whichever journal they hit. then i have like a week of quiet until a different account is spammed. it seems like the site may as well turn off anon entirely at this rate. as is i very much regret the money i've spent on ij.
        • I feel your pain. I don't regret the perm journals but oh Lord I'm starting to regret Patreon.

          I have a journal that's got like four pages of comments. At this point I just let it go because I want to see just how many it's going to get before this gets fixed.
  • I'm far more inclined to spend the limited money I have for my hobbies on Patreon that is giving me something relevant to my needs. The only milestone you've offered is getting rid of ads, but it's 2018, and I don't know anyone that doesn't have adblocker installed in their browser.

    On the other hand its a nonstop sorry fest for the spam comments which seems to be happening exclusively on IJ.

    Or the fact that the site has been in bad need of updating for years now and we've all just gotten used to finding ways to work around it.

    IJ was fine for a long time until it became clear that this was a set and forget platform that was never going to see anything more put into it. Please consider some of the real issues before you ask people to pay to turn off adverts on the site. A more up to date and stable platform without daily spam comments is a lot more appealing than asking me to invest in something I don't see in my browser anyway. I don't see advertisements on any website, so I can't justify paying to have it turned off on this one.

    I apologize if I come off rude, it just feels like the site is becoming increasingly more unstable. Just my thoughts.
  • It's great that the Patreon site is helping so much but I have to agree that the real issue at the moment is the spam. Even updates to what's happening with fixing that or why it's happening would be really useful, it just feels like it's not an issue that's being dealt with.. Yes, we can all change journal comment settings but I think some people have pointed out that some users need/want anon commenting on their journals for various reasons so that only helps some of the users, not everyone. I use IJ constantly, I've been her e for years, since GJ went down (RIP) and I'm happy to pay towards something that is important to me but the rewards and the support just aren't there.

    Have you thought about Pateron pledgers being allowed to buy perm journals year-round or at a discount? That might boost the monthly pledges and if that's what needs to happen to help fight the spam I'm sure it could gain traction.
  • I have to agree with the other comments here: removing the ads from the site is really not a perk here or any incentive to donate.

    While the spam has gotten ridiculous, as long as I change my comment settings, it's not the big of a deal for me personally. I'd much rather see something useful as a reward for meeting the goal: like the ability to edit comments, so that I'm not constantly have to delete and repost things.

    Or any sort of update to better help us in using the platform.
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