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May 4th, 2008

Robert and Annabeth fans unite at XFU!

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Hey all!

In an effort to get more Robert/Doggett and Annabeth/Reyes fans over
on a general X-Files forum, I'm posting to invite you all over to
Damien's X-Files Ultimate - The Friendly Forums:

There aren't a whole lot of Robert fans on the forum and the ones that
are there just lost out on getting a folder specifically for Robert
and Annabeth on the landing page of the board due to being
outnumbered. It was a close call, but ultimately one that plugged a RP
and AG folders within a OTHERS folder instead of on the landing page -
which I found insulting as Robert and Annabeth are the lead actors of
the last two seasons of "The X-Files" and I think they deserve a place
of discussion directly on the main page of this forum (especially when
a folder for discussing a THIRD XF movie, yes, you read that right, a
THIRD XF movie) has been created and is on the main page of this
forum, yet folders for Robert and Annabeth are hidden being the OTHERS

Damien has said that if there are enough topics in the Robert Patrick
folder that he would bump it to the main page, so I'm reaching out to
you Robert Patrick fans to join up on XFU and help make this happen.
This XFU forum is in desperate need of more pro-Robert/Doggett fans.

If you are afraid of joining up on a general XF forum for whatever
reason I would like to say that in comparison to other general XF
forums that the XFU forum is a very nice place to get together and
discuss "The X-Files" with other fans. Previous to joining myself I
had sworn off joining general XF forums which I did not moderate. And
outside of being outnumbered in being a fan of Robert/Doggett it's not
bad at all, but it does get lonely there. So if you've got the time,
come on over there and join. If you don't have the time pass the URL
onto any other Robert/Doggett or Annabeth/Reyes fans that you know and
let them know it'd be great if they could join and help bring the
respect to Robert/Doggett and Annabeth/Reyes that he/she deserves on a
XF forum that claims to be "friendly" towards all types of fans.

Thank you.

(dana doggett on XFU)

March 23rd, 2008

Annabeth Icons

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-credit [info]michony
-do not alter icons
-do not claim as your own
-comment if taking


just gish... )

Also... a small little promotion for the Annabeth Gish Fanlisting (a place to list fans of the actress).

Annabeth Gish Fanlisting - come join!


March 19th, 2008

Message from Annabeth: B-Day Greeting Thanks

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From All Things Annabeth:

"Hi Everyone!

If I had each and every one of your birth dates and could on those dates give back to you the sweet wishes and generous compliments that you have given me - I would!

Thank you for the birthday greetings and your support for me as an actress. I sincerely appreciate all of it and send back the same spirited awareness to you all.

Here's to new awakenings of peace, love and joy.

xo Annabeth"


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Welcome to [info]annabethgish. This is a place to discuss the acting career of Annabeth Gish. Posts containing Annabeth icons, artwork and ramblings are more than welcome! Have fun!

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