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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

    Time Event
    Who: Spencer Fawcett and Alecto Carrow
    What: Spencer's first day as Professor Carrow's "assistant"
    When: Friday, September 10
    Where: Professor Carrow's office
    Rating: NC-17

    The first week of classes was usually one of Spencer's favorite. She got to see all of her new classes and learn what they would be taught this year. She found it exciting for the academic prospects. The first week of classes really, in her opinion, set the tone for the rest of the year. Which was probably why this week had been so unnerving.

    With the exception of two, all of her classes were perfectly fine. Herbology sounded particularly interesting and Professor Delacour had promised to teach them some interesting charms. Transfigurations was as always interesting. You could tell there was a clear tension in the air, but other than that, classes seemed promising. But there were two classes she was extremely worried about.

    DADA had all but turned into a class in the Dark Arts. While the prospect of getting to learn extremely powerful spells, Spencer was stunned at the complete lack of ethics that seemed to be going on in the class. Not to mention the male Carrow's affinity for a certain Unforgivable Curse...

    But the most frightening class by far for Spencer was Muggle Studies. Not only was Professor Carrow teaching completely horrible and often completely wrong things concerning Muggles and their history, but that wasn't even half of the problem. The biggest thing that put Spencer on edge was Professor Carrow herself.

    All week in class Spencer had tried her best to sink into the background. She sat at the back of the class where usually she would prefer to sit in the front. She didn't raise her hand for any questions, which turned more than a few heads at her sudden silence. She tried to keep her head down. But Professor Carrow wouldn't let her. It seemed the woman had an affinity for walking around the class room as she lectured and ended up more than a few times quite close to Spencer. Too close for her liking. When the class was trying to do work, Carrow would look over students' shoulders and Spencer had the suspicion that she leaned in a little bit too close to her. And there were all the quiet, provocative things she would say when no one else was listening...It was torture.

    And now, here was what she had been dreading the most. The first day of her being Professor Carrow's assistant. She was fearing this day all week, but it wasn't like she had an alternative. She had already seen the other Carrow cast the Cruciatus Curse enough times to know that that was what she would be met with at the least if she chose him.

    So, straightening her pristine uniform, Spencer straightened her shoulders and took a deep, steadying breath as her heart pounded in her ears as she knocked on the door.

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