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Monday, April 1st, 2013

    Time Event
    Who: Hermione Granger and Pansy Parkinson
    What: Prefect duties organizing end of year dance
    When: April 1, 7:45PM, technically after the meeting
    Where: empty classroom
    Rating: R I’m sure

    The other prefects were trailing out of the classroom Professor Sprout had allowed them to use to have their dance committee meeting. Hermione had much better things to do than stand here while everyone one else left (the boys might as well not have even been there, they hated formal dances) glaring at Pansy Parkinson, who had spent the last forty-five minutes shooting down every idea Hermione could think of for a theme for the dance, calling her childish and muttering “filthy muggle” under her breath until Hermione’s hair was crackling with the angry energy she felt in every fiber of her being.

    As the rest of the students edge out of the room, she kept her snarled glare on Pansy, demanding, “So what is your idea? Want to let us all hunt down muggles and torture them? You spent all this time whining about my ideas and didn’t have any of your own to contribute.”

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