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    Sunday, July 15th, 2012
    3:21 am
    Who: Sage Kelleen & Elise Rosier
    What: Staring at the new girl
    When: Potions class, somtime
    Where: Class -> who knows
    Rating: PG -> We'll see

    Potions class was not supposed to be dangerous )
    Monday, July 2nd, 2012
    10:39 pm
    Who: Ginny Weasley and Pansy Parkinson
    What: Ginny has a stalker...
    When: December 12th, 1995. Tuesday, 1pm.
    Where: Corridors and girl's loo
    Rating: PG-13, for now

    Ginny had never had a worse night of sleep since her first year when Tom Riddle's diary tormented her. Though she had no idea why back then, she was equally stumped this time. She would lay in bed, staring up at the canopy above her, and shift about and fidget as her mind wouldn't settle. Her body practically tingled and she often tried for hours to sleep before giving into the thing that would let her. Ginny wasn't a stranger to such things but it was the thoughts, and sometimes dreams, causing her to tingle that were so strange.

    Having her first boyfriend at the end of her third year, and having dated a bit already in her fourth, Ginny fancied boys. In fact, next to Lavender Brown, she was likely the one that would be considered the most "boy crazy" of the Gryffindor girls even if she didn't squee and carry on like Lavender and Parvati did.

    Ginny would find her mind drifting even in class. It took the littlest thing; a smell, a look, a tapping foot... It was hard to identify all the things that would get her thinking like she was a bloke with raging hormones and not a girl with raging hormones. It wasn't like boys didn't come to mind or didn't get her going it was just they didn't do so exclusively or seemingly as often.

    Sitting in History of Magic, Ginny had long ago tuned out the droning of Professor Binns. Romilda was doing...this thing...with her quill. She had sat fixated for a time until she realized she was staring then Ginny dropped her head and acted as if her textbook was deeply engrossing.

    Thankful when class ended, she stood and had to hide her expression when the shifting of her position told her that her knickers were in quite a state. Not wanting to sit through another class like that, Ginny called to her friends, "I need to stop by the loo. I'll catch up."

    The corridors were full of students as she made her way over to the girls loo. Stepping inside, she stopped in front of the mirror. She tightened her ponytail and tried to ignore her flushed cheeks. Ginny straightened her uniform before starting to make her way to one of the stalls.
    Monday, June 18th, 2012
    11:30 pm
    Who: Heidi Macavoy, Daphne Greengrass and Astoria Greengrass.
    What: Heidi channels Sherlock Holmes!
    When: Sept. 15, 1996
    Where: Varied
    Rating: PG-13

    Heidi had been searching around for clues as to who Laurel might be. She wasn't having much luck at first. It wasn't until she was in the Great Hall for supper that she got her first clue and latched onto the idea that formed in her head.

    She had been writing back and forth with Laurel most of the day. Every class she was in, Heidi looked for a girl that was scribbling away in a journal like the one she had been given by her "secret admirer". However, Heidi didn't see anyone who seemed to be doing what she was.

    Until supper...

    Heidi had caught a girl writing in a leather-bound journal over at the Slytherin table! No wonder she hadn't been able to find her in any of the classes. The girl was a year younger than her! Astoria Greengrass was "Laurel"! She had to be. The more and more she thought about it, the more it made sense to Heidi.

    The question was now how to let her know. Heidi didn't want to tell her in the journals but she didn't want Astoria to get caught either. So, she would need to be subtle; not her strong suit but she would do her best!

    Heidi waited until everyone had nearly cleared out before leaving the Great Hall. Slowly, she made her way out. She was plotting and wasn't paying much attention as she walked. She was still in her uniform and her hair was charmed brown. Slowly, she meandered past one of Filch's broom closets.
    Thursday, June 7th, 2012
    1:22 am
    Who: Tracey Davis and Kaitlin Song
    What: A walk by the lake.
    When: Tuesday September 10th. 5pm
    Where: The lake's shore

    Tracey had no idea why she had offered to come down to the lake to meet Kaitlin. She had no idea why she hadn't backed out when the Ravenclaw tried to make it seem like it hadn't been her suggestion. Ultimately, she wondered why she had bothered to go through with it. But, there she was, standing by the lake, watching the tiny waves lap at the short and pondering how she had gotten herself into the mess she had.

    She stood by the lake in one of her Muggle outfits; a Beatles t-shirt, leather jacket, trainers and skinny jeans. The make up around her eyes was dark and that was the only make up she'd chosen to wear. She'd agonized over what to wear. Should she had stayed in her uniform? A robe that was more proper? Though she hadn't been sure, Tracey eventually decided on her normal, slightly scandalous, mode of dress.

    Waiting, she wondered if Kaitlin would actually show up or not. Part of her hoped she wouldn't. It would be way safer for Tracey that way. Though, she couldn't deny that she would be a little disappointed if that were the case.
    Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
    2:46 am
    Who: Megan Jones and Felicity Kensington
    What: Assignments are hard for Megan!
    Where: Outside the greenhouses
    When: September 16. 1pm
    Rating: PG, for now.

    Megan Jones was in trouble. She hadn't been paying attention in Herbology all year. Who could blame her though? She always met her best mate, Claire Runcorn, to smoke behind the greenhouses. It was usually not everyday and it usually wasn't weed. However, that had changed a few weeks ago. Now, there was an assignment due that was going to be very hard had she paid attention. Since she hadn't, she was basically screwed!

    Claire wasn't going to be any help. Plus, she had a "friend" that would probably just do it for her. Sadly, Megan didn't have anyone like that nor was that really her style. So, she needed some help. But who?

    If Megan needed help, there was one person who was an ideal candidate. Though, she really wasn't sure she would say yes. Waiting until after class, Megan saw her candidate and began to follow her.

    As usual, her black and yellow tie was askew as was her blouse. Her cloak hung loosely from her shoulders. Her light brown hair was hanging to her shoulders and she generally had a mildly disheveled appearance.

    "Hi, Felicia," she greeted the Ravenclaw. "How are you?" she asked in her thick, cockney accent.
    Friday, June 1st, 2012
    4:55 am
    Secret Admirer
    Who: Heidi Macavoy and Daphne Greengrass
    What: Daph is being evil
    When: Sept. 12, 1996
    Where: Varied
    Rating: R (at least)

    Daphne had tried to get the encounter at the Lavender Unicorn out of her head. Flings were usually easy because, well, she was a witch, damn it, running into someone again was a monumental task from an enchanted castle.

    But...Heidi...Heidi she hadn't actually gotten to have. Heidi wasn't a muggle. Heidi was right there, across the Great Hall, or in the corridors, or in classes. Daphne knew she shouldn't think about it. She wasn't Laurel. She was expected to make a good match. She was a Slytherin, Heidi was a Hufflepuff. Heidi probably wouldn't want anything to do with her if she knew.

    Still, she struggled, because that night had been the hottest she had ever been, and they had never actually had sex. She had touched herself so many times to that memory that just the barest thought of it made her wet again.

    And then there were the other fantasies, finding Heidi in the stacks, or some abandoned niche -- the prefect's bathroom, under the bleachers on the was enough to drive a girl mad. So, finally, she did something about it.

    She handed the package to a school owl, informing it not to be tricked into carrying a reply, and smiled. Contained in the package was a journal, linked to a new one of her own, and designed to heat when a message was written.

    They were also thin, and easily concealable for mischief in class. On the card, faking her handwriting, she had simply written:

    Something for you,
    Your Secret Admirer
    2:08 am
    Who: Heidi Macavoy and Daphne Greengrass
    What: A last outing before school starts...
    When: Friday. Aug 22. 11pm
    Where: The Lavender Unicorn
    Rating: R

    Heidi was in love; this club was the best one she could ever hope for. Though she didn't have the issues other girls had meeting and hooking up with other birds, this was... "Bloody brilliant," she mused to herself as she looked around in awe. The club was filled with girls, and only girls, who were there for the same reason she was.

    She was drunk from the environment but also from the four whiskey sours she'd had since she'd gotten there less than an hour ago. In the meantime, Heidi had been flirting and dancing and stealing kisses here and there. Merlin, she wasn't sure of the last time she'd been this randy! However, it was fun to draw it out. Though, there was no way she was going home alone.

    Having floo'd from her mum and dad's in Ireland, she knew she'd be going to the other girl's place. Not that it was a problem. Muggle girls couldn't exactly floo home with her!

    "I'm going to need to thank Jamie for this," Heidi mused happily as she danced with a pretty blonde girl.


    "Nothing," Heidi said with a grin and kept dancing. Her muggle friend had told her about this place. It was hard to deny that the muggles got things right quite often! She couldn't imagine a place like this is Diagon Alley.

    When the throbbing techno beat changed, Heidi went over to get another drink. Seeing a brunette, who looked quite fab from behind, at the bar Heidi went over and slid in beside her. "Hi," she greeted her. Just as good from the front, Heidi smiled. "Buy you a drink?"

    Heidi was dressed in a tight halter that showed how a hint of her Quidditch toned abs, tight, low cut jeans and black trainers. Her hair was up in a high ponytail and she wore dark make up around her eyes. Leaning on her elbow, she smiled as she waited for an answer.
    Friday, May 18th, 2012
    12:18 am
    Emma Frost still felt a little silly walking the streets in her "uniform" that marked her as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. It had not been long that she had affiliated herself with the organization but she knew she had found a home. Now, she just needed to make sure she had allies and friends and companionship beyond those within the club already; there was no way to break into some of those cliques. Besides, she hadn't had much companionship as of late...

    She had been searching as of late and there were a few candidates but one in particular had caught her eye. Regan Wyngarde was a sexy sociopath that got into trouble and used her powers of illusion to get what she wanted on a whim.

    Emma had an interest; a strong one. Now she walked the streets of Boston, Emma's home turf, like she owned the place. It wasn't just Boston either. Regan moved about the high society areas of Park St and the theater district. She was a bold one... Emma liked that; Regan reminded Emma of herself when she realized she could touch the mind's of others.

    Now, she hovered outside the Wang Center and waited for Regan to make her way by as she often did. After all, this was the place for swanky restaurants and parties and high society.
    Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
    10:38 pm
    Who: Bellatrix Black and Lavender Brown
    What: Bella needs a new plaything.
    When: Tuesday September 15th. 2pm. Trio's 6th year.
    Where: Corridors between classes.
    Rating: PG for now

    Bellatrix Black didn't know what to make of her surroundings and those she now found herself with and nobody knew what to do either. She had been doing experiments with a Time Turner to demonstrate during her NEWTs. It had been going well but then...she was suddenly no longer at Hogwarts in 1970 and was in Hogwarts in 1997.

    However, something had gone much differently. Professor Dumbledore remembered her disappearing but not anything that should have happened if the time line had been preserved. People seemed to have strong reactions to her but no memories. Universally, people seemed to be afraid of her.

    But why?

    It seemed that no one knew. So Bellatrix just planned to use it to get advantage. She was trying to acclimate herself to things but found it hard to get to know people, even in Slytherin. She was just thankful that Dumbledore let her remain Head Girl.

    She'd heard things about the Dark Lord. He had come back from the dead and some people believed it and some didn't. Bellatrix had planned to serve him when she let school. He now occupied her thoughts often as she tried to figure out her place in things.

    Walking through the halls, people gave her a wide berth. Before her, she saw a blonde girl that had caught her attention over and over again since she had found herself in her new place and time. Confidently., she strode forward. "Miss...Brown, is it?" Bellatrix called to get her attention. "Just what do you think you are doing?"
    3:06 am
    Who: Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger
    What: Slug Club Christmas Party
    When: December 12th, 1996. Saturday 9pm
    Where: Ginny's Dorm
    Rating: PG-13

    Ginny was excited but a little nervous for the Slug Club Christmas party. She had luckily borrowed a dress from her roommate Victoria Frobisher. The green silk cocktail dress clung to her curves but was modest enough that she could summon the courage to wear it. Her hair was half-tied in the back and hung over her shoulders. Demelza Robbins had managed to convince her to put on some light make up.

    Making her way inside the party, people had already mostly arrived. Looking around, she tried to find people she actually wanted to talk to. Avoiding Blaise Zabini, a boy that had taken to trying to talk to her lately, she went over to the trays of appetizers being circulated around. Picking up a goblet, she realized it was wine after taking a sip. Were the serving wine or had she grabbed a glass meant for a professor?

    Well, she wasn't going to put it back now...

    Time started to move a little quicker and soon the party was in full swing as she made small talk with the attendees and spent time studiously avoid Sanguini. It was a little bit enticing of an idea to talk to a vampire but it was a little unnerving how there was a gaggle of girls that seemed totally enamored with him.

    Ginny began to walk around again, her cheeks warm from the wine.
    Monday, May 7th, 2012
    1:40 am
    Arrowette and Green Arrow had taken on a plethora of missions once he had recovered. It took him a bit, but he had gotten there. Now he was on official league business with Red Arrow, whom she did not get along with. Roy Harper was a tool.

    A hot tool, though.

    Now she patrolled Metropolis when Black Bat, Super Girl and Wonder Girl, or Impulse and Mary Marvel were taking the night off. She preferred to be alone, it was easier not having someone in your way when things got heavy. Unfortunate for her, there was a huge opening. Wayne Enterprises was opening up a new building, one in Metropolis this time, because there wasn't anything Bruce Wayne wasn't a part of. He was a rival of Queen Industries, and therefore, Arrowette disliked him...and now she had the great displeasure of keeping the city and event safe.

    "Not like anything ever happens at these things anyway." She grumbled to herself, sighing heavily. She'd gone around three times already, and nothing! Why were Black Bat and Wonder Girl getting all the action lately anyway?
    Saturday, April 21st, 2012
    11:47 pm

    "Why are we here again, sister? France is not exactly my choice for a holiday..."

    Alliss glanced over at her younger sister Annalisa, who, despite her urging, had a lovely towns girl fawning over her. Impulsive and reckless, Annalisa was going to get them in trouble...

    "Did you have to compel her to follow us? There is curfew here, you know." Alliss said annoyed, not bothering to answer her sister. They had settled in this sleepy French province some three weeks ago, escaping the sudden turn of events in Spain. "You know why."

    "As fun and bloody as it had been, I was looking forward to snapping the necks of those hunters." Came the dark reply, the tone conveyed clearly meant that the other woman meant it.

    "Take the girl home."

    "Go inside. Tell no one where you have been or with whom you have been with. No one must see the marks on your body."

    Emerald green eyes stared into the young woman's as she spoke to her. Annalisa gave very specific instructions, sending the girl into the house . Turning away, she paused, hearing hushed voices. They spoke in French, but she understood them just as well...

    "There are hunters about," Alliss said as soon as Annalisa entered. The older looking sister poured three cups of wine, looking up to Annalisa. The fire was going behind her, something they normally didn't bother with. The sound of three heartbeats became known and the younger sister's gaze fell upon three stunning blondes... "Veela hunters."

    "Ve 'ave come 'ere for 'elp." The Matriarch said, her gaze connecting with the younger looking vampire. "To protect our family line."

    "And in exchange for our help, these Veelas have promised to make an item that would allow us to walk the day once more." Alliss finished, handing the wine to the three women. "What say you, sister?"

    "Let's kill some hunters."

    Present Day

    "Vare aar you, pretty flouwr?"

    The heavy sound of boots pounded against the street as the hunter stalked its prey through the streets of Paris into a small alley way. "Come owt." Tapping a cross bow against he wall of a building, he searched the night.


    "Leetle Veela." Came a gruff voice, the sound of a knife unseathing a moment later sung through the air. "I do not vaant to play zhe games vith yew."

    Boxes began flying through the narrow street as he stalked the night for a Veela.
    Tuesday, April 10th, 2012
    12:49 am
    Who: Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger
    What: Hermione is quite upset and comes to see Ginny to vent
    When: November 2nd, 1996. Saturday 11:55pm
    Where: Ginny's Dorm
    Rating: PG-13

    The day and night had been going so well. How had it ended up as total shite? They had won the match. Ron had done amazingly well as Keeper and had stopped shot after shot after shot. Well, when it really counted anyways. The party had just gotten going and then she looked over and saw Ron and Lavender's faces stuck together!

    That was appalling and stomach churning. Ginny was more annoyed than she had expected but there was something worse. She saw Hermione's face as she watched Lavender trying to suck Ron's face off. She looked...crushed.

    Hermione's apparent heartache made Ginny forget her own annoyance as she watched Hermione run off. She was about to follow her but then she saw that Harry was going after her. Ginny was then swept up by the cheering Gryffindors as they celebrated the victory.

    When she could finally get away, Ginny wasn't able to find Hermione. Ginny left the party as things were starting to wind down to grab a shower. Once in bed, she found it impossible to sleep because she was worried about Hermione. In her flannel pj pants and a tank top, she crept upstairs to the sixth year dorms. Quietly, she opened the door and moved to Hermione's fourposter.

    "Hermione?" she whispered softly.
    Monday, April 9th, 2012
    3:37 am
    Bellatrix Black/Rita Skeeter [sixth year]
    Bellatrix Black was little more than a hunched pile of wild black hair. She had leaned so far and hard over the desk that were it not for the rhythmic scratch and the steady motion of the quill in her hand she might well have been asleep. She had never been one to sit properly, and when she folded her slender limbs beneath her she tended to look almost spider-like. She had chosen a desk alone towards the far side of the class -- not the back because it was where Gryffindor idiots would gravitate, and not front and centre because Merrythought would call on her. There wasn't a teacher in the place who didn't concur that Bellatrix was an exemplary student academically, but they were equally unanimous when it came to her attitude. Arrogant. Headstrong. Disinclined to accept guidance and certainly unwilling to take criticism. Only Slughorn sang her praises openly and without reserve, and Bellatrix thought him a fool for it.

    Her fingers scratched idly at her neck. She always looked shrugged into her uniform, and this afternoon she had turned her collar up. It was to conceal the lovebite that had been sucked there, and she prodded at it with cold fingertips, confident that if her collar didn't conceal it, her hair would. Quite what Rodolphus thought he gained by leaving her blotchy and covered in strange marks she didn't know -- it was rare that she permitted him to touch her because he was so determined to be dominant, and far less concerned with being any good at what he was doing. Bellatrix hadn't the patience to teach him. Their betrothal hadn't come as a surprise, nor did she oppose it -- not even in private. But she found, as with most things, if she wanted to enjoy herself she had to take matters into her own hands.

    Emily Blishwick served that purpose. She was a Ravenclaw, fifth year, which meant Bellatrix didn't have to look at her in the common room or a class. It suited her, to take the lead. She stretched and yawned, the most animate she had been thus far, and then turned the page. The class was reading about advanced methods to dispatch with vampires, but Bellatrix was looking at a chapter on Unforgivable Curses.

    She wanted to learn how to cast them.
    Friday, April 6th, 2012
    7:30 pm
    Kara waited for Danica in the waiting room outside the training course. Her lover was being ran through the course by Diana, Danica's mother. She hoped that Danica scored well, for if she did, then she might be able to join the JLA as Diana's sidekick! Pacing the waiting room, she couldn't wait to learn the results of the training exercise...


    Having tried the penthouse and received no answer...yet again...Chrissy tried the front desk of the building. There she learned from the clerk that no one had been to her penthouse apartment in a week. Concerned, the blonde called Stephanie's cellphone. Would she answer? What if she didn't? Did she dare call Kara?


    With the apparent dissolution of the team, Mary had been left on her own. She had thought with the Green Arrow having recovered that Arrowette would focus on keeping the team together, but that had never happened. Neither Supergirl or Batgirl had returned to lead the team, therefore there was no team. Lonely, she sought out the home of Impulse, flying to a bedroom window and knocking.
    Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
    2:32 am
    Who: Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger
    What: Hermione is quite upset and comes to see Ginny to vent
    When: November 1st, 1996. Friday 9pm
    Where: Ginny's Dorm
    Rating: PG-13

    Ginny was on her bed staring up at the ceiling with a wry smile on her face. Her ankles were crossed and she happily bounced her bare feet. She wore a pair of Charlie's old jeans and a Holyhead Harpies t-shirt she'd gotten for her birthday. Her hair was up in a high, messy ponytail and her cheeks were flushed.

    Her dorm room was empty save for her. Saturday night was a time when students stayed out until the last possible second before curfew. Ginny was quite thankful for that as it had just finished serving her quite well.

    Figuring her roommates were due to return any minute, Ginny decided to just sit and bask in her good mood. As she did, she briefly wondered what she had to do the next day. Did she have quidditch practice? Maybe...

    Hearing movement outside the door, she just assumed that it was one of her roommates returning a little early. Ginny wondered who it might be as she was thankful her visitor had snuck off early "just in case".

    "Victoria Frobisher," she whispered, playing a little game with herself that she often played. She was right far more often than she was wrong.

    "Coming back early?" Ginny called, assuming it was Vix. "Charms Cub in the morning?" Everyone knew how devoted her fellow Gryffindor was to Charms Club. She even refused an alternate spot on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team because she was so devoted to it! Ginny couldn't even imagine that.

    Propping herself up on her elbows, she looked to the door awaiting confirmation she was right about who was there.
    Sunday, March 4th, 2012
    10:54 am
    She's out of control...that the third one in twelve days time. Soon there will be no titans, the order will be upset and chaos will reign. She needs to control herself, or be stopped. Find a way.

    The sound of metal clanging against metal rang in the air as weapons glinted in sunlight. Various cries echoed in the wind from the warriors that battled in the fields that surrounded the main event. There was a titan and a young woman fighting, a giant and a girl.

    Take care of it.

    "She has taken advantage of my armies far too many times. Danica is my daughter, her expertise at war shows that, but she lacks the control needed. Open the portal. Let her mother deal with her." Ares ordered, turning away.

    Danica ducked behind her shield as the titan's fist came down heavily upon her. Ancile, the shield that had formerly belonged to Ares and had fallen from the heavens only to be torn from the hands of a lowly demon by Danica, pulsed with the power she placed within it. Every strike caused the titan to be damaged by recoil, the giant only bellowing out in pain and getting angrier! Without forewarning, a portal opened behind them transporting them into the bright city of Metropolis.

    The sounds of panicked people, not battle, began to fill the area as civilians fled. The momentary confusion was enough time for the titan to land a back handed blow, sending Danica flying into a nearby van. With the force behind it, the van seemed to crumple around her. Pushing herself up, Danica drew her sword and charged at the titan, shield now on her back. The titan thrusted it's spear forward, but Danica jumped out of the way, sending a swift kick to its head...
    Friday, January 27th, 2012
    11:40 am
    Shaya had gone through a lot to get through here. And not all of it had been as easy as she played things off to be. She had to betray her former mentor to join up with the likes of Darth Baras, which she had done mercifully. She had given the man a chance to fight, but he had chosen not to draw his weapon and allowed her to simply run him through. After that, she had kept his ring to remind herself of what an honorable, if not conniving, man he had been. His daughter...she had beat the living day out of her when she had tried to confront Shaya, giving the woman a chance to allow her hate and anger to fuel her for now. To seek power.

    Now she had ran the entirety of Dromund Kass for Darth Baras, taking personal pleasure in disposing of his servants when her mission were complete. A reward had been long coming, but the distraction of the Republican spy had been overseeing to that. Darth Baras wanted information from him, and once he had gotten it, Shaya was quick to insist that she be sent off planet to follow up on the lead. Dromund Kass was a bore now, everyone feared her. Darth Baras enjoyed everything she did, from blood shed to retrieving artifacts to cause said blood shed.

    And even now, he had agreed to let her go after a little padawan. What a pet the padawan would make. Just like Vette, her twi'lek slave, Shaya would keep her close...

    Staring out the window of her room, she gazed at infinite space, only to hear the voice of the woman who irked her ire. Irked her ire...that was amusing, though no instance of amusement escaped the silver haired girl. Heading out, she went to find the agent in charge of this ship. It wasn't hard. Her companions...companions? No, not companions, more like subservient humanoids, were quite vivid colors. Blue. Red.

    "You there. How long until we land?" She asked, coming up beside Jess and crossing her arms, he silver-blue gaze landed intently on the girl's features. Blue. Red eyes. Vivid colors. Shaya liked vivid colors. "I still don't see why we had to bring that, slave with us. Surely with my strength and use of the force, we wouldn't need her use of the force and lack of strength. All she seeks is sexual favours." Scoffing, Shaya puffed up slightly. "She is simply a distraction. Holding us back, Agent."

    Current Mood: angry
    Thursday, December 22nd, 2011
    11:44 pm
    Sunday, August 7th, 2011
    2:09 pm
    Who: Tracey Davis and Hermione Granger
    What: A chance encounter
    When: Tuesday December 16th, 11pm.
    Where: Near the stairs up to Gryffindor Party.

    Tracey didn't usually make it a habit to be out after curfew. The last, well only, time she'd had a girlfriend she'd been a Slytherin too so sneaking off didn't involve any risk as all they had to do was to sneak to each other's rooms. However, tonight her task didn't involve sapphic liaisons.

    No, she needed to go the Greenhouses and get a few plants that Madame Sprout likely wouldn't want her to have. Tracey had an order of potions to brew up and she had run out of a few things.

    Being quite poor, though she hid it fairly well, Tracey created an income for herself brewing potions for students; either for them to use or for them to turn in for assignments. If she ever did brew them for assignments, she usually had to intentionally mess them up just a touch to make the professors believe as student brewed them.

    As for herself, both Professor Snape and Professor Slughorn went through a phase where they didn't believe that Tracey brewed the potions herself. Tracey was able to brew things years ahead of her other classmates and was nothing short of a prodigy with potions. Even now she was brewing things, secretly, that could be sold in shops.

    Tracey wore slightly-baggy muggle jeans and a t-shirt of a band she liked; The Beatles. Over that, she wore an army jacket and had trainers on her feet. Her gloves and hat were stashed in her pockets and she wore her Slytherin scarf. She was sure it was going to be cold outside!

    Turning the corner she stopped short when she saw someone sitting there. Shite! What were the odds she would run into a Prefect on rounds?

    Seeing the bushy hair she knew instantly who it was. Hermione Granger...

    "Fancy meeting you here," she said softly, grinning to hide her nervousness. She really didn't feel like getting detention!
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