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User: [info]chatona
Date: 2007-10-25 18:36
Subject: [icons] [doctor who] jack and the doctor
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[50] Doctor Who Icons of the Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness

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User: [info]chatona
Date: 2007-10-21 23:01
Subject: Who is Captain Jack Harkness, anyway?
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Tags:*rant, +doctor who, +torchwood, ~jack harkness

After watching the Doctor Who episodes with Jack Harkness in them as well as the first season of Torchwood, I still have one question left.

So, here we have one gorgeous Captain Jack Harkness.

From what I could figure out, this seems to be his timeline:

He's born in the 51th century, worked for the Time Agency, lost two years of his memory and became a conman at unknown points in his life.

He meets the Doctor and Rose during WWII in London. At this point, he already calls himself Captain Jack Harkness.

He dies in the year 200100 and comes back to life as an immortal.

He lives from 1869 until he meets the Doctor again.

So far, all clear and obvious. Correct me if I made mistakes anywhere.
So, at some point in the 21th century, the rift in Cardiff is opened and Jack and Tosh travel back in time. We learn that Captain Jack Harkness took this name from another person.

Now my question. When did he take that name? Back when he was a conman, before he met the Doctor the first time? When he lived from 1869 until present time? That can't be, because he went under that name before, namely when he did meet the Doctor.

Still, that doesn't explain a) why he took someone else's name and kept it for so many years and b) what his name was before.

I'm just... wondering. Any ideas?

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