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Fight Against Comment Spam

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We have taken additional action against the comment spam that has been happening including banning certain text from comments as well as limiting the rate anonymous users can comment. Hopefully this will make a big impact and keep you guys from having to put up with this annoying problem.
  • I find it funny the two IJ notifications I woke up to today were this... and a spam comment XD

    (whoops, didn't mean to lave an anon comment. sorry for the duplication)
  • Is there a reason there are no longer captchas on anon comments?
  • I'm still getting spam on different journals. Here are the most recent two types. (
  • Nope. Still getting spammed.
  • I’m getting spam on this journal. Please fix the captchas and this won’t happen.
  • I've been getting a spate of replies to one of the earliest posts in my journal - all spam, most of them in Cyrillic - over the last few days. Sorry to hear the site's getting hammered in this way. I'm currently just deleting the spam I get, and I've switched on screening and IP logging for anonymous posters.
  • You may want to try implementing a honeypot. This would likely go a long way in preventing bot comments (and could also prevent bots from registering and/or logging into the site if you implemented it in the sign up and login forms, if you wanted to go that way.)

    Like with any anti-spam method, there are disadvantages to honeypots, but I think it's worth looking into since the amount of spam coming through in the comments is so high. I know, for me, my main journal here and my layout preview journals have been getting hit pretty hard.
  • Thanks, Squeaky.
  • I'm still getting s lot of comment spam, mostly on journals that I haven't done anything with in a while. Is there a way for me to report this to help track down who is doing it or is the best way just to disaable comments to those uournals?
    • If you get spam, the best thing to do is delete the comment and check the "report this comment as spam" checkbox. You can also turn of anonymous commenting on your journals to stop anonymous commenting
  • I'm getting spam too, mainly like the ones [Bad username: imkilroy:] posted (second one)
  • Eh I'm still getting em. I just delete them, but thought I'd let you know I still see them pop up.
  • Still getting them, and like I said, I'm sure a big part of the reason is that now anon comments don't have a captcha.
    • Agreed. yeah. Re-enabling comment captcha fields or adding in a honeypot system (our both at once) would probably knock most of the problem out and be quick to implement.
      • The weird thing is, every so often, I'm getting a captcha on anon comments. It's random and there's nothing unusual about the comments - like they don't have links or anything like that in them. So I have no idea wtf is going on with captcha at all.
        • Huh... Y'know, a friend and I were talking yesterday about how the loss of captchas on anon commenting could have happened during the IJ blackout. Do you remember when you started noticing they weren't showing up anymore? (Not that I can do anything about it, haha; I'm just really curious now.)
          • It's just kind of weird, isn't it?

            Honestly, the first time I noticed - it might have happened before - was soon after I noticed all the anon spam, and I put two and two together. It may have made five, but I feel like it has to be connected. I'm not sure when you mean by the blackout, but if it's the big one of several months ago it was definitely after that. If it's the more recent and shorter one... it might have been then?

            Oh I know. I'm curious too. But the connection between captcha not showing up and anon spam seems kind of obvious?
  • Whelp. Is anyone else experiencing this many spam comments?
    • Like 15 a day
    • Yeah, on some days I'm getting around 15-20; others I get around five. I don't know if you've noticed any patterns on your journals, but I know on mine I seem to be getting spam targeted at my most actively viewed accounts and/or entries (ie. my main account whenever I post new entries, the demo journals I've recently posted that people are viewing when looking at newer layout posts, and preview accounts that I've been sending to clients the last couple of weeks to view their orders on.)
      • They mostly hit brand new pages on my journals. That link was previously an app.
        • Yeah, that's sounding like what's going on with mine too. I just got up and had a handful more, both on one of my newest code posts and on a dummy text entry on a demo journal that I'd just posted last night.

          Here's something interesting: I just got one on my Sticky Navs post that I thought was from someone on DW (the reason turning off anon is not an option for me) before I opened it and saw the comment text, because the title was in English and seemed to be someone having issues with installing a code.

          "Mother of god! I did not realize it could be so hard :-/
          I've found loads of helpful information on your site especially this page. Thank you for posting.
          [shady link 1]
          [shady link 2]

          So that was a new one. Usually the English ones are about totally unrelated things and very obviously spam, so maybe they're starting to change up their automated output.
          • I've had a few that had ij usernames in them- which was o d d - and a Thai one, but I guess they realized we don't speak Russian and Thai.
            • ,,,huh. Well that's super creepy. My guess is they're adapting to bypass the banned text; either that or, since we're still getting the old ones too, it's a new, smarter round of bots.

              (Love the background image in your layout, btw!)
              • Yep. I mean, obviously, I could turn off anon commenting, but I haven't rped with those journals in a while, so it's a ~progress.

                (I think I got it from unsplash!)
                • Yeah, I feel you. I have... so many demo accounts and RP accounts that I just don't have the time/energy to sit and go through every last one. But then, also, on this specific account turning off anon just isn't an option for me because it would be restrictive to people who come over from other RP sites like DW to ask questions about codes.

                  (Ugh, yes. I use Unsplash for so many of my demos!)
                  • YUP. I don't want to point fingers at anyone, but I'm so glad that I made ~epochcaps friends only at this point. I would've lost my desire to be on IJ so fast.

                    (You know I love your codes, though.)
                    • Ugh, well that's good at least! I bet that comm would be getting hit pretty hard if it allowed anon. :\

                      (Pshhh, ty boo! ♥)
        • This has been my experience as well - every time I put up a new app or a new dropbox etc. that's what's getting hit.
          • I know this is a super late post, I want to clarify cause I fucked up on mobile that I'm just confirming this is still the pattern for me as of... I'd say 4 days ago. I haven't gotten more than 1-2 in the last 4 days though so maybe its worked!
          • It's been better lately! Just the occasional notif, so whatever is happening, it's starting to work.
      • I'm getting them mainly on 3-4 YEAR old posts. Today, I got exactly one on a recent post, so far. The others were on older posts.
        • Yeah! My newer posts are getting it way worse, but I have two (always the same two) old code posts from years ago that keep getting them too. I have no clue why those two are the outliers, but for some reason the bots love them.
          • Same here, they *really* like my 4 year old + post about playing Skyrim. Heh.
            • They just really want to talk about Skyrim with you, don't judge! :P

              But yeah, idk. Sometimes it seems like there's a pattern; others it doesn't, so maybe there's two independent sets of bots.
  • I have the checkbox ticked to allow comments from registered users, but somehow I'm still getting anonymous spam comments. Color me confused.
  • It may just be me, but it seems the cyrillic spam has really stepped up in frequency this past week or so.

    I'm deleting/reporting upwards of a dozen a day at this point.
  • I don't usually complain about anything. Well I never did except once. But the Spam is really bad. I'm getting at least 5/7 comments in different accounts.

    I mark them as Spam and delete them. But I wanted to let you guys know in case there was something else you could do?

    And I honestly don't know how these things work? And as a user who kind of lives in IJ it would be a pain? But perhaps incorporating those anti-spam or 'I am not a robot' images in where you have to type some words before posting could help?

    I don't know, just throwing the idea out there to try fight this because it's really annoying and I never click anything but I don't know if by logging into my account THEY can get my IP or my data or something. Sorry if it sounds stupid, but I don't have a Master Degree on how hackers or these things work... so it's a bit scary.

    Thank you for working on it though.
  • Still getting spam :(
  • Sometimes I delete the Spam? And the replies (Applications) Vanish after the Spam comments are deleted... O_o

    Then when I get another spam comment. The application shows up again! I don't understand...
  • It's almost a month since this post, and I'm still getting spam on old journals. I just disable anon, which is the quick-fix, but can't you reinstate the captchas? It seems like that would solve most of the problems.
  • Still getting somewhere between 3-5 a day, all on the same post from 2008 in fact. I keep marking them as spam but I guess that's not actually that helpful? *goes to turn off anon commenting*

    (I gotta wonder about the logic of these Cyrillic bots. If they're trying to lure a probable English-speaker to click on their link, why not use English? and if the person writing the bot thinks their English is bad enough it would give them away, wouldn't the non-Roman text be even worse on that count?)
  • Still getting around five a day on this account. I've got anon disabled on other journals that get hit, but turning anon off on this account isn't an option since people from other sites come over to ask code questions. Is there any kind of loose ETA for getting the issue fixed?
  • I don't know if this is a thing that matters, but I don't get any spam on my older accounts ([info]nishka is the oldest one I have) but the new account I just made recently (this one) gets spam about every day.
  • Between two journals, I’m getting like ten a day.

    Why not try the Captcha system that Dreamwidth uses? You have to do math or give which in a sequence isn’t right or something before making a journal. If that’s the kind of thing anons have to do before making a comment, maybe it’d help.
  • Last 24 hours or so, spam has increased for me. Not to mention I've been opening my email to find bare bottom pics promoting downloading trance music. So that's fun.
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