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My name is Sammie, I am Seventeen and I have been into animanga and other fandoms since I can remember. It started first with Sailor moon, I watched that show religiously as a kid and then it moved on to Ranma 1/2 and so on. I love a lot of different types of anime and manga.

Favorite Fandoms & Characters: Sailor Moon (Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn), Golden Boy (Kintaro Oe), Ranma 1/2 (Ranma Saotome, Akane Tendo, Shampoo, and Ryoga Hibiki), Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, and Quatre Raberba Winner), Shugo Chara! (Amu Hinamori), Fruits Basket (Akito Sohma, Yuki Sohma, Kyo Sohma, Momiji Sohma), xxxHoLiC (Kimihiro Watanuki, Yūko Ichihara), Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Syaoran, Sakura, Mokona ModokiMisa Amane, L), Fullmetal Alchemist (Edward Elric, Envy, Wrath), Barajou No Kiss, Inuyasha (Sango), Vampire Knight (Kaname Kuran), Love Hina (Naru Narusegawa, Keitaro Urashima, Kaolla Su), Code Geass (Lelouch Lamperouge, C.C., Suzaku Kururugi, Euphemia li Britannia), Air Gear (Ringo Noyamano), Chobits (Chi), Black Butler (Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis), Gravitation (Shuichi), Strawberry Panic. etc. I have a lot of fandoms. XD
Favorite Pairings: AmuxIkuto, RanmaxAkane, QuatrexTrowa, YukixAkito, SyaoranxSakura, MisaxLight, NaruxKeitaro, LelouchxSuzaku, CielxSebastian
Participation in Fandom: I Roleplay in a multi-verse RPG called Pates La Crepe, I also RP in my free time with my sister.

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Looks like this Asylum hasn't been updated in a long time, but I'm going to try here anyways!

My name is Raegan. I'm 14 (but don't let that scare you away!)

I got into anime about 3 years ago when my best friend introduced me to Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. My favourite pairing is STILL Duo/Wufei... and always will be.

I love watching anime, and especially NEW anime. I'm slowly going through (when I have the time!LOL) and watching what I find interesting there. I'm watching "Shugo Chara" right now, and enjoying it!

I'm a big manga reader too, I own well over $2000 worth of manga, bought slowly over a few years with my allowance (Boo on being too young to legally work!). Though I do get a lot for birthdays and Christmas presents as well! I have everything from Battle Royale (bought for me by my brother) to Dragon Voice, and Fullmetal Alchemist. I've read them all a million times!

If anyone wants to be my friend... feel free to add me!



Aug. 1st, 2008


Hello! I think it's time for more friends on LJ. :D I'm a fanficcer and fanartist and am het/yaoi/yuri friendly, although I concentrate more on het and yaoi than yuri.

Anime Fandoms: The Slayers (Lina/Gourry, Zelgadis/Amelia, Xellos/Filia), Yami no Matsuei (Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Tatsumi/Hisoka, Tarazuma/Wakaba, Tatsumi/Watari), GetBackers (Akabane/Ginji, Ban/Ginji, Akabane/Ginji/Ban), Princess Princess (Yuujirou/Tohru), Gundam Wing (1x2, 5x2, 3x4, 1x4, Kyou Kara Maoh (everyone/Yuuri), and probably more that I can't think of at the moment. *G*

Manga Fandoms: Let Dai (Dai/Jaehee. Naru/Eunhyung), Petshop of Horrors (Count D/Leon), Legal Drug (Rikuo/Kazahaya), and Demon Diary (Eclipse/Raenef, Lord Krayon/Erutis).

Non-anime fandoms include Harry Potter, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XII, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. At the moment my latest journal entries are mostly Avatar-related but that's because the series finale just aired. *G* You can find most of my fanfiction and fanart in my tag list, although I definitely have to clean my tags up. :D

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New member~

Oh hey, another anime/manga addme community! Hi!

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Jan. 12th, 2008


Hello there~

Joined a while ago and am finally getting around to saying hello. I'm Mercury Chaos, went by this same username back on LJ, but now I'm here and thus far loving it.

I tend to like a lot of shounen manga. The manga/anime that I follow (or used to follow) are, in the order I discovered them: Hellsing (mostly the manga), Naruto, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, and D. Gray Man. My current favorite (and the one I've done the most fannish things for) is Naruto. I've got lots of fanart on my deviantArt account (varying degrees of quality; some of the old stuff's kind of scary.) I've cosplayed two of my favorite chacaters: Jan Valentine from Hellsing and Hyuuga Neji from Naruto. I used to do some Naruto RPing as Neji and Kimimaro; I'd like to get back into it someday but haven't found any games that I like. I'm also the (currently only) moderator at [info]naruto_asylum and we are in need of some activity; if anyone has fanworks to post (or even some fic recs), come over and post them. :D

My IJ is used for mostly IRL stuff (things that I feel are funny or worth remembering) as well as some fandom stuff here and there. I'm currently studying abroad for a year in Vienna, Austria, so you may also come across some random German words.

Jan. 11th, 2008


Hiya. I'm Jasmin, but I also by Jas. I just made this journal so its fairly empty at the moment except for the graphics on there lol. I love anime and manga of all sorts. As you can see, I've got the main Death Note characters on my user info xP
I'm into the works - Death Note, Naruto, Fruits Basket, RE: Play, DNAngel, Chibi Vampire, Confidental Confessions, NANA, Vampire Knight, so-on and so-fourth.
I'm a graphic maker, so if you want any icons or banners then you can bug me to make you some :3 I also make some fan art - doodles, hour[s] long drawings, and all that jazz - but I've never showed them off on the web, but I'll probably do that some time though.

Guh. That's as interesting as I can get with six sentences. Anywho - add me if you'd like :]

Jan. 8th, 2008


Hello! I go by Eumenides these days on the 'net. My journal is mainly fandom-related. I write fan fiction when I have time, so you'll usually find that in my journal along with fandom-related rambling, the occasional icon post, and posts about the miscellaneous things going on with me. No earth-shattering secrets, though.

As far as the fandoms that I'm involved with, there is a list of just about everything over here, but I'll mention the main ones I'm involved in now:

main loves )

If we have some interests in common, feel free to add me.


Hi, I'm Zanne (and although I'm in the Slayers fandom, no, I'm not the fanartist Zanne. Only fandom I was ever in where somebody else had the same name as me. o_O) I do do fanart, but not that much, and I'm primarily a ficcer. I do game, but usually only in smaller private games or [info]the_nexus_rpg.

Favorite fandoms, plus characters and pairings )

As far as what my normal journal has... it varies. Depending on my mood, energy level, what may or may not be pissing me off or amusing the hell out of me, so on and so forth. Not much lately because I've been sick or stressed out or both the last few months, and my ficcing's suffered for it too. A lot of my fanworks you can find at [info]chaotic_library, and you can find in the userinfo a more extensive list of fandoms and likes at [info]plotbunnyattack.



I just joined this and decided to post.

My favorite fandoms are Monster, 20th Century Boys, AKIRA, Death Note, Sakigake!! Cromatie High, Naruto, and Hellsing. I also like Full Metal Alchemist, Saiyuki, Black Lagoon, and El Hazard.

My favorite characters from each are: Tenma, Grimmer, Lunge; Friend, Sadakiyo, Kanna; Tetsuo; Light, Mello, Ryuk; Hayashida, Kamiyama, Maeda; Iruka, Itachi; Alucard, The Major, Schrödinger, Seras; Roy, Armstrong; Goku, Gojyo; Revy, Rock; Jinnai.

It's not really that important to me, except occasionally to make people sad, but my favorite pairings are Grimmer x Tenma, Grimmer x Steiner, Sadakiyo x Friend, Kyoko (20th CB) x anyone/thing, annnnnd Grimmer x Mello just because. It's better when it makes no sense. :P

What I do in the fandom is basically draw shit and make icons. Although it's more about drawing with me. And I do post things in my journal pertaining to those occasionally.
So yeah, my journal content is generally... I post about my day? Other times I post drawings or new icons, stuff like that... And this one time? I posted a fan fic. It was terrible. :P

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Welcome to [info]animanga_addme! This asylum was made so that people in anime and manga fandoms can make connections with each other in the vastness that is InsaneJournal. Take a look at the user info before joining. Happy friending!

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