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Sunday, August 7th, 2011

    Time Event
    Who: Tracey Davis and Hermione Granger
    What: A chance encounter
    When: Tuesday December 16th, 11pm.
    Where: Near the stairs up to Gryffindor Party.

    Tracey didn't usually make it a habit to be out after curfew. The last, well only, time she'd had a girlfriend she'd been a Slytherin too so sneaking off didn't involve any risk as all they had to do was to sneak to each other's rooms. However, tonight her task didn't involve sapphic liaisons.

    No, she needed to go the Greenhouses and get a few plants that Madame Sprout likely wouldn't want her to have. Tracey had an order of potions to brew up and she had run out of a few things.

    Being quite poor, though she hid it fairly well, Tracey created an income for herself brewing potions for students; either for them to use or for them to turn in for assignments. If she ever did brew them for assignments, she usually had to intentionally mess them up just a touch to make the professors believe as student brewed them.

    As for herself, both Professor Snape and Professor Slughorn went through a phase where they didn't believe that Tracey brewed the potions herself. Tracey was able to brew things years ahead of her other classmates and was nothing short of a prodigy with potions. Even now she was brewing things, secretly, that could be sold in shops.

    Tracey wore slightly-baggy muggle jeans and a t-shirt of a band she liked; The Beatles. Over that, she wore an army jacket and had trainers on her feet. Her gloves and hat were stashed in her pockets and she wore her Slytherin scarf. She was sure it was going to be cold outside!

    Turning the corner she stopped short when she saw someone sitting there. Shite! What were the odds she would run into a Prefect on rounds?

    Seeing the bushy hair she knew instantly who it was. Hermione Granger...

    "Fancy meeting you here," she said softly, grinning to hide her nervousness. She really didn't feel like getting detention!

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