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Greetings Angel Fans! [Aug. 8th, 2007|06:21 pm]

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Someone made an excellent point that during the mass exodus, people are waiting for someone to start posting in our new communities. SO... I figured I would start, and give some very basic guidelines so we can start sharing the Angel Fun. :)

The purpose of this community should be readily apparent: please post any and every fan work with Angel, Angelus, or Liam as the central character. For now, there are no rules except DON'T post other's work as your own (although enthusiastic recs are welcome), and PLEASE clearly label your fics as to rating, content, and pairing.

As long as Angel's the star, anything goes. Fanart, icons, vids, fic of any length, genre or rating. At some point, we can talk about ficathons, challenges and the like.

Any questions, comments or vague misgivings can be posted here.

Play nice.

ETA: Please place all stories, art, icons, etc. behind a cut to make sure we're friends list friendly! :)
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