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Inactive account purge

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We have kicked off the next phase of the purge. We are currently running a process that is identifying accounts that are still idle. And setting them to deleted status. We are giving these accounts a 3 week grace (as opposed to our standard 2 week grace) to log in and set themselves back to active before they are purged.

In addition we have created a separate email queue for the purge notifications so standard notifications don't get backed up behind them. It will take several days to send the purge notifications which is why we are granting the additional week of grace period. This means that the actual purge will commence on March 31st.

In addition, effective immediately through the end of April, we are going to put Permanently Insane accounts on sale for the regular price of $50 (our price last year was heavily discounted). This is the same cost as just 2 years of Self-Committed access and will ensure that your account is preserved permanently. This will be the final time you can get Permanently Insane accounts until our holiday sale at the end of the year.
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