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Fic: Temptation of innocence - The streetwalker diaries - Book 1 [Jul. 8th, 2008|10:40 pm]
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Hey, darlings :) This was written for 'Angel's bunnies' challenge, over at 'strip_off_angel' community at LJ
Heading: ‘Temptation of innocence’ – Streetwalker Diaries/Book 1
By: [info]finvampire 
Beta:Ash.C. aka ash_carpenter (in LJ)
Pairing: Shy!Angel/ Whore!Spike
Other characters: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Anya
Fandom: AtS/BtVS
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, angst, SLASH,human AU
Disclaimer: I do not own characters of Angel or Spike. Credit goes to Joss Whedon and Co.
Summary: Spike (22) is a streetwalker who’s got hots for the cute AND shy college guy,
Angel (17).
Word Count: 2 575
Warnings: Mushy, SLASH, M/M sex,
Feedback: pretty please *flutters eyelashes*

A/N: This is for 'angelstoy'

I think I’m actually going to turn this one into a verse! This is told in a form of a story, so it’s not going to be like a diary thing, despite the name ;)

Anyway, I’m dedicating this whole story to angelstoy.

'angelstoy' requested the following:

Pairing: Shy!Angel/ Whore!Spike
Rating: NC17
Summary: Spike's a streetwalker, he sees Angel one night going into a bookstore(across the street from where he's doing his business) and just HAS to have him - it's the first time he's ever WANTED to have sex and not just as a job to pay the bills!!!! So he concocts this elaborate scheme (using all his tricks) to seduce and bed him (which he does and it works) if it's at all possible, I'd like a mushy ending!!

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Temptation of innocence )
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