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The "a.k.a. Angel" Fan Fest! [Sep. 5th, 2007|06:30 pm]

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The a.k.a. ANGEL Fan Festival!

To celebrate 1.) the opening of Angel Yay! and 2.) the 10th anniversary of the classic BtVS episodes Surprise and Innocence (First aired 01/19/1998 and 01/20/1998 respectively), in which we initially met Angelus, I am holding a fanfic and art celebration!

The purpose of this festival is to explore and honor the many and varied facets of the original vampire with a soul -- from lazy partyboy Liam to Artiste D'Evil Angelus and all the various incarnations of ensouled Angel in between. There's room for every genre here: romance, darkfic, smut of all flavors. Character studies and action-adventure. Horror, comedy, historical fic. It's all there in Angel's story. As long as Angel, Liam, Angelus, or some combination thereof are the center character(s) in the fic, anything goes!

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